Summary Table of the Stronghold Map Bundle


The lists below consist of maps with exceptional design and engaging gameplay. This was done to satisfy the agreement made between Firefly Studios and HeavenGames to include 300 fan-made maps in the next edition of the original Stronghold. Stronghold Heaven staff members recalled old favorites and new masterpieces alike to formulate the bundle list. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, contact was not be made with many map-makers or they replied too late. Consequently, their wonderful compositions were not included, but we have, never the less, listed below their creations that we appreciate so much.

The collective efforts of the Stronghold Heavens’ staff members compounded the bundle list. However, this would have been more tedious without the technical help of Papaya and Zen, and impossible without the negotiation done by HeavenGames CEO Socvazius, and the steadfast Stronghold map-making community who manufactured the maps and prize the game. Thank you.

Maps in the bundle*

These maps listed under this heading were those for which SHH received the author’s permission in time for them to be notified to FireFly.
*The vast majority of these maps made it into the bundle. Firefly asked for just 300 but many more were nominated and we sought permission from the authors for their use. Eventually about 325 were gathered and passed on to FireFly. So being in this list is not an absolute guarantee that the map is actually in the final bundle of 300.

File NameAuthor
Equal Rites!Andy_Baz
Dragon Empire Episode IAuraDragon
BreakoutBaron Blimey
Perperikon by Battle Mage corp.Battle Mage corp
Pliska by Battle Mage corp.Battle Mage corp
Cape Kaliakra by Battle Mage corp.Battle Mage corp
Woodenvale testBlackadude
Durham CastlebobT aka Bob Taylor
Whistlers GorgebobT aka Bob Taylor
Tor’ella Castle – An Invasion by Brandonlavoiebrandonlavoie
Soylent Greenbrave sir robyn
Prince John ‘n’ the Hoodbrave sir robyn
Isle of Clangore – #3brave sir robyn
Star and Crescentbrave sir robyn
Quiglesburybrave sir robyn
Abbotts Lakebrave sir robyn
Be Brave, Sir Robinbrave sir robyn
Alaware Castlebrave sir robyn
Wildwoodbrave sir robyn
Doubletongues Dilemmabrave sir robyn
Bad Moon Risingbrave sir robyn
Twice Upon A Timebrave sir robyn
I, Pigbrave sir robyn
Special Brewbrave sir robyn
Isle of Clangore – #1brave sir robyn
Koen’s Quest Ch-4Darkslave Master
Black DawnDarkslave Master
The Capital of EldoraDarkslave Master
Koen’s Quest Ch-5Darkslave Master
Unnamed Capital City (invasion scenario)Darkslave Master
Andora chapter 2 The fortress of NadorDougleass
Mountain’s Fist (Map 5 in Saviour of Léugìm)Dougleass
The City of Columbar (Map 7 in Saviour of Léugìm)Dougleass
Mountain’s Fist – The Healing – Resubmitted! (Map 9 in the Saviour of Léugìm Campaign)Dougleass
Winner of the Fantasy competition – Dougleass’ GhostDougleass
Andora chapter 1 The PrologueDougleass
Andora chapter 3 The Pass of CaurosDougleass
Trojan WarDougleass
Andora chapter 4 The City of StarsDougleass
Andora chapter 5 The battle of UdwathaDougleass
.:Gworth – The City of Gold:.Dougleass
Reign of Fire: Valley of ValhornDougleass
Sir Bannalots HolidayDragons Rider
Chepstow Castle 1270ADDuke of York
Mount DoomDuke of York
Elmwood – river valleyDuke of York
Warkworth Castle – 1405Duke of York
Urquhart Castle – 1303Duke of York
St Mary’s Crossroads – MultiDuke of York
Calebs CreekDuke of York
Yellow Devil 2PlayerDuke of York
The Hundred Acre WoodDuke of York
Lelia’s Cross RoadsDuke of York
Catterick CastleDuke of York
Treasure IslandDuke of York
Urban Warfare II – The CityDuke of York
Island WarfareDuke of York
Sankt Marien Kreuzung (St Mary’s Crossroads)Duke of York
Raglan CastleDuke of York
Yellow DevilDuke of York
Castle Metuas Part II – Return of Steven the GreatDuke of York
Sir Robin of York – Norwich CastleDuke of York
Arundel Castle 1302Duke of York
ArchipelagoDuke of York
Alwyne ValleyDuke of York
Bodwich BottomsDuke of York
Castle AltanDuke of York
Chateau Fleur de PommierDuke of York
A Marshy DefenceDumptrailer2
-River of Time- Dumptrailer2Dumptrailer2
The ForkEdward Hawksbrow
Beaumaris CastleEmperor Alexus
1 Cruel LandsEmperor Alexus
12 A Welcome ReturnEmperor Alexus
2 TroubleEmperor Alexus
9 Pig FoodEmperor Alexus
7b The Rats Last StandEmperor Alexus
3 HuntedEmperor Alexus
6 Approaching the BorderEmperor Alexus
5 A Friend in NeedEmperor Alexus
11 Cold BloodEmperor Alexus
7a Taking the FortEmperor Alexus
4 Hidden OutpostEmperor Alexus
10 Setting the TrapEmperor Alexus
8 Great KnowledgeEmperor Alexus
Round Keep DesignEmperor Alexus
La Muerte Negraericgolf
May your god go with youericgolf
Little Keep on the Prairie (updated)ericgolf
La Muerte Negra (Eco)ericgolf
Lost Worldericgolf
Second in the Fantasy competition – Mined Over Matterericgolf
Battle of Bloody Ford -UpdatedEvilerCheese
Golden Hills Castle-Updated!EvilerCheese
Orange Hills FortEvilerCheese
The Maerlioc MountainsEvilerCheese
Odd place for a castle!EvilerCheese
Wings of SolitudeFintrollx
Third From The SunFintrollx
The RevengeFintrollx
The Paths of Perfection, Pt 2. of Nemesis CampaignFintrollx
Mines of RichmondFintrollx
Great wall of ElminoGod Avo
A growing hamlet v1.2God Avo
Isles of FanarchyGod Avo
The Usurper – EpilogueGordon Farrell
The Usurper – Chapter 5Gordon Farrell
The Usurper – Chapter 4Gordon Farrell
The Usurper – Chapter 1Gordon Farrell
The Usurper – Chapter 2Gordon Farrell
Northern InterludeHanarky
Seaside ConspiracyHanarky
Seaside Conspiracy 3Hanarky
Seaside Conspiracy2: The SpellHanarky
The 13th WarriorHelwood
Dunhold RiverIonait
The Final HurrahIronFists
Le FélonJalis
Le Félon Part II : The Steel StormJalis
Spis royal castleJalis
Fort Alamo 1836Jalis
The hunting domainJalis
Le Félon Part III : The curseJalis
The last Templars (updated)Jalis
Le neuvieme chatiment (Please DONT rate)Jalis
Queen and Country – IJasper Tudor
Aberystwyth CastleJasper Tudor
Dear BrotherJasper Tudor
The New King 1.1Jasper Tudor
Others’ SinsJasper Tudor
Queen and Country II – The Breaking PointJasper Tudor
Frelnir’s ToothJasper Tudor
Kidwelly CastleJasper Tudor
Argyn Moor (Updated)Jax Omen
The Sailnacht Chronicles – Volume 1 ver. 2Jax Omen
Cptr II The Iron IslesJax Omen
Saint Brigid’s Falls – The CathedralJayhawk
Freki’s FjordJayhawk
Ynis CoineanJayhawk
The Pass: Felsburgh, Act 1Jayhawk
Dunmore Castle (I)Jayhawk
Saint Brigid’s Falls: RebirthJayhawk
Saint Brigid’s Falls: RevengeJayhawk
Saint Brigid’s Falls: The ChapelJayhawk
Saint Brigid’s Falls: The Rat of the GlensJayhawk
Lords of LightJp Setlak
Swamp CastleJuBuOrangie
Fils de RabicanKester
Pick Your PoisonKester
HU – Romris IslandKester
HU – Canyon KeepKester
HU – The King’s Idiot BrotherKester
HU – Varian’s MazeKester
HU – Varian’s Seaside VacationKester
Caer TrachmyrKester
Castles of Wood-Donatien AbbeyKester
HU – Herrick Uthensvar v.2Kester
44 – A Plague of SandKester
Castle made of sandkingcat
Wrath and Ruin – The Giants PlaypitsKnightly_Maps
Le Vallon des PinsKnightly_Maps
The Anarchy – Trials and TribulationKnightly_Maps
The Four Brothers (revised)ladyjane
The Death Of The Kinglittlegloomy
The Meteor CraterLord Ako
Ancient Oak I&IILord Ako
The Viking Raid II (updated)Lord Ako
The Ice AgeLord Ako
The Viking Raid ILord Ako
Glendalough AbbeyLord Ako
Ancient OakLord Ako
4 Unexpected ReturnLord Arthus
3 The Conquest BeginsLord Arthus
The rise of RedaxionLord Arthus
2 Battle by the seaLord Arthus
The crownLord Aslan
The UprisingLord Karpathea
Mardonton, The Siege (Map 1 in Saviour of Léugìm)Lord Michael I
Map 10, The Climax of the Leugim Campaign: Ending a Dire ThreatLord Tanthos
Mossflower WoodsLord Tanthos
The Rise of the ScourgeLord Tanthos
The RiverdeltaLord_ako
The lighthouse part I v2.1Lord_ako
Rescue the Lord!Lord_ako
The lighthouse part IIILord_ako
Lord of the Rings-Minas Tirith v1.4Lord_Raganar
Lord of the Rings-Pelennor FieldsLord_Raganar
LOTR – The Return of the King – The Battle for the Dominion of Sauron by M1i2K3k4OM1i2K3k4O
Stronghold Campaign – Side Stories – The Assault on Longleg’s Fortress by M1i2K3k4OM1i2K3k4O
Lord of the Rings – The Siege of Minas Morgul by M1i2K3k4OM1i2K3k4O
Serpent CastleMaceman
Wyre – A Warm WelcomeMidd
The Lost Legions IIINAT
The Conquest VINAT
Agincourt 1415NAT
The Lost Legions IINAT
The Conquest INAT
The Conquest XNAT
The Final StandNAT
The Conquest VIIINAT
The MarshlandNAT
The Conquest IIINAT
The Fire of LondonNAT
The Lost LegionsNAT
NATs OsgiliathNAT
The Conquest VNAT
The Conquest IXNAT
NATs Minas TirithNAT
NATs Helms DeepNAT
White Castle (Llantilio) v1.1NAT
The Conquest IVNAT
The Conquest IINAT
Carreg Cennon CastleNAT
The Conquest VIINAT
Desert SiegePat Dark Knight
Dreadnought RowPWRmad
Fountain of Youth IIIPWRmad
Lands of stirn 9 – Rodent’s RevengeSir Ravenclaw
Lands of Stirn 6 – Mountain Fort.Sir Ravenclaw
Lands of Stirn 7 – Deeper ValleySir Ravenclaw
Lands of Stirn 8 – Dead mans mountainSir Ravenclaw
El’Crosium DeleriumSir Ravenclaw
Lands of Stirn 10 – Castle CrákreorSir Ravenclaw
Berkhamsted Historical Castle PackSkaarj
Restoring HopeStenSture
Forgotten WorldStratego
Bloody RiverStratego
Rat TroublesStratego
Monastery in DangerStratego
Taiga WoodsStratego
Islands against the windStratego
Volcano Castle_upd_1Stratego
Delta DanubiaStratego
Kranen CastleSTreTcH23
The Lost Estate by Riskyman (Map 4 in Saviour of Léugìm) > Re-ReleasedSuicide Squad
The Pilgrims’ Progress (Map 6 in Saviour of Léugìm)Suicide Squad
Bretwalda – AngliaSulis
The Enemy WithinSulis
Bretwalda – MerciaSulis
Bretwalda – NorthumbriaSulis
Legend of the Green ManSulis
East Burh Chapter II – NEW FOUND WEALTHSulis
East Burh Chapter III – The Old Coast Road (rev.)Sulis
East Burh Chapter IV – Do Or Die…Sulis
Smugglers’ Cove (updated)Sulis
The Secrets of Sylvandell Ch1Sulis
The Secrets of Sylvandell Ch 2Sulis
Goodrich CastleSulis
The Old Coast RoadSulis
The Secrets of Sylvandell Ch 5Sulis
Bamburgh CastleSulis
East Burh – Chapter I: The StandSulis
The Secrets of Sylvandell Ch 4Sulis
Scarlet LeapSulis
The Secrets of Sylvandell Ch 3Sulis
Dover CastleSulis
Fotheringhay CastleSulis
Red Rock PointSulis
The Leven Wars, Chapter ITammo VII
The Leven Wars, Ch. II – The Fens of ElendighedTammo VII
Akavir- Surviving A WinterTaurus480
Akavir- Invasion of EsronietTaurus480
Akavir- The Conquest BeginsTaurus480
An Unlikely Saviour (Map 3 in Saviour of Léugìm)Timballisto
Staking a ClaimTimballisto
Outlaws’ RevengeTimballisto
Wall on a HillTimballisto
Out of the NightTimballisto
Kiev 1240 R11ultima_spock
Kiev 1240 The invasionultima_spock
The Mad Kingultima_spock
The Cumberland DownsUnikUnok
Saint LoUnikUnok
Kenilworth Castle 1266 A.D.UnikUnok
Henn DommenUnikUnok
The Vierville DrawsUnikUnok
Southern CrossUnikUnok
Harlow’s WoodUnikUnok
The Battle At AndolinUnikUnok
Wynn AvegenUnikUnok
Ambush At ManathmaUnikUnok
Carreg Cennen by WarLord DesignsWarLord_Designs
Scourge of Darkness Ch II ( Updated )WarLord_Designs
Time of the Warlords(updated)WarLord_Designs
The Ourea II-By Warlord DesignsWarLord_Designs
Defenders of the Faith by WarLord DesignsWarLord_Designs
Scourge of Darkness Ch I ( Updated )WarLord_Designs
Minas Morgul: Faramir’s Plight – By Warlord DesignsWarLord_Designs
Conwy Castle by WarLord DesignsWarLord_Designs
Devils PassWarLord_Designs
Minas Tirith by WarLord DesignsWarLord_Designs
Reign of Fire: The ProphecyWarLord_Designs
The Ourea – By WarLord_DesignsWarLord_Designs
Edoras by WarLord DesignsWarLord_Designs
The valley Rhoswen-Lady of the Rose-By WarLord_DesignsWarLord_Designs
Hunters ValleyWarLord_Designs
Helms Deep by WarLord DesignsWarLord_Designs
The Danty Archer’s CastleWraith
The Realms v2Wraith
Skipton CastleWraith
Gondor Part 2: Minas Tirith v2.0 By X29X29
Stronghold ArenaxXLord EcKXx
Dalriada: Monarch of the Glensyounghappy
Bealaigh Hill, The Ambush (Map 2 in Saviour of Léugìm)younghappy
Dalriada: Rathlin Islandyounghappy
Ithélâ’s Challenge (Map 8 in the Saviour of Léugìm Campaign)younghappy
Castles of Wood – Old Helms DeepZebas
Sleepy Hollow Prequil Battle Collection!Zebas
The RansomZebas

Nominated files not in the final bundle

These maps were nominated but for various reasons did not make it into the bundle. The reasons for this include: the author’s permission was not received in time; the author’s permission not given; the nomination was received after the bundle was sent to FireFly. In addition there were some maps which were nominated but do not appear in the list below. We experienced some database errors possibly associated with the older maps and the custom database tools we were using to compile the list. Also some members had no up-to-date email recorded. As a result, sadly, some nominated maps could not be added to the list. Regretfully we did not keep a note of such nominations.

File NameAuthor
950-Bastion of the NorthAlan Spencer
1066-Battle of HastingsAlan Spencer
1067-The Saxon RebellionAlan Spencer
1121-Lord of LudlowAlan Spencer
The Tortured Road: Act III – Return of That Thing!Andy Baz
The Tortured Road. Act II. Inspired Gamble.Andy Baz
Conwy – No distance left to run!Andy Baz
Shadow of a SaintAndy Baz
The Tortured Road. Act 1 ‘Soviet Surprise’Andy Baz
Carisbrooke castleArn_de_Gothia
Mission One – The Mountain Pass – Eastern Frontartofmath
Mission Two – The Capitolartofmath
(Mission Three) – The Escape Routeartofmath
Glazebury Muse – Freebuild Edition v1.2aubergine
The Hand of GodBismuth
Minas Tirith Attacking Siege by BismuthBismuth
Drakensberg Ruins by BismuthBismuth
A Giant Once Walked Here – Ver 2Bismuth
Camargue of Rohan (ver 3)Bismuth
Drakensberg – The Dragon MountainsBismuth
Orc Caves v2Bismuth
Castillo de San MarcosBismuth
Battle at Waterbury Bridge v2Bismuth
Haut-Koenigsburg by BismuthBismuth
The Vilnius Castle v1.2bloodhoof
An old balts settlement v 1.1bloodhoof
Woodlawn Valley – A Cede by Brandonlavoiebrandonlavoie
Belgrad 1456buczekk
EmbraceCaptain Diablo
Come Winter, Come FoeCaptain Diablo
The ChallengeCaptain Diablo
TempleCaptain Diablo
The Great PyramidsCaptain Diablo
Ruins of Albight WoodCaptain Diablo
Juggernaught- FallenCaptain Diablo
Gowens Ridgedgenese
Revenge for Lord GreenwaldDianna125
SGG 02 Pyramidishdocweasel
A Valley Of PlentyDragons Rider
Island SkirmirishDragons Rider
Small little kingdomDuc de Noisiel
AdrenalinDuc de Noisiel
The Battle of HastingsDucSlear
Valley of the Wolves 4Duke of Wessex
Love thy neighbour 4thEarl Listibald
Love thy neighbour 3rdEarl Listibald
Fanatic’s Lady Of The LakeFanatic
Once Upon a Road Homefleckdoc
Lets get it on!!!gorrasi31
Fiendish Games Ch I: Island Siegeice_dragon
IsengardKing Bret Popo
Battle for LakeKnight of Russia
Invasion in PerniaKula_Dhad
Secret of the Cross V1.02littlegloomy
Cede Of Mad Baron VonHendrickslollard97367
Stirling Castle – Scotlandlollard97367
Battle of Sellwood Bridgelollard97367
Glitterspike Halllollard97367
Against Thee WickedlyLord Blood Hawk
WhiskersLord Blood Hawk
Haely Motte and BaileyLord Gandor
Defend Riocliff Castlelord kyle
Surrounded By An IdiotLord Senesac
Curse of the Lost Dwarven Mine of TheosLord Senesac
Zecrets Of Doom V.2LordFletcher
Mission Solo – Operation Mousetraplord_yoshi
The Fertile Crescentlord_yoshi
Kikun Chinick River Valleylord_yoshi
The Draaa’qil: Prelude to Chaoslord_yoshi
New Aephysiolord_yoshi
Minas IthilMordin
The Price of BloodOctavius Maximus
(Castles of Wood, Men of Leather) Fort KenorOctavius Maximus
Evermore IsleOctavius Maximus
Kensington CastleOctavius Maximus
RestorationOctavius Maximus
The FloodplainOuly
Stairs to HeavenPopandau
the reclusereznor
Tales Of Unseen BogRhOdZi
A wolfs Last Howl!RhOdZi
Lord of the Rings: WeatherTop-Old to New-1.2Ring Wraith
Oblivion: AnvilRiskyman
Hilbr Fo Ir’rohnShir Shpamalot
Greystones Run v2Sir Deacon
A Noble DefenseSir Deacon
CastawaysSir Prise
Castaways – The ExplorersSir Prise
The last standSir Shadowed
Movie Based Helms Deep – Redux (Updated v2.2)talos_911
Movie LotR2 : Edorastalos_911
The Battle for Stormford v1.2 – Contest Winnertalos_911
Movie LotR2 : Helms Deep (Updated v1.1)talos_911
Scottish Cattle Raid(1300)Tasluk
The Battle of Crecy(1346)Tasluk
Kiev 1240: The Mongol Invasionultima_spock
Struggle for PeaceVONNER
Morrowind- IIIYoda48
Battle at mount Doom (updated)Yoda48
Battle of Minas TirithYoda48
The Fall of Gondolin (Updated)Yoda48
Morrowind- IIYoda48
Morrowind- IYoda48
The Alderland Saga – Ch 2 – Raising an Armyzerotide