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Stronghold Crusader: Invasions » Grove of the Divine Version 1.2

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Grove of the Divine Version 1.2

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
(This is a copy of the readme)

Grove of the Divine Version 1.2 by Harmonastix

Version 1.2 Changes:
Disabled moat digging. I noticed that the AI sometimes gets stuck if the moat is rebuilt after the walls are
breached. Enabled recruitment of slaves now that moat digging is disabled <not that it matters too much>
Added a gatehouse again to the eastern side of the castle to allow assassins to break through. I also noticed that the AI is somewhat "smarter" and thinks a bit faster when I put a gatehouse on the east side.

Added more archers to the invasions. Time to pick up the pace a bit! (This is also a great way to
encourage you guys to mount your walls with engineer shields ^_^)
Changed parts of the castle (The AI sometimes acts dumb. It tries to move melee units through
the eastern gatehouse and when it closes, the melee units just walk around a bit some more, keeping them
vulnerable to arrow fire and making them an easy kill. I also noticed that the AI concentrates on attacking
the western side a lot more, so I weakened the eastern side by only using a moat as protection. Better keep
it deep! As for the northwestern side, the AI usually ignores this area and rarely attacks it, so I figured
there was no point of putting castle walls there.)
Stone has been added to the stockpile to enable the player to rebuild the barracks ONCE if it is destroyed.
((Actually, you can delete parts of your castle walls if you want to rebuild the barracks. ^_^ ))
The scenario now auto stops and you win in January 1199 instead of January 1198. There have been times
when the battles were still going on and I figured it would be safer to bump up the auto stop date by a
Added a few more events to make economic stability harder to maintain.

Known issues:
Engineers sometimes have problems sieging the castle. ((Probably because the castle
has several sets of walls))
Engineers usually refuse to use battering rams and siege towers =(
During the last battle, if there are any left over enemy troops acting dumb, the
game will auto stop and you will win in January 1198. If gameplay goes as planned, the
final invasion should be over a few months before this date (If you're still alive!).

Yes...this map can be finished =)
Please have a really fast computer ^_^ The final invasions will reach the 1500 mark, unless
you keep up with each invasion at a reasonable pace. Save often!!! At most, this is a 20
year scenario (The game auto stops at 20 years past).
Your economy is safe from most of the invasions, unless assassins get through =)
Walls or moats cannot be dug so be careful!
Iron is meant to be very rare in this game to prevent the player from obtaining too much
Ale and religion is HIGLY recommended to maintain happiness levels.
Scripted events include theft from granaries, plague, fire, and various other disasters,
so prepare yourself!
Scripted events also occur when you kill a certain amount of enemy troops.
((This makes the last battle a lot harder as you try to maintain your economy while
commanding your troops at the same time))
Other scripted events can also occur from treating your people well. ((Not all are good!))
Archers and crossbowmen alone will not bring you victory! Monks or other melee troops
will be needed to watch over your gates and paths. If you're not careful, you may lose your
economy to assassins! Pitch ditches and fire throwers are also a must. There is
a safe location to build pitch rigs next to the group of olive trees.
The final invasion consists of a large amount of archers. Engineer shields placed upon
the walls to protect your archers would be a good idea to keep them alive =)
Don't be surprised if you find yourself pausing the game multiple times!

After struggling to survive with meager amounts of food within a puny castle perched on
top of a small hill on the edge of an island, your people have finally had enough.
The villagers break into the treasury and hire a band of assassins and other troops to tear
down your castle and kill you on sight. Fortunately,a group of black monks come to the
rescue. They drag your unconscious body through the shallow marsh and nurse you back
to health. When you regain consciousness, you stare out the window of your new keep
and see your old castle in ruin. The black monks appoint you as the temporary lord
of Divinity Castle. Their current lord has gone on a voyage to find more iron and stone
trade routes. Since you are trapped on an island with no place to go, you accept the
unexpected promotion. As for your former servants, most of them have sailed off to a
nearby island and have taken refuge under your own brother, while some of them have decided to
stay and live off what they can. A few weeks later, a dove drops off a note in your chamber.
It's from your brother. It reads "Your men have informed me that a huge reward has been set
for your head. I'm not sure what their motives are for telling me this, but based on their
angry looks and empty stomachs,it seems that you made them angry! Prepare to defend your castle,
brother! Not only can I increase my riches, but I also get the chance to settle the score between
us once and for all!" You shred the note into pieces and toss them out the window. You know that
your rival has the power to send over a massive army through ship at any moment. You inform
the black monks of the incoming invasion and order a group of assassins to scout the island
for danger. One of your messengers sends out a carrier pigeon to request for aid from fellow
mercenary archers. As you sit upon your throne and prepare for the worst,a group of monks encircle
you, praying for victory as they guard you with their lives.

I hope you guys like this map! All suggestions welcome! ^_^

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evil_space_cows You made it to Sparrows Extreme Crusader Challenges!!!
I'm impressed!

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