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Stronghold: Invasions » Urban Warfare II - The City

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Urban Warfare II - The City

Author File Description
Duke of York
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
Urban Warfare II - The City

After many years of border disputes between the peoples of Alorn and Angarak, war has erupted across the frontier between the kingdoms of Drasnia and Gar og Nadrak. King Rhodar of Drasnia is under siege and trapped in the Capitol City of Boktor as the enemy horde flood unhindered across the countryside. The last dispatch that was sent from his majesty ordered you to equip a force of Drasnian Pikemen to assist in lifting the siege. His dispatch also instructed you to prepare food for the starving people of the besieged capitol. From the strategic port city of Kotu, you must mobilize the people and defend this vital center of commerce and industry. King Belgarion of Riva will send what reinforcements he can spare as he is engaged with the enemy in central Algaria. You must hold Kotu and equip the relief expedition to Boktor. If you fail, Drasnia will fall and the gateway to the west will be open for the advancing horde of Angarak.

Victory Objectives:

5000 Gold
500 Bread
50 Pikes
50 Metal Armor
5% Blessed
50% Ale Coverage

*** Player notes:

The armory, grainery and religious structures can not be replaced if destroyed. They must be defended in order to achieve a victory!

This map is very large in scale and number of units used; you may experience some lag time as a result. I welcome comments, questions and real player reviews. As always, I hope you have as much fun playing this scenario as I have had creating it.

Duke of York
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Well another fine map from DOY

Playability is excellent, and the game provide enough thing to do. Perhaps some players would be worried with fortications you dont own, that make repearing problematic. I see this point more as an originality and a challenge to manage.

Balance : A good 4. The game is perfectly beatable without let the player a feeling of security. I can be a little more reserved for balance at the end of the game when last invasions is usually cut off because the game suffer of a units flood. It was obvious when I replayed it at hard.
I had to admit there is dileme here, a city of such size requiere a lot of people and soldier to be credible. Sadly the game dont allow unlimited number of unit and at the end invasions pay the bill. Ecogoal are not difficult to reach and events to strike you not really evil. Feeding large population is not a problem. Really the main difficulty, which is also an addictive originality is the management of the fortification. However dont underestimate ennemies force, especially early in the game, the map would have probably deserved a 5 in balance if game limits wasn't reached at the end of each game. For players, I would probably advice to play the map at normal, easy for beginners, and ignore hard and very hard setting, which could appear in paradoxe more easy in military side, and not more difficult but unusefully longer the eco side.

Creativity : And addictive map imo, involving a city which is not very usual and a clever management of fortication. See by yourself.

Map design : DoY is one of the rare mapmaker you know before to download the map it will be beautiful. This map is not an exception.

An fine story that will perhaps make remember something to some of you.

Overall : an other excellent map. It become a boring habit DoY ;)
Lord Richard
Map Design4.0
While I'm normally a Duke of York fan, I can't recommend this one as is. After starting a couple times and deciding the invasions were NOT something I wanted to deal with, I tried a new approach, which worked effortlessly, and I scored nearly 14,000 on normal difficulty first attempt.
I'm not going to detail that approach here, but I will respond by email if asked.

That aside, the playability factor takes nothing away from the other areas. Map design is as good as one would expect from the Duke, as are the instructions and the story. Eye candy is evident throughout; I particularly loved the goods awaiting shipment on the dock. High marks are given where deserved.

I can't take away too much, though. This could well be the difficult scenario it was designed to be, if a player decides to play it the hard way (ie, the way DoY intended). It's certainly playable that way, and I assume from Jalis's review that it's winnable. The ONLY flaw this scenario has is not map-related at all, but lies in one's ability to win the way I did (which may well have been unanticipated by DoY).
Map Design5.0
I really did enjoy this map from beginning to end - it was entertaining, dificult and well designed. The map was perfectly playable but I dropped a point here because of the castle being so big I struggled in finding my way around it. I did not know how many bakeries to build etc. It also made it difficult for troop distribution. Apart from that the map had np obvious bugs and the map flowed perfectly. The map was finely balanced, dificult I would say but most ecovasions are. Creativity and map design I allways mark together and this map gained 9/10. The city was well designed but the whole idea of a huge city was not all that origional. I almost dropped another point as the surrounding countryside was nothing special but perfectly adequate with good hillsides and beaches. However a great deal of the map design was excelent. In the city I liked the beach roads and uses of gravestones and shrubs. The story was well written and instructions clear enough. I would recommend this map but it is dificult and you have to work fast to defend the huge city. A great all round map.

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Map Design4.7
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