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Stronghold: Sieges » White Castle (Llantilio) v1.1

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White Castle (Llantilio) v1.1

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
White Castle is a castle which I visited when I was on holiday in Wales. I was inspired by the castle and therefore thought we would put it into stronghold as a siege map.

The map should be played on normal when defending, but should not be attempted as attacker as it is
way too easy.

Changes from version 1.0 - 1.1

- The outer wall breaks realistically ie. it does not instantly turn into hi - plain when
the enemy destroy it.

- The enemy walk faster to the castle and do not stay immobile in the ford.

- The trees have been corrected

_ The map has been balanced better

The map is taken from the ground plan and what we remember of the site. The gameplay is quite like it what it would be - with the moats playing a large part in it.
This map is a super-siege, in that it involves the attack of over 500 troops. We must be
grateful for Jalis for this idea and also because he was the one who showed us the ropes when we were new to the site and he playtested the map!

Please enjoy playing the map, and send your complains / suggestions to me at:


and I will reply.

If you have the fortune to go to Wales, White castle is a definite site to see. Although it is in semi-ruins, it is great to see how a medieval castle would have worked.

For more information, please go to the upcoming article on castle of the week.

(Go to the article)

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
brave sir robyn
Playablity: 5/5 I could find no fault with the playability of this map, it was engrossing fun, simple as that. Playing as a defender it works very well. The layout of the castle gives the player several options as to how to go about defending himself, adding greatly to replayablilty. Personally I've played it half a dozen times (at normal) at least, with an equal share of victory and defeat. Surely this is what a siege map should be like? I played once at 'very hard' as an attacker, despite the authors warning and they were right, it was very easy, still fun if you fancy a quick slaughter though!

Balance: 5/5 Well, as per above I rate this spot on for balance. If you can play a map a couple of times and lose, but remain convinced you could have won if only you did this or that, then its got to score a five in my book. The attacking forces numbers and composition go about their job in an efficient manner, the authors have obviously spent some time to tweak the AI in this respect and the results are very good.

Creativity: 4/5 Judging by the photographs and ground plan provided the authors have made a very good job of recreating a real castle within the confines of the SH editor, something that is not easy to do. One thing I did note was the good use of pitch ditches, both in number and placement, they hurt the enemy sure, but with room for the enemy to side step the fire and continue their business.

Map Design: 4/5 The landscape is very well detailed, as I have come to expect from a NAT map. Although you may not get the time to admire the terrain while playing the map, it is a beautiful and atomspheric piece of work nonetheless.

Story/Instructions: 5/5 OK, there's no stunning storyline here, but the authors do present a good deal of information in the download page, which is always welcome. Included in the download are more pictures and text info, with a few hints if needed. This map was also a 'Castle of the Week' and therefore has an informative and well written piece on the history of the castle. What more could you ask for!?

In summary, this is an excellent siege and well worth a play. At normal level it will give most players a well balanced and thoroughly enjoyable fight. Full credit to the authors for a great map. Thanks NAT!
File Author
UnikUnok has had a problem with the map where enemy men get stuck on the bridge - Has anyone else had this problem? If you have can you get back to us here or by emailing us. Thanks
Wraith A great map. I've not seen a siege this nice in sometime. The action! The excitement! Im very pleased and impressed.

Game Play: The fact your going up against an army thats almost hitting the sprite limit on its own is impressive. Kudos for taking the time to make a super siege. After my walls were breached, there was nothing like seeing the army rush in. All my buildings were destroyed! All my people dead! It was beautiful! (In round 2 I came back and gave a better fight) Flawless on the fun factor.

Balance: Im not as impressed here. I Found my troops sparse to say the least, and not as well equiped for the siege as I possibly could. I'd like to suggest to the author better selection and placement of units, especially around the keep. Personally I'd like to see more melee and less missle, get the action right in there :)

Creativity: Its a good map, and it deserves a point above the average, however nothing really spoke to me on this map to give it a 5. I was hoping for more eycandy to be honest. The town could definitly use some sprucing up. More on that in map design.

Map: Its Lovely. It truely is a nice castle. I have a bone to pick though; the pitch is poorly laid out. I found lighting it a pain and misery, especially in the keep. I would rather see smaller patches that are streaked (on right angle to attacking forces), rather than clumps and large blotches. Also, it lacks eye candy. The map is very nice, however eye candy is a definite must on a map of this calaber.... I felt it dropped a bit not seeing any/much.

Story: Great story, an EXCELLENT read me. I couldnt ask for more. Well documented and explained

Wraith Delete, sorry
File Author
Jasper Tudor
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Fun all the way through, really keeps you on your toes all the time.

Balance: 4
A bit too hard for me, took me several tries at normal to beat it, very nicely balanced though.

Creativity: 5
Great use of the editor tools, the lower town-wall looks great.

Map Design: 5
Nothing to say...stunning.

Story/Instructions: 4
Great, although they miss that extra something...

Additional Comments:
An overall REALLY funny, but hard, defencive siege.

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Map Design5.0
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