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Stronghold Crusader: Walkthroughs » 04 - An Old Friend

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04 - An Old Friend

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Mission 4: An Old Friend

Human Lord (2,000 gold) v Pig, Duc Truffe (4,000 gold)

Something slightly different again for the fourth map in the trail. We have a small landscape to build on, with the AI lord starting with more gold and a defensive advantage, higher up on a plateau. However, despite this set-up, I found the mission to be fairly easy to beat, with a bit of planning.

Start by placing the granary and an additional stockpile square, and then a marketplace, a couple of woodcutters' huts behind the keep area, near your oasis grass and an armoury. With the starting gold I opted to buy 15 crossbows and 15 leather armour. I also purchased a few more blocks of stone, as I placed a large tower complete with mangonel on top. This uses up most of the starting stone, and early barracks placement is crucial. Whilst my tower was placed more to protect the keep, I was able to use the 'attack here' function of the mangonel and asked it to repeatedly fire stone at the area where the pig's gatehouse would have been. Strange that he never got round to building a gatehouse, a major flaw in the Pig's defence. My crossbowmen held off an early attack of the Pig's macemen and also picked off his iron mine workers. This really helped the progress of the map, as the Pig wasn't able to develop his economy to the full extent.

As is usual with wood supplies, as soon as you have a suitable amount, look to expand the farms and place weapons buildings. Again I opted to place an inn for a +8 popularity boost and turned off food consumption, selling everything I produced. I was also able to place two iron mines on an outcrop to the far west of the map and this allowed me to manufacture steel armour. I chose to use pikemen here as they were quicker than swordsmen and were fairly resistant to the crossbowmen used by the Pig.

I didn't bother to build a full castle here, as some moat digging seemed more effective. But then again I only faced one attack on my 'castle' and walls wouldn't have been required anyway.

In summary then, concentrate on a decent number of crossbowmen in a large tower early on, and consider using a mangonel to weaken the Pig's castle. Your economy will be built up slowly here as there aren't a huge amount of resources available.
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Volguy An old friend walkthrough worked perfectly for me. Just as ddescribed. Thanks.
PseudoWalrus At the start of the game, I built 1 extra stockyard space, 1 granary, 1 market, and a mercenary camp quite near the Pig. I then sold everything I had to purchase Arabian Swordsmen, and then immediately used them and my starting units, as well as my Lord, to rush the Pig before he even got his walls up. His starting macemen killed about half of my swords, but even my Lord and one swordsman could have finished him off by that point.
herroth at the start of the game on this mission i built a granary and a mecenry post and recrutied alot of arabian archers and then built a sqaure tower near his base , just below the cliff
then i placed the archers on the tower along with a balista .. so this means you must place a enginnerers guild also . Then the archers just killed all his woodcutters , farm people and crossbowmen . then i got 10 assasians and 10 arabian swords . i sent the assasians in to lure the macemen and when the macemen got to close to the tower they all died :) so then i sent my remaining arabian swords and assaisans to kill the king
Rocky the Great
(id: Rocky The Great)
I just start with a mecenary post and beat him with assassins within 20secs.
ShadowViking it worked, i destroyed his troopes and sent 8 pikemens but i think swordmens had work better.
Lord of Games all you have to do is bombard pig with 8 mangonels and then have 20 swords men and kill him
CrusaderLord14 This one was relatively easy. I bought 15 leather armor and 15 crossbows and built a round tower. I killed all of the Pig's macemen, and then just focused on my economy. I eventually finished the Pig by using ballistae and mangonels.
(id: lordnathan)
What I did, was buy loads of stone, crossbows, and armour. I blocked the pig into his castle with walls, making it he only had one wayout, so he wasn't tempted to go 'Stamp, stamp, stamp, thats mem on your walls'. I then build a ballistae tower, and some lookout towers, filled them with crossbowmen and archers, and then just left them to it. A built up my economy, and when I looked back, the pig had run out of wood, money, and food. I used catapults and fire ballistae to destroy his castle for the hell of it, then overkilled with 100 assasins, for fun.
polind663 This is the level I found hardest. I began with building apple orcherds behind me and a grainery of cours. Then I built up an army of arabian bows to protect me agains the pigs crossbowmen. I then had to use the ox teathe economy cut off as soon as the pig built his gatehouse. After he was cut off, i built as many orchards as I could without being in reach of the pigs crossbowmen. Then I built some woodcutters and some fletchers and poleturners. I built up a full army with about 300 archers and 200 spearmen. Then I attacked. And won with only losing about 50 men.
strong055hold I reduced the speed to 20, constructed a barracks, an armory, a house and a market, then bought weapons to train macemen and there goes the Pig..

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