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Stronghold: Invasions » Prince John 'n' the Hood

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Prince John 'n' the Hood

Author File Description
brave sir robyn
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
Hi, thanks for checking out my scenario.

This was my submission for the recent Design Contest, although not a winner, here it is as it was entered for the competition.

This is a fairly straightforward invasion map lasting about 25 years game time,there are no economic goals to achieve, so with any luck it should be playable at different difficulty levels to suit differing player abilities.

As the player I hope you enjoy this scenario, it has been created and tested for 'normal' level. It is winnable, if a little frantic at times, if you go about things the right way. Carefully decide when to attack The Hood, and with what troops. As mentioned in the in-game story, eliminating The Hood will diminish the attackers strength, but don't forget your defences for too long!

The story is my sideways look at the Robin Hood legend, in this instance he's the bad guy, with Prince John trying to rid the land of the outlaws in the forest, prior to Richard the Lionheart's return from the Crusades.

Although very loosely based on truth/legend/myth, the scenario is obviously pure fiction. The castle is based on a sketch I found on Nottingham Castle website. The Robin Hood and Prince John story is also worth checking out. The addresses are below;

Nottingham Castle ...

Robin Hood ... "A beginners guide to Robin Hood" ...

As ever, happy gaming ... brave sir robyn
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Map Design4.0
Well a very sympathic map to play, original, and not too hard.

I rated playability "only" 4 here, because I'm a kind of wicked player mostly happy when he filled the last fight will occurs in the keep. Really the map is enjoyable and I played it twice the same day, one at normal and the second at very hard. You have mostly always something to do and the overall feeling of the map is fun.

Balance will by probably mostly good for everyone, depending of the setting you will choose, like Brave sir Robin Said. I could perhaps point a lack of fire event which allow you to have heavy concentration of building, and in an other matter an (too) important possibility of pitch extraction.

Well I find this map quite creative. It use neutral unit, which is not new but unusual. You will have in the same invasion map to attack and defend. Even the story Is original. Push away your shinning armor and white dressing, My Lord. Here you are the big bad ugly evil. Your duty is to plot against the righful kind and kill true heroes.

The fine and quite beautiful map. Sherwood forest is well and inspirated showed. Not like it was, I suppose, but more "transcribed" for Stronghold. Original once more. More than tree, the impenetrable and confusing forest, is symbolised with a kind of maze using height difference.
The recreation in this way is quite good. It's really a lair to hide. Some area however could appear a little flat and empty. Fortunatly it's not the majority.

Story : I like it that's all. What boring to always play the good guy. Here it's an other matter. I also point the humour of the author, Brave Sir Robin, which give you as duty in this map to kill the Hood ;)
Map Design3.5
Playability: 5
There is nothing overly complicated about this map, but it is fun and manages to keep you busy. First you need to take care of your own castle, beating off invasions that get pretty intense as the scenario progresses. I tore down the outer part of the castle and reworked it which was fun. For a castle on a hill, the nuances you find in connecting lower and upper walls are surprising and add another element to building the castle up. The awkward relationship of the stockpile to the rest of the world makes building your economy interesting (especially for wheat farms), and although there is a good amount of space in the castle, filling it all up and wishing you had more room is still easy to do! In the no-man's land between the woods and the castle you have a nice town, and although I deleted it immediately I like the touch it adds to the opening part of the scenario. Moving on to the semi-mysterious forest hide-out, there is a confusing maze filled with enemy soldiers (and annoying enemy hunters as well). It took me a while just to find out how to get to the upper level. Tie together having to clean out the place with beating back the invasions and you have quite a task on your hands! Also, I like the beginning of this level, tiny battles happening as you "move in" to Richard's castle. All told, this map is pure fun and feels good to play. I give it top marks.

Balance: 5
I honestly was not expecting to lose this map the first time I played it. I'm not real sure why, the map just had a fairly nonchalant feeling to it during the opening scene, and perhaps I was lulled into a false sense of security by the humor in the map description. Regardless, it took me three attempts on very hard to beat this map, which felt appropriate for this map.

Creativity: 4
This map is fairly creative, it is a defend-and-attack scenario with fairly standard defensive posture, but also a fairly unique enemy "castle" to attack (or in this case, series of caves). The way the map is laid out combined with this makes for a unique scenario. Another contributor to this score is the unusual position of having the player take on what is usually considered the role of an antagonist, turning it around even to make "The Hood" seem like the bad guy.

Map Design: 3.5
The design work here is good, but also nothing extraordinary. It seems about on par with the work done on the campaign levels. The castle is nice looking, and it's obvious that there was some time spent putting in eye-candy. The forest doesn't seem to have much to it - mostly it's just two levels of preset height with trees thrown on top, so it doesn't look fantastic, but it gets the job done. There are splotches of detail work and terrain features around the map to break up the mostly flat expanse of terrain.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story here is great. I love the idea of casting Prince John as a neutral character, or, optimistically, a protagonist. The impression I get here is that Prince John basically just takes Nottingham Castle over due to a temper tantrum - meaning he kills these poor hapless/overwhelmed guards simply because he wanted to have the place the way some kid might want a toy ("mine!"), which is kind of funny. The description of Robin Hood and his tactics are humorous also. The story gives a great feel to the map that carries through the entire time spent playing.

Additional Comments:
I've had this map sitting around for years now, but I never gave it a real playthrough until now. I know this is a very old map and that a review at this point is fairly useless. However, I adore the map for the premise and the broader Robin Hood theme, so I feel a review would be an appropriate tribute to such a map, especially since the map standing alone is also superb!

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Map Design3.8
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