Designer Twenty Questions

One day, one of our group of resident scenario designers, lord_yoshi, posted the following in the Scenario Design forum:

I’m bored and this forum has been so quiet lately that I’ve decided to post this public interview to boost forum activity here. You don’t have to answer each and every question in this enquiry (you can answer each question, of course). I wrote these questions a long time ago and some may have already been asked in previous surveys. Ignore those questions if you’ve answered them already in similar inquiries.

The Questions

  1. Describe the process of making a complete scenario starting from the idea and ending in the submission of your finished scenario. Do you have a schedule in which you have written the exact tasks for every day?
  2. What is your first piece of advice to a new scenario designer?
  3. How do you decide the map size of your scenario?
  4. How do you balance your scenario (invasions, events and victory conditions)?
  5. How long does it take you to design a scenario? (you don’t have to answer this question if you have already mentioned this in question #1)
  6. What is your favourite eye-candy and why? What is the most common eye-candy you use? (note: this does not exclude natural eye-candy, such as rock formations, erosion etc.)
  7. Do you design scenarios for multiple games at the same time?
  8. What do you like and what don’t you like about the SH editor?
  9. Do you playtest your scenario yourself or do you ask for playtesters?
  10. How do you know your scenario is ready to be submitted?
  11. If a fancy eye-candy you want to have on the map requires you to make playability worse, would you add that eye-candy on the map? (i.e. the graphics vs. playability issue)
  12. What makes a scenario fun to play?
  13. If you’re considered a creative designer, then what is the secret behind your imagination and creativity?
  14. Which one is better, designing ten 4.0 scenarios or one 5.0 scenario (quantity vs. quality)?
  15. Do you work on many scenarios at the same time or do you concentrate your efforts on a single scenario at a time?
  16. Do you work on your scenarios regularly or irregularly?
  17. After you’ve submitted a scenario, do you feel confident or uncertain of the success of your scenario? How do you try to ensure the success of your scenario?
  18. Would you submit a scenario if you were certain it wouldn’t be rated high (high is 4.0+)?
  19. What keeps you motivated to design scenarios? Why did you start designing scenarios?
  20. What do you do when you’re not motivated enough to design scenarios?

I thought the answers would be of interest for new designers, so I gathered them here. The designers that have answered this so far are listed alphabetically. Spelling and typos have been amended if necessary …

Designer answers

For those of you wondering why Duke of York is listed after, say, Sulis that’s because I’m sorting on name, rather than on title…


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