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Special Brew

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brave sir robyn
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
Hi, thanks for checking out my scenario ...

Difficult times have fallen upon Quiglesbury Abbey, famine and plague rage across the land and the local Lords have begun to squabble with each other once more.
The rich farmlands of the abbey are now viewed with great envy by these Lords. The Abbot, having only his loyal monks for protection, has had to strike a deal with Doubletongue the Untrustworthy for some assistance. However, as his name suggests, he is not the best person to do business with, and the Abbot knows he is playing a risky game ...

This is an invasion map designed to play at normal difficulty level, the economics would make it a very hard game any higher.
It also features a few things you may not have seen before in a more conventional map, I hope you enjoy the game ...

My thanks to Jalis for playtesting and providing the 'colour scheme' for this map.
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Map Design4.0
This is really very hard map, not designed to play on higher difficulty, then normal, or for beginners. It happens only sometime, that I need 4 completely new restarts, 2 days and about 70 saves, to acomplish a mission.

Who wants to spare time and effort, should read the scenario first, it will be still very challenging. I suppose, it should be marked "hard", or "very hard" on dowload page.

Very nice and creative job, brave sir robin, thank You.
Map Design5.0
This is a truly excelent overall invasion map. It is a very creative map and particularly well executed. Lets make a start - Although I gave 4 for playability I would have rather given 4.5 for playability and then 4.5 for Story/Instructions. The map is perfectly but due to the fields quite far away from the monastry makes it difficult for their defence. I think there are too many scripted events that make it slighlty irritating. However the map offers a very playable especially if you like something different from a classic invasion. Most of the defence is with monks outside and inside the walls as your only other men are 'outlaws from the woods'and there are not that many of them. The whole monks defending the monastry works very well but there is sometimes a lot of confusion over the opening and closing of gatehouses. Balance wise the map is defiantly hard - due to the fieds being down in the valley and constant attacks harassing them a full economy is hard to get going. The other reason only a 4 was awarded is the scripted events that are quite devastating. Also you have to produce a lot of ale! However I am being very critical - 4 is still good score for the overall balance of the map. Creativity and Map design is where the map excels -the monastry perfectly positioned on the hill overlooking a stream in the valley. The map is spacious but no means empty and the monastry really dominates the whole map. Superb stuff! The surrounding map design is good, nice use of birch trees, grass, dirt and the way everything leads up to the monastry. Gives a really realistic feel to the map. The story, quite short but an excelent idea, using scripted events from one of the origional stronghold campaign missions. Works really well with the map. In conclusion this is a very entertaining all round map. A very creative map, executed with an excelent story and good map design. The best I have seeen from Brave Sir Robyn yet!
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5

Wow! What a great map! At first I was somewhat daunted by the fact I could not train up an army, but in the end I really enjoyed having my monks scurry around, protecting things. The most important reason I give this a 5 is because it was just so much fun to play! One of the very best maps I've seen. Not often I get the chance to play and invasion, economic and seige map all rolled into one, and all done very well!

Balance: 5

I expect the amount of playtesting and effort that went into this map was large. It was balanced very well, and although I won first try on normal, it was a very close-cut thing indeed. I came very close to losing, and in it's own way, it made it even more enjoyable to play. Well done!

Creativity: 5

This is *the* most creative map I have seen in a long time. First off, it didn't seem to hard-fend off some raids and build up a little ale. But then, the ale stocks needed grew...and grew...and I started to panic as the raids got bigger and my army of monks grew smaller. Then, something happened that just made me go: ", yeah! Wow! =D" Which doesn't happen often. Without wanting to spoil anything, I'll just say that Doubletounge's army was very close to my walls when someone rolled an ale barrel onto the stockpile. And then, the last battles at the end were great fun to play through (my knights performed mind-bogglingly well), and I just found the whole mission very creative indeed.

A wonderful creation!

Map Design: 4

An attractive map that functions well for the senario. It's nice, looks natural and I could easily imagine it being a real place that I could visit. Some nice little features inside the castle (How many keeps? Count 'em!) with some nice bits of design. Only falls short of a 5 because it isn't quite so amazing as some maps I've seen. I think I'm being a little harsh here-it is a very nice map.

Story/instructions: 4

An interesting back story to the map that got me engaged while playing. It kept me going and brought a interesting element to the map. It's original and I feel it works very well-good job!

Overall: A great map to play, fun and interesting, and well worth a download. In fact, it's probably one of the best maps I've ever played! A great creation! Very well done.

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Map Design4.3
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