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Stronghold: Sieges » Henn Dommen

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Henn Dommen

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Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Hard
In your eyes, the King had resorted to simple unforgivable sabotage. The innocent victim of his spite, the Helgolath Dam, could still be seen in the distance. The Dam, a wonder that had stood for centuries defying time and the elements, had been no match for the Kings demolition team. With its death, the ancient manmade lake it had shaped and held, wreaked its own destructive vengeance. No longer would it be harnessed to power the cities mills. No longer would mortal men imprison it behind walls of stone. For the lake had once been a river and the valley the home it had spent epochs carving. The rivers triumphant reclamation was awe-inspiring. The largest city in Cumberland County, One that had existed for hundreds of years, was literally wiped away.

The City of Henn Dommen, or what was left of it sprawled over the Helgolath Valley below. The once thriving metropolis had suffered heavily at the hands of the King during the Civil War. Almost all of the buildings were now in ruins. Their broken walls pointed like accusatory fingers at the sky. Few had survived the King's latest tactical blunder that had left most of the Helgolath Valley inundated. It had been an act of exasperation perhaps; his Majesty was not renowned for his patience. His first attempt to take Henn Dommen with a direct assault had been during the failed Western Offensive over two years ago. While your loyal 7th fought to victory at Southern Cross that day, the Royal 15th Division was repelled from Henn Dommen with heavy losses. By the time a second attempt could be mounted, the Rebel Army had moved the traitorous 3rd Division, McKinnon's Dragoons to bolster the cities garrison. 'The Hammer of Henn Dommen' as Lord McKinnon had come to be called, utterly defeated the King's second attempt. The King's losses were so heavy the area could no longer be defended. The Rebels used Henn Dommen to mount the counter offensive that dragged on for two long years, costing thousands of lives and culminating in the loss and capture of Cumberland Harbor.

With the Rebel offensive broken on the Cumberland Downs, The Loyal 7th Division continued the westward push. Following their defeat, the battered Rebel forces had quickly retreated back across the Western Line. For the first time in nearly two years, you and your Division set foot in the Rebel homelands. You smiled at the thought 'Rebel Homelands'. Not long ago they had been the Western Provinces, part of the Kingdom that once united your beloved nation. Its people had been your brothers and countrymen. Not the rebel assassins who set traps in the roads and ambushes after dark, the tactics of desperate and hateful men. The organized rebel resistance, once so fierce, had abruptly stopped. Indeed, the 7th had marched unopposed deep into the West Country. Although this latest development had sat uneasily with you, the King had seen it as his chance to once again feed his obsession, Henn Dommen.

Henn Dommen, The name literally meant 'old hill' and undoubtedly it was for the old castle motte that still dominated the city. The fortifications were now of little consequence and other than the castle's opulent great hall, little had survived. The Henn Dommen Weapons Facility is on what the populous thrived. This magnificent factory produced over 60% of the crossbows used by the Rebel Army, a profitable and dangerous business during a time of war. Even if the King had not made Henn Dommen the key to his military strategy, this single undeniable fact insured the great city's destruction. After his Majesty's two failed previous attempts to achieve this, the Rebels were now well aware of his intent and reinforced Lord McKinnon with another full division.

The morning of the blast had been a warm one. It would be an Indian summer in the West Country. The dam's collapse had rumbled across the valley like thunder. You had raced out of your tent in time to see half of the Helgolath Dam give way and unleash the lakes fury on to the city below. The force of the water wiped away centuries of habitation. For an instant, the cries of thousands of its citizens could be heard over the roar of the water. Then there was only silence, a humbled awe amongst the witnesses to the execution. At first you thought the King's plan might actually have worked despite its crudeness. When the water subsided however, you saw what an absolute failure it had actually been. McKinnon had shrewdly moved his armor to the opposite bluff of the old river valley. Although most of the City of Henn Dommen was simply no longer there, the weapons facility and the old castle hall, both fortified structures had survived the flood. Even the Helgolath Dam itself was still under Rebel control; it's mounted ballista providing covering fire for over half the valley. The only thing the Kings plan had accomplished was the death of thousands of his innocent subjects and the destruction of one of his greatest cities.

First, as you had figured, an attack came on the left flank under the covering fire of the Dam. Then it was the movement on the bluff across the valley that caught your eye. The Sun gleaming off the metal armor of McKinnon's Dragoons showed them to be forming up into attack formations. Due to yet another of the King's spectacular failures, this army, twice the size of your 7th was now marching towards you, head on. the Division was rapidly running out of options. "Captains" you shouted, "Form up for a frontal assault." That was when all hell broke loose. "Enemies flanking on our right M'lord," came the ladder boy's cry. Through the thick pine you could see the enemy swordsmen moving around your position. Perhaps it had been the site of the city's annihilation or perhaps the realization by every man that the 7th was surrounded. Either way, the cohesion of your unit was coming apart. "Stay together Lads!" you bellowed, "stay together now." Here there was no heroic battle cry, no storybook defense. With the gliding disciplined movements of battle-trained veterans, the 7th formed ranks as the Dragoons cavalry overran them.

For your mission, the Kings scribe has generously provided the following excerpt from the Royal Archives:

There once was a castle here, the ruins are sometimes referred to as Samuel's Castle. This was due to the later name given its only surviving intact structure, the magnificent great hall known as Samuel's Hall. The fortresses true name however, has been lost with time. Of the rest of this once large castle, only fragments and earthworks survive. The castle simply outlived its usefulness. When the weapons facility was constructed, the city quickly outgrew the bailey, and soon after, absorbed the entire site. The outline of the original bailey can still be seen in the castle ruins and the roads around the city's cathedral. Samuels Hall, one of the largest and most opulent ever built, survived as the city's administrative center. Of the rest of the castle fabric, most went into paving the city's roads. The Henn Dommen Weapons Facility is located on Castle Road. Castle Road, the city's main thoroughfare, runs southwest to northeast through the old castles earthworks.

Authors Notes- As with the Cumberland Downs the Kings orders appear on the launch page. Again, the text has a bizarre appearance in the editor, due to being scripted to appear a certain way on the launch page.

Like Wynn Avegen, Henn Dommen is an attempt at urban combat. I think you will find this map a far more successful venture.

Henn Dommen is designed as an Attacking Siege Only. The recommended difficulty is as follows:

Your Skill/ Difficulty Setting
Rookie: easy, but strive to beat it on Normal
Veteran: Normal
Elite: Hard

In Chapter 3 you ambushed the 88th Division at Manathma. In Henn Dommen the Rebels have returned the favor, be forewarned.

Although Lord McKinnon's Dragoons are marching directly for your position, McKinnon himself has taken personal command of the Weapons Facility's defenses. This Map has neither a friendly nor an enemy Keep. To Kill Lord McKinnon and win the siege, you must destroy the Henn Dommen Weapons Facility, as that is where he has chosen to raise his standard. Make sure when you set the fire that it is YOU who are setting it!

Naturally the secondary objectives in the King's orders are optional and merely presented as added challenges involving some nice bits of eye candy.

Access to the ruined cathedral and Samuels Hall can be gained using laddermen only. How to do this exactly is up to you to discover. Knights, laddermen and siege equipment can cross over the paved roads. To do this, order the unit alone or with other units or unit types, to the closest possible land tile to the roadside your unit(s) is on. When they reach this position, select your unit(s) desired destination as the closest possible land tile, directly across the road from your unit(s) current position. Triple-click the desired destination. Most if not all of the units will 'cross the street'

Henn Dommen Is Chapter 5 In The Saga of The Seventh,

The Story thus far....
Wynn Avegen
Southern Cross
Ambush At Manathma
The Cumberland Downs
Henn Dommen
The Battle At Andolin
The Vierville Draws
Saint Lo - (coming soon)
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
This is truly one of the most masterfully created scenarios available for Stronghold.

Playability : 5
The map is an offensive siege, so as you start out with your forces, you find yourself suddenly under attack... the map picks up perfectly from where the awesome story leaves you and you are busy defending your weaker troops and sending out your melee units to meet the charging enemy while your knights offer backup wherever needed... Its a frantic and thoroughly enjoyable start.
After taking care of the first wave, you get a chance to organize yourself, form up and march into the battered city of Henn Dommen.
The map is a perfect example of street combat, with units coming at you from all sides, and many small skirmishes taking place on the map as you make your way towards the weapon's facility.
All in all, an amazing experience.

Balance : 5
The balance is spot on in this map. The default configuration for attackers...perfect. I do not know how he does it, but it sure must've taken a lot of playtesting.
The city's garrison forces have the higher ground and are entrenched in places... therefore it is imperative that one uses all the different troops at his disposal... you cannot win by just stuffing your army with swordsmen or crossbowmen and expect to waltz through.

Creativity : 5
The creativity of UnikUnok cannot be praised enough... the map is dripping with his genius. From the story to the map design to the gameplay... all are highly innovative and engaging.

Map Design : 5
Alas! there is no option to do so, or I would have gladly given this category as 6! Such a masterpiece of map design I have never seen...
After firing up the map, I spent 10 minutes just looking at it (after which I picked up my jaw from the floor!). The map is breathtaking and the painstaking work that has gone into it has produced some stunning effects, including a broken dam, a flooded city and a great looking eyecandy hall (which has to be seen to be believed!).
Full marks without question.

Story/Instructions : 5
As is normal with UnikUnok's story's this is one is very well written and continues the epic saga of the seventh. The story is written in classic UnikUnok style which is a real pleasure to read... even if it were not accompanied with a map. Truly one of the greatest minds among us.
Awesome stuff.

Overall : One of the best maps you'll ever find for Stronghold... this one is classic.

Download it now !

Lord Arthus
Map Design5.0
I'll start off by saying that your story is one of the longest and best written on this site. Your obvious writting skills work well with a fantastic stage, after reading it i felt more interested in playing the map so well done. Creativity deserves more than a 5 because it's like nothing i've seen before. The broken dam and flooded city look really good and your made buildings are of high standard. A creative peice of work and one of the best avalable for download well done keep up the great work
Lord Arthus
(id: Jax Omen)
Map Design5.0
A truly wonderous, groundebreaking and generally excellent map by UnikUnok.

This is one of the most exciting maps on SH heaven. From the frantic start battle, to marching on to Henn Dommen itself, you are always occupied, and, more importantly, interested and excited by what is happening. This map is a wonder to behold. UnikUnok has created an excellent battle using only Strongholds limited battle engine. Well done.

Although perhaps 4.5 would be better, the map was almost perfectly balanced. Enemy troops assaulted you just as you dispatched the last pack. As you attempt to cover your archers from one direction, an enemy squad marches at you from the other. Everything is perfectly timed, and in the town itself, the battles are frantic and overpowering, but don't quite get the better of you (well, provided you've lost at least twice. Or three times).

The map drips with creativity. Although UnikUnok has released more battle related maps, I still stand that this is the best. As well as the excellent battle mechanics, the map features a large town, a wonder which is rarely seen in maps. It's all wrapped up by the wrecked dam, which adds more depth and feeling to the map.

Map Design-5
This map must be seen to be believed. It is still one of, if not THE most well crafted map here. UnikUnok has used every piece of Eye-Candy available, and sculpted many unique and original buildings. From wrecked manors, to a working weapons productions facility, the map is gorgeous.

This goes with out saying. Few people can rival stories of this capacity. it sets you up from last maps, and plunges you into a new world. Moreover, you actually care what happens to the soldiers in your hands.

Congrats UnikUnok. You are among the best map makers still here, or even that was ever here.
Dragons Rider
Map Design5.0
When i first saw this map, i was doubtful, since any map without a minimap is suspicious. I was proved utterly wrong in this case!

Playability: 5
This map was a great challenge. I was constantly moving from the first minute. The great thing was that its one of those maps where u forget about the idea that winning is all and u have plain old fun enjoying yourself

Balance: 5
A lot of the enemy troops were took out early on as i trebbed them, but then it my turn. When i sounded a charge although most of the enemy was obliterated my arny was smashed to smithereens! It was great fun with about 30 swordsman taking the workshop.(About 18 getting cooked, good suprise use of fire) and finishing the lord

Creativity: 5
This map was very good, for large dams arent too common, and i dont think theres ever been a broken dam

Map Design: 5
The map was breaking at the seams with eyecandy,yet was still perfect for a pitched battle. The use of water was excellent.

Story/Instructions: 5
U gave me alot of reading to do and that earns and instant 5

Additional Comments:
It would appear from the forums that Uniunok is dissepearing. However his name will slip from our minds we will always remember his maps. We hope to get him to design again. Happy gaming to all!

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Map Design5.0
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