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Ye Olde Trade Route II

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal

This is the sequel to Ye Olde Trade Route. If you haven't played it yet, I recommend that you do.

With the trade route secure, you gather your men and march towards the Pig's castle. After marching for several days, you finally reach the castle.

Across the valley you see the Wolf's castle. You will have to defeat him too. With the trade route open, and the tide of the war turning, it is only a matter of time before the Wolf's main army returns. You must act quickly.

During the last few days you have been thinking about your life. Now that you have lands of your own, you should have an heir, a son to carry on your tradition. You are not getting any younger. You have lived through many fierce battles, but you cannot defeat time. But what fair maiden would agree to live in such a perilous place as this, where not even the boldest merchant will travel? Perhaps if you maintain a formidable castle, you can offer protection suitable to a lady.

Drawing closer to the castle, you see a wonderful sight. The Pig's peasants have risen up and are revolting! Quickly, your men rush into battle. Meanwhile, you sneak into the unguarded castle. There you find the Pig who has been badly wounded in the battle. Drawing your sword, you prepare to finish him...

Special thanks to Jalis and Brave Sir Robyn for playtesting this scenario and giving their valuable advice.
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Map Design5.0
First off, AWESOME MAP! It's so good I don't think I can say anything bad about it. Indeed the advice you got helped you alot.

Playability 5/5
Very playable. Most maps Of Stronghold or Crusader I get bored of pretty quickly. But that's not the case for this one. I was hooked on to it till the end where I win :).

Balance 4/5
In the beginning when I first tried out the map. I sorta got confused of what to do. I found I had a bunch of unoccupied buildings and just when i was building stuff the Wolf army comes and attacks me. Joy! The beginning maybe a bit confusing but after that its fun.

Creativity 5/5
Original. The "intro" is pretty cool :). I like the idea of the Wolf's Quarry and Iron supply out where it's close to my base giving it a realism feel.

Map Design 5/5
The map is very well designed! The map had a very good realism sense in it. The entrance to Wolf's castle is also very nice to look at. Great job.

Story/Instructions 5/5
Nice story. A continuation of the first one. Nice story. Instructions may be unclear though like what did u mean by finish constructing the castle? (Build something special?) But that is just a minor complaint.

Overall: Anyone looking for an invasion map. GET IT. No but's. No if's. No string's attached :)
Map Design3.0
Playability: 5/5

This second instalment of the 'Ye Old Trade Route' series of maps is a splendidly put together effort, and begs the question, "will there be more?"

The opening scene is simple but fits the story very well indeed. The aim here is to survive, conquer and ensure you set up a healthy economy. Some of the events in particular are very well placed, again linking into the story and giving the player an impression of accompolished design. Just long enough, and with some decent sized invasions to test your defences, including one pretty impressive final assault on your castle. Gripping stuff.

Balance: 5/5

Always going to be a challenge, and predominantly because weapons manufacturing is the crux to victory. There is a small iron deposit for steel weapons (needed!), but you have to storm the small wooden defences first. By expanding your economy, and therefore population, you can set about recruiting as large an army as possible. This isn't easy... the iron deposit is there, but not abundantly placed, which i think adds to the challenge. It's also a bit of a walk to the keep. I opted for crossbowmen in large numbers to defend the castle. There ios also a stone outcrop, again defended, should you wish to expand the buildings. I decided not to, using my population for food and weapons only. No marketplace to buy/sell goods was another positive element. You really do have to work the map to win! You're in for a long and steady build-up with this, and the result I feel is a beautifully balanced scenario.

Creativity: 4/5

The story and theme of this (and the previous) map is a good one, and shows good development from chapter 1 to chapter 2. The opening scene scores here, as does the way the map is put together. I do prefer larger, more intense battles in scenarios like this, where you have to prepare for a final onslaught. Good work.

Map Design: 3/5

As a functional map, it's nearly perfect. Vital resources are defended, sited away from the castle and an economy isn't the easiest of things to get going. The terrain looks okay and again appears to do the job. Whilst I did feel that it's a little lacking in excitement, there are some nice areas of eye candy, subtle and fitting with the map (I could have swore there were swordsmen hidden away in the wooden gatehouse, which acts as a bridge over a small stream).

Story/Instructions: 4/5

A good read, well presented and fits the map. You know what you are in for, and the story hints at things to come. As above, moves on from chapter 1 very well. Maybe a little short on content to justify a full 5 score, but that's all.


This is a very well made map throughout. The author is clearly a clever mind when it comes to scenario creation, and no doubt the input from Jalis and brave sir robyn as playtesters would have added a little something 'special' to what is already a respectable effort. Highly recommended.

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Map Design4.0
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