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Le Félon Part III : The curse

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
Important notes : this map is an experimental ones, it include that some could said Mods. It's not really, but it look like... sometime. think read story first could be helpfull, because the map could be confusing, at least. It don’t work properly on any system, however. It could cause crash game under unpacthed games. In some case some mod I made could be spoiled. Mostly I could advice to play the map under Stronghold V1.2.
Thank to Sulis, Brave Sire Robyn, Earl Listibald and Duke of York for tests.

It was a try, no more.

I advice to play the map at normal setting, and to read story before lauching the map. I suppressed the map during about a week, and apololize to people trying to download at this time. Just be aware it can't work every time. Just keep in mind too it's a Jalis's map, so balance is not perfect... It' a cede like map, but you havent enless time to secure the ennemy castle. Take it quickly and without too much loose.

Short flashback.

Two kingdoms, Thendal and Scarilania are at war. A duke of your realm, duke Baftig (the pig), turn in the ennemy side. Your cousin, the king of Thendal, declare him to be a felon, and withdraw his right to rule the duchy. He officially give you the duchy.

After seizing the felon Duchy in north Thendal, you keep it despite your foes’s efforts, Duke Baftig and his new overlord, King Scupulanis of Scarilania, (the Wolf). At the same time you achieve to produce goods necessary the King army to launch an offensive against Scarilania. Las diseases and military defeats plagued this expedition which turn in a disaster. Your cousin the king had to withdraw, (some say rout) quicky with the entire Scarilania army after him. The king used your duchy as a base to attack Scarilania, he traveled back passing in your land in his flee. Scupulanis and Baftig attempting to take your major fortress finally failed at enormous loose against your formidable defence. However endless fight in the area for year tend to make your situation uncomfortable especially on the north border. You ‘ve ask and obtain in your Duchy a special tax from your southern county.

The story.

You, young nephew of the new duke, have for duty to collect the tax in the county of Blaye. This small county is on the south border with your king territory. Royal administration always had an influence in local policy especially for all that related to trade. In the last years when war raged in the north this influence came growing especially from the chancelier de l’echiquier, Earl Nigtsy (the snake). It is not a surprise, since Earl of Blaye and most of his men joined his Duke in the north for the war. At your arrival you see the county have recently be completely looted by Earl Nigtsy men under Lord Usmoe commandment (The Rat). Lord Usmoe even assaulted the castle and slaughtered the few soldiers defending it. Population mostly flee or was murdered, often from Usmoe hand. The castle sadly suffered from the assault when faithful defenders desesperatly resisted.
Worst : Rumor say Earl Nigtsy after completely looting the county hired a witch to wake up an old and terrible curse.

The curse.

A long time ago an old monastery fall in perversion and ignominious rituals, practising necromancy and sorcery. Holy knights of the church finally destroyed the monastery and evil monk were burned on the stack. However remnant of these evil practices are rumoured to have still effect, and the county have a “famous” reputation to have many ghosts. But it’s only a legend… Don’t joke it’s a legend isn’t it ?
Recently the old monastery re-appear, intact, in a single night and terrifying spirits filled it. Evil shadows, spectre and ghost invaded the county, especially caves and mines. It’s said at night, glowing spectres sometime appear, terrorising the population, killing some farmers and wood cutters and disappear as fast as the appeared. Earl Nigtsy is highly suspected to have hire the witch to wake up the old curse to totally ruin the county.
Sometime the curse fall on local peasants. They have a mark at birth which can disappear later. However cursed peasant are know to be unlucky all their life and often die young in violent accidents. Very rarely the curse strike also horses. It’s said it could be related to the fact evil monk where killed by knights.

Warning the Duke of the situation, the answer was he send you a phalanx for enforcement.
You are ordered to retake the castle and defend it. Your mission is delayed, but must be anyway achieved. You are also ordered to crush the curse, purge the mine, destroy the cursed monastery and send all undeads to hells from where they would never had to leave. You will have to reorganize yourself the county, produce the weapons intended and collect the tax. Your also expected to maintain security of the county enough for population came back.

Sadly it means also a civil war. This time you will not fight again Scarilanians or mercenary, but against the Tendhalians, your own nation soldiers. No one know if the king is aware of Earl Nigtsy actions, or if the chancelier de l’echiquier (responsible for royal treasury) act on his own interest, but it’s rumoured recently that the king of Thendal could not play a fair game with your lord, the Duke.
His Grace your uncle, allow you to use first weapons you will produce to defend the county. Simply remember you have only a delay to came back with the tax and weapons.

Technical :

Your former mission his delayed but must be achieved anyway : You have 20 years to complete the goals. A time out is included in the scenario.

Collect the tax : at normal : 20 swords, 20 metal armours, 50 crossbows and 3000 gold.

Maintain the security of the county enough for population came back : victory when no more invasion are expected. Population of the county must be at least 100 peoples.

Crush the curse : no enemies in the county. You must destroy all Evil shadows and spectres in the cave and cursed monastery.

The situation at start :

The enforcement just arrived. Lord Usmoe, your enemy, (you can see when the game start) held the castle with his men. Your troops are on the south west, the cave in the north, the monastery on the coast in the north east. Your soldiers must take the castle quickly and secure it. You, the lord, travel to the quarry to inspect it. Stone to repair the castle will be first a top priority. You promise your men that if they are not able to storm the castle enough quickly you will make the job yourself.

Designer notes : than mean you have limited time to take and secure the castle. There is here a time out for this action, even it’s not scripted. Time at your disposal is confortable, but not unlimited.

Beware at start you will see a castle and keep. It’s yours but not the lord you can see near the keep, nor troop in the castle. Your troop are located in the south west. Blue troops in the castle are your enemies in this civil war.
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NAT No we still use 1.1 - does it make a difference?
Wraith Works fine for me. Are you patched to 1.2?

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