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01 - Arrival

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Mission 1: Arrival

Human Lord (4,000 gold) v Sultan Abdul (2,000 gold)

The first mission on the Crusader trail is a relatively easy introduction to what will follow. Facing the Sultan Abdul should not pose you any real problems, and a good start here will allow you to progress further and gain a respectable final completion date.

This map will happily allow you to use rush tactics if you want. By buying swords and metal armour and recruiting swordsmen you can quite easily win before the Sultan really gets started. However, all of these walkthroughs will use normal 'build and attack' tactics.

I started by placing my granary close to the keep and three woodcutters huts to the south-east of my base. I immediately placed two apple orchards, then extended the stockpile by two squares, built a marketplace and armoury. A medium sized square tower and barracks were also placed early on, trying to keep the buildings relatively close together. As the woodcutters begin to stockpile the wood, place another hovel, a tanners workshop, blacksmiths workshop and fletchers workshop. A dairy farm was also placed to allow leather armour to be manufactured. Teo iron mines were built and protected from any possible early attacks by the starting spearmen and archers.

The idea with my attacking options was to skirt around the walls of the Sultan's castle with a band of some 10-15 archers, picking off military and civilian units alike. Macemen are all you really require here to form your attacking force, and I didn't bother with building castle walls of my own, as there's really no point. You'll be on the offensive pretty much from the start, and the Sultan won't get much of a chance to attack you.

With my economy ticking over nicely, the final attack was made with no more than 20 macemen. I used my archers to take out the firethrower first, as these units can really do some damage to an attacking force. The Sultan uses slingers and Arab swordsmen as his main force, and I found I could take advantage of the slingers' weak range of attack and take them out from a distance without being shot at.
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The Ztolk
(id: Ztolk)
The first thing I did was build 3 woodcutters huts, one near each clump of trees. Then I placed 3 apple farms and a granary, followed by 2 wheat farms. The total number of houses I built during the mission was 4, 2 near the beginning, and the others towards the end. After the granary, I built a mercenary tent and trained 12 horse archers, which I told to patrol between the two shallow areas that the enemy could cross over. This defended me and helped take out his economy. After that I built two quarries and two ox tethers (more would be better but was not necessary) then I built a market, armoury, and barracks and began buying maces and leather armour. I sold the stone for gold to purchase the equipment, and began training macemen. The Sultan began building on my side and sent a small invasion force (3 arab swordsmen) which were easily defeated. Once I had 35 macemen I just told them to attack and I basically didn't have to do anything until I won. He had begun building a wall, but it was not complete at the time of my attack. This took me about 2 and a half years.
arab sword Since I'm an Arabian lord, I like to do it the arabian way. First, I built about four more stockpiles, then two granaries. I then set up woodcutters(4) and dairy and apple farms. I built three hovels and placed some "good" things so that more people would come to my castle. After I put the tax up to average, I built a mercenary post and started training horse archers(14). I had them patrol the front of my kingdom while I trained assassins. I kept training assassins until I had about 36. I then attacked with all of them and all I had to do was wait. It took about 2 years.
Supersephiroth Ok, just build walls blocking the ford and then place a small gate house and place it with archers, if you place enough it should kill off any of sultans attacks. Then sit down and build your troops. Once your ready go through your ford wall defences and hammer through his walls and kill the lord :)
slimtwit I think it's important to add early in the walkthroughs, that the AI lords don't use siege equipment if there is an opening left in the walls. I create a "hallway of death" for the enemy troops to walk through, generally consisting of miscellanious towers topped with archers and braziers,a maze of low walls and a fistful of swordsman waiting at the entrance to my keep. It takes a little longer for troops to make it outside of the castle walls, but you don't have to deal with the annoying catapults bashing your walls away. this won't work in every scenario, but it has worked on the majority of them.
killer bunny This mission is so so simple.Heh i just created some arabian swords and i attacked the takes a long time before he completes his castle.
tinney_29 I have no problem with this mission. i just thought i would ask here.

I cant download the files. my computer always asks me what to open the downloaded file with. I tried opening it with crusader but it didnt work. what should i do? By the way i have windows 2000
herroth same killer bunny .. one of the easiest ways to beat him
CryptsOfTheDead The human player has a HUGE advantage on this map.

Sultan Abdul is a joke if you put on the heat early with a round tower equipped with mangonel facing directly across from his keep on water's edge. Start pounding at it right away!

Then use more towers along the river to take out workers to force him in the poor house, and also, put a tower near the stone and iron deposits, placing a mix of crossbow and archers there. The crossbows will quickly kill off the Arabian Swordsmen. He'll try to take over all those resources, even the stone on your side (I think not!)

After a few SMALL attacks, he will have little left, and all the while your engineers are bashing his precious fortress to rubble.

The object is to hit him hard and fast. Don't give him the chance to generate money.

I lost ZERO troops on this map, and sent in my own Lord to kill Sultan Abdul.

Cool map to play with. You can spend a lot of time on it if you wish, building a nice castle and making TONS of money, and best of all, you don't have to worry about being attacked every 5 minutes.

One of my favorites.

coconutman111 ok since i am relativly new to stronghold crusader when i faced him i copied the abbot's base style as best as possible i used monks and archers thats it and it took me almost 2 days to actually get close to killing him but the fire throwers killed me almost instantly
duc of castles
(id: Duc of Castles)
This is so easy. just place a mercenary post, a woodcutter hut, granary, some farms, flecher making crossbows, a tanner, maybe some swords and armor, an armory, barracks, quarry, market,engineer guild and an iron mine. then when you get enough iron and stone sell it and get 10-20 horse archers and 10-15 arab swordsmen (maybe a fire ballista to if your unceartain)to beat sultans attacks place two towers with a ballista and mangenel. get 25 more horse archers and have them circle around(not to close to the walls though) and they'll destroy the slingers. then just attack his gate with the arab swords and get the horse archers in a place where they can fire on his keep. wait until his gate's broken. then move the swords to your castle, and kill everything with the archers. then kill sultan with your swordsmen and/or lord but sometimes i don't like to wait so i just attack with everything

[Edited on 03/17/07 @ 07:55 AM]

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