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Le Félon Part II : The Steel Storm

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
The Steel Storm is my second attempt to create unusual sized siege. For amators of short game, I advice to see elsewhere. The map could be play from easy to hard. Very hard dont work very well. I advice to play it at normal setting in V1.2 patched game. The map is to play as defender only.

Short flashback.

Two kingdoms, Thendal and Scarilania are at war. A duke of your realm, duke Baftig (the pig), turn in the ennemy side. Your cousin, the king of Thendal, declare him to be a felon, and withdraw his right to rule the duchy. He officially give you the duchy.

After seizing the felon Duchy in north Thendal, you keep it despite your foes’s efforts, Duke Baftig and his new overlord, King Scupulanis of Scarilania, (the Wolf). At the same time you achieve to produce goods necessary the King army to launch an offensive against Scarilania. Las diseases and military defeats plagued this expedition which turn in a disaster. Your cousin the king had to withdraw, (some say rout) quicky with the entire Scarilania army after him. The king used your duchy as a base to attack Scarilania, he traveled back passing in your land in his flee. Useless to be an oracle to see the future.

The story.

A steel storm quickly approach. The entire army of Scarilinia with in first line Duke Baftig and his mercenary will surging down.

With enhancement you achieve, your fortress is now the most powerful of the north Thendal.. Your cousin the king put his last hopes on you. You are the greatest chance to stop or fix Scarilania army. If you succed Thendal will be able to reorganised and summon a new army. If you fail your king will be bound to sue for a costly and infamous peace… but probably in this case would you already be dead and not see that.


First elements of Scarilinia s army arrived recently. Overconfident, and probably in seek of loot and personal glory they immediately start to siege and storm your castle. It end for them in a miserable disaster. They had to withdraw with consequence to loose or abandon most of their siege engines and let behind a full graveyard. Light damages on your fortress were quickly repaired.

This Morning.

You had a reunion with your advisors. Your captain spoke first.

The garrison is ready your Grace, and the fortress repaired. Our soldiers are brave and the recent victory enhanced greatly their moral… however, hmmm… I lied, hmmm a little…

A little ?

Yes… I just said them the force we had defeated was half of the Scarilinia force marching against us…

Whaaaat ?

“Understand me your Grace, I can’t say them we will have to face the entire Scarilinia army and his dreadful savage heavy cavalry… without speak about Duke Baftig mercenaries who are know to be as bestial than skilled.”

What did we know exactly about our opponents ?

Nothing really new, your Grace. King Scupulanis have no raw for siege works, and Duke Baftig mercenary loosed about all siege engines they had in their recent attack. We will have to fight at one against twelve or fifteen.

Well it’s a bad new but not a disaster.

I’m far to be as optimist as you, your Grace. We will not fight usual peasants levies or irregulars and untrained troops. The army incoming his mostly made of professional soldiers and mercenary, sergeant at arms, knights, heavy …

It’s enough, I understand.

Your Grace, the bishop just arrived.

Welcome your excellency

Your Grace. I have some news from… secret source close to the royal chancellor. It is sometime said that the situation of your royal cousin was far less disastrous that it seems in the north. Some suggest he retreated with his army to let King Scupulanis sack and destroy your Duchy… and if possible, kill you. After that the king would negociate a truce or a peace with Scarilania, even costly.

It’s a joke… and a terrible accusation toward my cousin.

I beg your pardon Your Grace, but your cousin havn’t yet male heir. He failed in all his military campaigns. Only you, even in the worst position at start achieved victory against both Scupulanis and Baftig. Not only That, but your rebuilded this castle in the most formidable fortress of all Thendal. Even royal castle cant match with it. Keep in mind too that the war was pay at cost of heavy taxations and people start to complain, especially after defeats in the north. I’m sorry to hurt your modesty your Grace, But you are the most popular noble, and of royal blood of all the Thendal. I can even …

But my royal cousin, will not put his own kingdom at pain for this.

It depend Your Grace, if the King his more concerning with his position on the throne or his kingdom.


Earth is quaking under the heavy columns of your foes army. Angry to see an obstacle between them and their prey, seeking revenge for the failure of the first siege, they already starting to storm your castle with rage and bloodlust in a massive assault. And gigantic storm of steel and blood is imminent.

Information and hints you could read before to launch the game.

This map could be a real challenge. Following hint and tips could be read before playing without ruining the game. When you launch the game, immediately pause it. You could now observe the castle, and become more familiar with his design. Rotate the map to be sure you will not miss anything, and use space bar for better view of some area. Like you could see vulnerable area of this fortress are in front, and on left side. Your troops actually are on garrison duty and not in battle position. You will probably need maximum missile troop to cover your vulnerable area, you better move here most of your missile troops as well as at least one to three addition pitched engineers. In addition to the pitched engineers, you have just enough at the oil smelter for one or two reload. Before releasing pause, slow down the game at the minimum to give your orders. You will probably have to reorganize the position of about all your soldiers, especially archers and xbowmen. A few will be need at the castle rear, and a very few at the rear right. From time to time the round ballista tower in front right could be theatre of hard fight, especially against enemy archers. Remember that archers and xbowmen on the second third and fourth shell walls will not be very efficient because the outer curtain shell wall create blind spot for them. Think about moving missiles troops garrisoned in inners shell walls to outer one to defend it.

Prepare to frequent move of your troops, always take an eyes on your damaged towers to evacuate defenders before towers wreck (keep in mind xbowmen are slow, so don’t wait the last moment).
The castle have a concentric design. That means that if the first shell wall is in inevitable danger to be breached you could retreat to the next defence line/surrounding wall. However keep in mind the travel could be long, and once more, keep in mind xbowmen are slow. If you wait your walls will be close to be breached, or worst if you wait your walls break, it will be too late to retreat. Enemy s macemen for example are far more fast than your xbowmen and in case of wall break they will quickly invade and slaughter everyone they will found.

Blind spots : it’s always a danger in a siege. Sometime, some wall section are in towers s blind spot. Sometime also enemy achieve to demolish a crenelation square and continue nasty work literally inside your wall. It’s typical example of blind spot. This enemy become virtually invisible for your troops and even your give order to shot him, your accuracy will be very poor. You have here no over solution than to send some archers from the closest tower to the wall section in danger.
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Map Design4.0
As any fan of Jalis' maps will know, his maps are made for more experienced players. If you are a skilled stronghold defender, this is by far one of the best maps to play. For others (and for the best part that includes me), these maps can appear very challenging but still great maps.

Anyway, this is a must have map. It starts of with some men marching towards you. There is enough to put pressure on you, but not to irritate or hasten the beggining. The action never stops after that. The fighting is almost like a solid battle. Playability is where this map exelles. I am not the target audience which Jalsi has designed the map for, so I am probably not the man to rate the map. It is too hard for me and for probably most of the members of the site, so I give it a 4. This map is also on a scale that I have never seen on a map before. The map design was a solid 4, and I think that Jalis could really spend a little more time in this area. The landscapes are limited, but original, and the castle is slightly to cramped for my liking. Good map design, but not exellent like Jalis' other characteristics. The map was also one of the few maps who storyline has really got me pixed on playing the map. The English is fantastic for a non English speaking person.

This is a fantastic must have map. Another brillian effort from Jalis.

Download it now!

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Map Design4.0
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