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Stronghold: Invasions » The Secrets of Sylvandell Ch 3

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The Secrets of Sylvandell Ch 3

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
Made with version: 1.1
The Secrets of Sylvandell Ch 3

The Battle of Wilder Mound

-Marrimor proved to be an eventful place to build camp. It also proved to be a fatal mistake in the eyes of Evril. Many good men, and women, were lost with the skirmishes there and Evril found himself attacked by wolves early on in the construction of their base. Yet he survived, and has now reached Wilder Wood and the ancient Wilder Mound within. With the safety of his people still paramount, Evril finds himself watching, rather than fighting, as the Darkness of Neroli surround the fortification. Surprisingly, for a primitive race of people, they have adapted their weapons for this assault and now come armed with much more durable steel armour. Their drive to rid the land of anything and anyone who isn't one of their own is overwhelming. The Battle for Wilder Mound is about to commence, and the people of the Mound have been readying themselves for this time, it seems: a fully stocked armoury and hundreds of men ready to defend their home to the last. Protecting the huge gatehouse is paramount here, for if the Neroli were to break in, Wilder Mound would surely fall.

Author's notes:

Designed to be played on normal difficulty only.

Please also refer to the full story that accompanies this map, a copy of which is enclosed in the zip file, and is also available in the Community Forum.

The Battle for Wilder Mound is primarily a military map, with no economic goals required. Survival is the main goal here. Again, I don't regard this to be too difficult, but hopefully the map will show a progression from the first two chapters, with larger scale invasions and an unbalance between your units and those you will face.

Unfortunately, this is a stripped down version of the original landscape and fortification. In order to get the AI units to do what I wanted them to do, I had to forsake many eye candy effects and items, but hopefully you will still find the map pleasing to the eye!

Above all, have fun, and please feel free to post a review if you wish. Constructive criticism will always be welcomed.

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability is simply excellent. No dead time and always something to do or to take care. Mostly the map work more like a siege than an invasion, but at the difference of other map where I said that, this one need to be an invasion.

For the advice to play at normal only, I'm perplex. I played the map at normal at won without to much difficulties. Playing a second times at hard, it's was even easiest than at normal, simply because I already knew the map. The little thing that annoy me is ennemies attack really a single point of your city. A secondary chocke point exist. It could be dangerous if you dont take care of it and doom you, but with some attention is easilly avoidable. I played it after at very hard and it give me one of the more stressing battle I either played, and I won for an hair. Playing once more at very but optimising defence and management to the excess/abuse, the map worked well to but it's was less funny. That simply prove that abusing is possible in all map with for only result to make game less enjoyable. Best is to forget some options to enjoy fully a game.

Creativity is excellent for numerous different sections. First when you launch the game it's obvious it's not an historical map, nor even a medieval world, but an imaginary "faerie" world. The unique feeling of the map is here very well transcribe. Second it's at the same time a siege map but also an invasion. You are under constant attack, but at difference of siege map you "build" also your victory by your economic management. Even typical events of invasions are present and important. Woe to you If you ignore it.

A very beatiful and atypical map design. It's not really a surprise coming from Sulis. The map design is also very addictive to the general feeling of the game.

Story and instruction : What story ? Where is no story, it's a roman, and here quantity is not at detriment of quality.

Really a great map, one of the best I either played. I wonder why the advice to play it only at normal is given, because I didn't noticed problems. Perhaps a possible units overflow was excepted/feared at highest setting ?
I was passing by out of curiousity and noticed there was no minimap. So I took the liberty of adding the minimap. In the process I had to guess that the version used was v1.1 (the update form insists that the version is now added)
Lord_Lorou I recently downloaded, and played all of the Secrets of Sylvandell maps, and this one is definitely my favourite. It starts small, giving you some time to adjust to the city and the Ai, and then it gets truly epic, with huge armies charging forward, and getting shot by my many archers. And then the walls are breached, and the two huge armies charge at each other with battle cries (and my guys get slaughtered) and then my archers fall back to the inner keep. And then the swordsmen come and break down my wall. Around this point, groups of swordsmen would come through my wall, and since I had no spearmen, I would have a group of archers which would form up around the lord, and keep the swordsmen at bay. At the end, I only had about 20 archers, and another 5 swordsmen would have won (since my lord had practically 0 health left). So congratulations on a wonderful game. It is very tactical, with the oil being especially important, as are the placement of the archers. It was thrilling how close the battle at the end was, as I desperately try, hoping that somehow I'll win against the hordes of swordsmen... and then I won. I should mention that I'd tried this level about 10 times before and lost, so winning for the first time was really satisfying. The playability and balance is perfect.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
This map was fun to play, took me 3 tries to beat it till I figured out what needed to be done. I think the economic/domestic event scripting was not really needed, did not change the gameplay but it was still great militarily.

Balance: 4.5
Balance was good with archers vs metal armoured units, made it harder. Could have been 1 less oil engineer, made it easy to take them out.

Creativity: 5
Good story as usual with the series. The use of the low wooden walls was interesting as well.

Map Design: 5
Great map design, the layout of Wildermound was fairly close to what I had pictured. Landscape is nice and natural looking.

Story/Instructions: 5
Interesting story with Evril, almost too long, but written very well and has good depth and connects well with the previous maps.

Additional Comments:
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
There is a great balance of military action and economic management and restructuring here. The map had me paying close attention to what was going on through its entirety. The attacks on your city are almost constant, but you must also direct your attention to the economy in the city as you must train additional soldiers to see yourself through to the end. If you simply let it wither then you will not win, and, some of your troops may burn in the process. Also, you get a limited number of engineers with oil to use as you see fit. They need to be used wisely. I must say that I'm puzzled about the AI's insistence on attacking only the gatehouses. Perhaps it's because the bases of the walls were not at the same height as the surrounding terrain. At any rate, that was just fine, because otherwise, the map would have been impossible. A sticking point I had was that the archer reinforcements were typically slaughtered upon their arrival by the masses of macemen sitting around the periphery of the map. From one of the sign posts, the only path to the city was through whatever macemen they appeared in and the macemen which were on the path ahead.

Balance: 5
It took me a number of attempts to win on very hard. It was not overly frustrating. It took me a few tries to tweak the defenses properly, so that by the last playthrough I survived with the loss of the outer small gate.

Creativity: 4.5
This is a sort of protracted siege which allows you minimal opportunities to fortify your bizarre and very interesting city, both due to the constant enemy presence and limitations set on construction options. You have constant fighting outside your walls, but enough time during that fighting so that your weapons production is a significant factor in your survival.

Map Design: 5
The map is beautiful. The city is a very well-crafted collection of earthen mounds and meandering low wooden walls and stakes, as well as some wooden crenelated walls and custom towers at the front of the city. Wilder Mound is a wonderful looking settlement and its surroundings are equally impressive.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story is good.

Additional Comments:
I seriously like this city design, it is really awesome. I could easily see more of these maps as free builds or economic scenarios, perhaps as an epilogue of sorts, because unless I haven't found it, there is no epilogue.

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Map Design5.0
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