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Stronghold Crusader: Walkthroughs » 03 - This Dusty Land

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03 - This Dusty Land

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Mission 3: This Dusty Land

Human Lord & Richard I 'Lionheart' (both 10,000 gold) v Caliph 'The Scorpion' & Caliph 'The Jackal' (both 10,00 gold)

So, only three missions in and already we're into alliances and huge starting amounts of gold! You have Richard I here to help you, as you fight against two Caliphs. Setting up and maintaining an economy here won't be too problematic, and you're plunged into skirmish straight away. This is a true battle map. Here's how I prepared...

The Caliph AI lord is notorious for using slaves as a means to ruin your economy. Whilst they are weak units that don't take much to kill off, if they slip through your defences they'll set fire to anything they can, usually including themselves. I started by placing the granary and three woodcutters'huts to the east of the keep. Extend your stockpile by three more squares straight away, in order to hold the enormous amount of starting goods at your disposal. I built a small castle with the starting stone which is usually sufficient to see off the Caliph's efforts at sieging. A couple of apple orchards and a dairy farm were placed to secure the food chain. I also placed a pub/tavern and a hovel too, as I was intending recruiting troops early. The +8 popularity boost meant I could turn off food consumption early, selling all that I produced for a healthy amount of gold.

I started recruiting as soon as a marketplace and armoury were built. Initially I opted for plain bows, as archers would be cheaper to recruit and still hold off the advances of the Caliphs. Be careful how you man your walls, as you need to provide some coverage for all of the buildings outside of the castle. This time it will be the farms, and I did see one random slave pick his way through the trees and set fire to my apple orchards!

With a basic castle built, archers defending the castle and surrounding land and a good sized chunk of the starting gold remaining, I set about boosting both the army and the economy. Place two or three stone quarries when wood stocks allow, and two oxen per quarry. This will provide more than enough stone to sell at the market, generating heaps of gold.

My attacking units were a mixture of crossbowmen, pikemen, swordsmen and knights, all recruited by placing the relevant weapons manufacturing buildings within the castle walls and making my own supply. There is a deposit of iron just behind and below Richard's castle, and two mines were plenty to feed the blacksmiths with what they need. Don;t forget to place more inns, a brewery and a hop farm as the game develops to sustain that +8 popularity effect.

I wanted to experiment a little and see how strong the defences of the 'blue' Caliph were. With 25 swordsmen, 20 pikemen and a catapult I tried in vain to storm his castle. The Caliph AI lord is quite interesting, in that he's fairly well defended... but keep your distance and a huge amount of damage can be done. Catapults were my weapon of choice after the first failed attempt. He uses pitch ditches, hot oil engineers and fire throwers to great effect in close combat, so once you're inside the castle I found it a mad rush to the top of the keep to give me a fighting chance of taking him out. All the while I was under fire from Arabian archers. I chose to go completely over the top with my attcks and made six catapults to accompany a party of 35 swordsmen and 30 crossbowmen, the latter were essential to protect the catapults as I neared the castle... the Caliph sends forth archers to take these out. It doesn't take much to remove several of the towers and walls, thereby rendering half of the castle defences useless. I sacrificed a few pikemen to set fire to the pitch ditches, then moved in crossbowmen and ordered them to take out hot oil engineers and fire throwers on top of the keep and on the remaining walls. The swordsmen had a clear passage through to the Caliph and it wasn't long before i'd bagged my first AI lord.

The remaining Caliph was taken out with a similar tactic. You can order Richard I to attack at the same time, but I didn't bother. As i'd gone over the top with my attacking force against the blue Caliph, I had plenty of units left to try a similar assault. With three stone quarries in operation, generating plenty of stone to re-arm the catapults as and when required, the second Caliph was pounded into submission...well, he should have submitted. I finished him off with a sword instead.

Richard I was little help here throughout the mission. Whilst he did not demand anything from me until very near the end, he did protect one side of my castle with his archers.
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Skasian The bottom crossing wil be sufficienly defended by your ally lionheart, focus all defensive at the top crossing. Don't both walling in your castle as you won't need to.

At the start buy 30 crossbows and 30 leather armour and train 30 crossbowmen. Alternetly you can hire 50 or so Horse archers instead. Move whateva you've built to the crossing. It will hold off all attacks from both caliphs. Build as you wish, then attack with wateva you wish.
Lance_Bravearrow I tried downloading it but it says there are no viewers viewing this file....what DO I DO?
Duc Timothy An odd quirk about the Caliph: He puts extensive pitch ditches along the broadsides of his castle, but he puts only a little pitch by the front of his castle. You still should keep your distance, but you may be able to get a little closer to the gatehouse.
polind663 The very first thing I did was cut off attacks from the north using sleeping ox teathers. So the caliphs attacks were all stoped by the lionheart. This let me worry about only my economy. I built up woodcutters, iron mines, apple orchards, and other things. I didnt bother with stone quarries as the lionheart had enough for the both of us.
I began my troop production until my army was full of archers and swordsmen. Then I ordered a full attack on the yellow caliph after setting off all pitch ditches. After killing the caliph, I restocked my troops and attacked the other caliph in the same manner.
gamefreak It gets very annoying that you face the Cailph so many times in the crusader trail. It seems that he always wants revenge.
Svetovid Built things east of my Keep that made my economy strong and that includes almost everything to get the food,stones and iron in a first place.Then I built few round towers with archers and balistas to protect them with wall just in front of them and all that is west of my Keep.Made an army of about 140 men (most macemen and crossbowmen) including 4 catapults and started siege of Caliph 'The Scorpion' castle with a little help of Richard I 'Lionheart'.I mean,little by number of men he sent,but they were very usefull because their attack occupied enemy not to shoot at me as much as he did before,so I could concentrate my fire on wall on the other side.Even used few cows.With all my men I stormed castle thru ruined wall and swordsmen killed Caliph.Same tactic I used on the other Caliph.Their attacks on me were very rare and unsuccesfull.I must say,my southern side was well guarded by Richard,so I helped him with some goods.
Lord Dan I well my strategy is different, i have apple orchards and hop farms everywhere with a few cheese farms, i have 2 mills and 4 bakeries as well as 2 breweries and 1 inn, i have 2 fletchers workshop 1 for crossbows and the other for archers, i have a metal armour workshop and a tanner with a poleturner set to pike production and my blacksmith producing maces. i have about 85-90 pikemen near the Lionhearts castle with 40 archers and 20 crossbows, i also have 3 catapults and 1 treb firing at the yellow caliph, up the top i have about 25 arabic horsemen and 20 crossbows fending off the slaves, archers and swordsmen coming at me. I am currently still in the middle of this map and havent killed either lord yet, i have the Lionheart set to attack the yellow caliph.
oldskoolrocker where do i put the downloaded file?? cause i hate this mission and i wanna beat the game i haven't yet and Ive had it for 4 years
oldskoolrocker, You need to put the Dld file in your Crusader Saves folder. (I think it might be C:\Program Files\FireFly\Crusader\Saves\ )

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