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Stronghold: Sieges » NATs Helms Deep

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NATs Helms Deep

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
Not another Helms Deep! We could not resist - but it is well worth a go. Take a little look below to see more about the map.

Background: The Fellowship has been broken and Gandalf, Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas have arrived in the court of Edoras. They bear the news of the Uruk-hai army heading into the Rohan. After some persuasion the whole of Edoras is evacuated for the immense mountain fortress of Helms Deep. From there Gandalf goes for help while Aragorn, Theodin, Gimli and Legolas man the defence of Helms Deep with the aid of Elrond's Elves and the Rohirren army. Will you be able hold off the immense horde heading your way?

'Gimli stood leaning against the breastwork upon the wall. Legolas sat above the parapet fingering his bow, and peering out into the gloom. "This is more to my liking,"said the dwarf, stamping on the stones."Ever my heart rises as we draw near the mountains. There is good rock here. This country has tough bones. I felt them in my feet as we came up from the dike. Give me a year and a hundred of my kin I would make this place that armies would break upon like water'
The scene is set - the walls coated in soldiers. Before sundown the Elves from the house of Elrond made thier arrival in aid of our defence. The women and children are locked away in the tunnels behind the Hornberg. All is ready for the horde approaching...
'Brazen trumpets sounded. The enemy surged forward, some against the Deeping wall, some against the causeway and the ramp that led up to the Hornberg-gates. Then at last the answer came, a storm of arrows met them, and a hail of stones, they wavered, broke and fled back; and charged again and again.' The battle of Helms Deep is underway and their numbers not faltering - will you be able to hold them off? 'The orcs yelled and jeered."Come down! Come down!" They cried."If you wish to speak to us come down! Bring down your king! We are the fighting Uruk-hai. We will fetch him from his hole if he does not come. Bring out your skulking king!"


1)This map is not built directly in accordance with neither with book or film but more of a mixture of the two and our own ideas. eg we do have elfen archers(in green) in Helms Deep which is in the film but not the book.

2)We chose the Pig as he seemed to fit as best as an orc leader.

3)What you see is not what you get - their army is continually backed up by invasions for two years.

4)The AI will be quite slow untill they break through the deeping wall. Then thier attacks will increase and once the final wall is broken. After that every remaining enemy will form a huge killing line to your keep. You will have no chance!

5)Use spearmen to your best advantage, especially when to block off gatehouses.

6)Experienced players will attempt to move archers around the fortress which is well worth it.

7)We have decided to include the following characters in the keep:
Aragorn - Sworsdmen
Gimli - Maceman
Legolas - Green archer
Theoden - Lord

In the keep there are also 10 spearmen who act as Theoden's bodyguards.

8)Check out the wooden gatehouses used as tunnels at the back.

9)Remember this map is built as a huge siege for maximum playability - enjoy!

10) This map is really made for more experienced players on normal and even more so on hard! But it does give a satisfying victory on easy. Try on normal though - it will be close!


AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
talos_911 Hehe, it seems every self respecting map maker out there has his own version of Helm's Deep here at SHH. Certainly being one of the most popular subjects for a map, Helm's Deep provides a setting which truly tests a map maker's ability at desgining and making it work... and NAT does not dissapoint (as usual :D )

Playability : 4
The map offers a truly challenging siege, with all units functioning very well with the map, showing that no effort has been spared in this area. The laddermen attack very well and are a headache as long as the wall is not breached, laddermen being one of the toughest units to work with, shows NATs skill as map makers. Very well done indeed.

Balance : 4
In v1.0
A bit of a letdown for me. Although the swarm of enemy units sets a great atmosphere, it really is a put off to see that the horde is quite overwhelming, and I only won after 4-5 repeated tries (finally at easy), although it was a satisfying win at the end, I don't think others will have the same patience as me.
In v1.2
Here the balance was set better, and since NAT has made the map in v1.2, The rating has been given accordingly (hence the re-rating).

Creativity : 5
The creativity of the NAT team really shines in their latest offering. The map has not been made as per the movie but their own version of Helm's Deep is quite welcome as long as it recreates the feel of HD (which it quite succesfully does). The story is another thing which really good in this map... more on that later.

Map Design : 4
I had mixed feelings about this. On one hand the structure allows the AI to work flawlessly with the map, but it really doesn't look quite like Helm's Deep. Looking at the picture in the description of the map, one would expect an accurate recreation of the movie Helm's Deep. Anyway, the authors have the right to make their own version of HD so I have awarded them points on it. Surrounding landscape is well crafted as is standard in NAT's maps. Great work overall in this department.

Story/Instructions : Although NAT's story rating has pulled down the overall rating of their maps in the past, they really have outdone themselves this time. Quotes from the movie and the book used liberally and mixed flawlessly makes for an insightful and interesting read. The best aspect of this map.
The zip file contains reference pictures, and as one can see, the download description is well documented with pictures. No effort has been spared, that much is evident.

Overall : This map is definetly the best portryal of HD in terms of the feel, atmosphere and story. But as far as authenticity is concerned I believe they could have done better considering the reference picture they had in their possession which shows the layout quite clearly... But don't let that put you off, this is one of the top Helm's Deep maps available by far.

Keep up the good work guys :D.

tedman333 NAT I played this map and Love it! I love the action right off the bat! I had alot of fun with this map! I would recommend this to any one! Great work NAT I'm looking forward to some more maps from you!!!
King Alexander - Helm's Deep is not a real castle, it's fictional. Have you actually played this map? I tried emailing you about your reviews, but your email bounced.
talos_911 king_alexander... you are obviously ignorant about Helm's Deep and your pathetic review reflects this... Helm's deep is NOT a real fortress and it was NOT actually made (unless you count the movie set) and BTW, this map is one the most fun sieges availble and calling it "boring" shows that either you don't know jack about stronghold, OR you played some other map. Try reading the review guideline once in a while before putting up your malformed views.

I hope that review is taken down by the concerned authorities since it is putting this great map out of the "Best of Stronghold" list.
It will be removed. It would be nice if the ratings could be removed and the comments stand but unfortunately that's impossible ... so I will repeat King Alexander's comments here:

Nice story, but everything else is quite boring, because there are too many castles like that. And it is a real castle which was build, so it was not your immagination. Sorry about that...

King Alexander - this map has been tested and played by several Stronghold experts. It has been reviewed here by another and I'm willing to trust their opinions - especially when you were unable to make any specific comments about it at all.
Alien Lord92 Hah. You locked it. But i can still open it in the editor. Should i tell how =)

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