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05 - The Arabian Adventure

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Mission 5: An Arabian Adventure

Human Lord (2,000 gold) v Snake, Duc Beauregard, Snake, Doubletongue & Snake, Duke Vipertooth (all 4,000 gold)

When I first placed this mission on the release of Crusader, it gave me the first opportunity to really understand what the skirmish mode offers. Here, you face multiple enemy lords who have a larger starting gold supply than you. The Snake AI lord isn't the most difficult to beat, but with three of them picking away at your castle, it's an easy map to get wrong!

You have the advantage of a keep placed on a high plateau though, and this can be invaluable. I started off by placing three woodcutters' huts, granary and wheat farms on the small strip of oasis land at the very bottom of the map. This area is easily defended with a gatehouse and some walling and I quickly set up an effective food chain. The aim here was to gradually wall in the keep, so a stone quarry was placed early on too. A large square tower was sited on the west of the plateau, guarding the stone quarry and offering protection to this flank of the castle.

I bought bows in large numbers to start off with. The Snake doesn't use heavily armoured units, preferring to use archers and pikemen, as well as a handful of slaves. You can easily be overrun though, as the Snake does generate a lot of troops.

A hop farm was placed early on too, and once ale production was in full swing, I turned off the food supply. I use this tactic whenever possible, selling food in large quantities. It seems to generate the most gold, and getting a well defended castle here is paramount.

Throughout this misison I played on the back foot, facing multiple invasions by the three Snake lords. Steadily, I built up my forces, buying weapons whenever possible. Only when I was comfortable with my troop numbers did I venture out to lay siege to the Snake, one lord at a time. I found that a combination of archers and either macemen, pikemen or swordsmen was sufficient here.

A good mission, one of my favourites early on.
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tagus First off. I know fighting 3 snakes isn't tough. But you don't have to fight them. In the beginning, build your granary, extra stockpile, 1-2 armories, a marketplace, and a barracks. Immediately after building go to the market and buy up 20-30 macement (depending on gold I'm not sure how much you can build with the amount so just buy 20 to be safe). Then build 20 macemen. And send them to the first snake's base. He will have his walls open and his arms wide, until your smack him in the face with a spiked metal ball on the end of a chain. One thing with this stragety/rush, it works for three opponents: rat, snake, sultan. BUT, macemen are not invincible. Ways to help them out is building fear factor bonuses and keeping up with building fresh macemen to replace the dead ones. Also, this stragety DRAINS your economy, and it EXTREMELY difficult to pull out of should you fail, it leaves you with little gold and poor defenses, due to the time spent on building your army not your base. So make sure you don't leave anything laying around while you do this. It's hard to make it work, but I did it for about 10 of the levels on the crusader trail.
luiguigarac I'm also in the mision #5.
I`ve managed to stop the 3 snakes attacks and tried to attack them (one by one), but walking trough the river is very slow and all the snakes have archers! (and my economy isn't good enough to built a great number of troops).
I was going slowly, so I get bored and leave the walkthroughs skirmish in peace.
Maybe some day I will have patience enough for this mision and continue with the next...

I've finally completed this mision.
I change my apple farms for wheat and started the production of bread. That make my economy go up. So I started training cavarly archers. When I have plenty, I sent them to the first snake and continue to move them while they killed his archers. After that a few swordmen where enough...

[Edited on 10/24/05 @ 09:53 AM]

I Have No Name i had a similar startegy except i built as many quarrys as possible on the west of the plateau and defended them with two towers, each with a ballista and a lot of archers. The i had a lot of stone and sold itat the marketplace to buy supplies for troops and such. Hope this helps :)
CryptsOfTheDead I LOVE this map!

My strategy:

I started by closing off all exits with stone walls. I left only one entry available, and that was to the BIG wall I put up between the North-West rocks. I took one stone out of the middle of that wall for the enemies to enter. Why I did this is simple. They HAVE to come through that little space. There is no other way, and the computer seems to be too stupid to try and bash through any of the other entries I had blocked, so this was a super advantage.

I then placed one wood cutter to start, three apple orchards and two wheat farms at the bottom right of the map. This is another HUGE advantage because none of the enemies can get to that area unless you have the entries to the East opened up. The wheat, extra apples and extra wood was sold for profit. By starting with just one wood cutter, by the end of my taking out the last snake, my inner grounds spawned into a forest, so my cutter never had to venture beyond the walls for a tree. I had wood galore!

I then set up a large round tower to the very right of the keep next to the granary. I then placed a lookout tower directly to the right of the round tower. Both of these were placed this way so the enemy archers could not reach them from the West, and it was an awesome height advantage for "my" archers when the enemies came through the little entry.

I kept 25 archers on the round tower, 5-7 in the lookout tower and about 20 on the keep at all times, all shooting fire arrows. The archers on my round tower rarely got killed, and can you believe, the spearman I started with were still alive at the end? Yup. :)

I did not even try to produce stone until later. Didn't need it.

It is slow going this way, but boy, does it pay off!

Now, when the enemies began pouring through my little openeing in large numbers, I waited for just the right moment, and lit the pitch ditch on fire that I laid out at the entrance before each siege.

Of course you have to buy the pitch, but you don't need a lot to burn the enemies on this map. There are no heavy troops, so they go up like tumbleweeds; it's great! :)

So, little by little, I built up my money and bought armor and swords. Actually, I had so many trees growing in my area, I hired a fletcher and poleturner and sold the extra bows and pikes.

I took out Vipertongue first. 40 swordsmen were MORE than enough. I think I only lost 5 or 6.

The Snakes have tons of enemies, but they are NO match for Swordsmen.

I then went back and prepared for the next battle; Doubletongue. I opened the East, and started iron production, hiring an armorer and blacksmith. I placed Swordsmen at the mine, and within the keep area, another round tower housing 25 more archers to protect the iron mine.

I did not need this many, but I sent in 80 Swordsmen to kill Doubletongue. I think I only lost 12 men. It was a cake walk. I could have marched directly on to the last idiot and killed him as well, but I decided to go back and make more money first, then after I was satisfied, even got some stone production going, I sent the remaining swordsmen back and ended the last snake's pathetic life.

All in all, I lost only 101 men on this map, and killed over 11,000.

This LONG version of the scenario took about 6 hrs, but was very fun, especially burning the large numbers of troops when they came through the gate.

NOTE: You can do this a very short way as well (inside of 10 mins) by dropping a merc post as soon as the map starts, hiring about 40 Arabian Swordsmen, and march to each keep, taking them out one by one, starting with "Doubletongue" then Duc Beauregard, and last but not least, Duke Vipertooth."

GREAT MAP either way. One of my favorites.



[Edited on 01/01/07 @ 12:04 PM]

Rampard42 although i hate rushing through missions, you can kill them all in less than 5 minutes. build 1 wood cutter hut, your granary, and a apple orchard (just to satisfy your food), build a merc post, and sell all remaining stone and wood. start by buying 25 arab. swordmen, and then send them split up, with 15 going to the top center snake, and the other 10 to the bottom left one. after only about 1-4 minutes, the bottom left snake will have been killed, and i still had about 6 swordsmen left. move 3 of these remaining ones to pick off some of the top left snake's archers scattered outside his castle, and try to slow down his stone production as much as you can. Meanwhile, your other group will be just within range of their target and will kill the snake while only losing 3 of them. hopefully, you have distrupted the snakes stone supplys enough that his castle is still not finished yet. if it isn't, send your remaining arab swords to kill the lord and you will probably win. if you lose the battle, sell the wood that you have accumulated over this time and buy another 12 arab swordsmen and that should be enough to kill the snake
evil_space_cows This mission was really fun. Just build up an economy, and slowly chip away at all of them. in the end i had more round towers than walls, and 12 stockpiles brimming with roughly 4000 stone. my keep looked sort of like Vlad's hill-top castle, except coverd with round towers, and an artillery base consisting of 3 round towers, 2 with ballistas and 1 with a mangonel.
The Desert Fox It's to simple, just build as many assassins as you can and you'll mow right over everyone.
Dragol Yeah this one was tough at the start before I got my economy going (because of the little space and the long distance the workers had to walk). First I built walls similar to Sulis' (thanks heaps for the tips on walling the base Sulis') (including the moat) except I placed two perimeter turrets smack bang next to each other near the Quarries and filled them with crossbowmen (which I bought) and some arabian archers to hold off the attacks (especially the slaves burning my quarries) Once i had the defense under controll I could hold off the attacks very easily...

I slowly started producing some swordsman, horse archers and a few engineers for catapults.

I firstly attacked blue (sorry i forget his name) because he was the least defended but attacked the most (i found). He was also isolated from the others which made it easier. about 15 horse archers and 20 swordsman killed him after the catapults owned his base. Then i went for orange because he was really weak (frost lack of reasources i think) once i took him down the last was easy as.

Good luck for people who are attempting this mission (dont give up at the start you will win!!)
johnny0612 I think this strategy is good...
But it is also stupid...
what i meant was that you must create economy and army balance almost perfect and you just create food to sell it. My strategy is to create as much as wheatfarms as i am able to.
the rest will come it self.
Lord Of Crusader i made a arab swordman or a assasin rush (forgot) but i think its arab swordmans and than first attack the left snake than the middle than used the money for more units and the units thats over to the last snake and the new made units to and won
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