Stronghold & Crusader Fantasy Design Competition

These are the results of the Stronghold & Crusader Fantasy Design Competition held from April to July 2007

Stronghold & Crusader Fantasy Design Competition

As the title suggests, we are looking for a fantasy/ficticious scenario that can be set in either Stronghold 1 or Stronghold: Crusader. The scenario content is entirely up to you, and can be based on either a siege, invasion or economic map. There are only a few limitations, which are set out below, and the competition is designed to allow you all to let your imaginations run riot!

-No freebuild scenarios or skirmish maps; we want to see full use of the editor, including any events.

-You must produce a full story and/or instructions to accompany the scenario. In addition, you must produce a separate document to explain how and why you chose the scenario, what you are trying to achieve with the map and explain any specific events, landscapes and characters.

-You may submit one Stronghold 1 map and one Stronghold: Crusader map if you wish; two maps per designer.

-Please send all completed maps to Sulis. Remember too that no judging will commence until after the deadline. Please be patient whilst we play and review all entries, we will naturally endeavour to provide results as soon as possible.

The idea of the competition is not just to allow you to exercise your imagination, but to explore the use of the editor and complete a ‘packaged’ map (i.e. map, write-up, separate document and screenshots/minimap).

Best of luck to all,

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