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Stronghold Crusader: Walkthroughs » 06 - The Endless Desert

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06 - The Endless Desert

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Mission 6: The Endless Desert

Human Lord & Richard I, Lionheart (10,000 gold) v Wolf, Duc Volpe (10,000 gold)

Mission 6, and here we face The Wolf, Duc Volpe. Scared? There's really no need to be, as the mission comes with 10,000 starting gold and an ally in the form of Richard I. However, the map title is a key to what to expect from the terrain. No oasis grass and a small token outcrop of iron... resource gathering isn't on the agenda here! Despite earlier comments on how I intended to play through these missions, I simply can't find a better way than to use rush tactics for this map. Here's how to do it;

Place your granary and extend the stockpile by 2 to 3 squares. I immediately placed a marketplace and a mercenary tent, as well as one hovel. Then I immediately sold all of the raw materials you are provided with (and there is a lot!), and recruited some 145 horse archers and 23 assassins. This is probably another case of overkill and you shouldn't need this many, but what it does allow you to do is use horse archers en masse and sweep down to the Wolf's castle. With this number of units early on in the game, you can move right up to the inner walls and kill everything in sight. Moreover, peasants don't really get a chance to leave the campfire, so the Wolf can't recruit new units. Assassins were used to move in to kill off the Wolf.

You could play this through using the standard tactics, but it may be painfully slow. I tried, but got bored with the idea.
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bobtehbuilder this is a very easy mission, and i beat it in just 2 months. What you do is set up 2 hovels so there is 20 free peasants, then but a mercenary post and buy 24 assassins, send them to the keep, then buy 24 more, repeat. he should fall after the 5th wave or so if you can get through before he recruits and pikes or swords.
liberty being a fan of the long drawn out games, i found this one much more fun to wait till the wolfs castle was fully built. i then battered holes in in with about 6 catapults working together, and stormed in with pikemen. A very easy map in all though.
CryptsOfTheDead This is a VERY easy or VERY hard map depending on how you go about it.

For all interested in a quick win, this is how I did it:

As soon as the map starts, drop your granary, 3 stock piles, barracks, two armories, and a market place. Then buy 50 swords and 50 armor, and create 50 swordsmen.

I was going to use Pikemen (my favorite) because in my opinion and from experience, Pikemen are the best unit in the game with their combination of speed/defense and can take the most damage. However, I chose to go with swordsmen. More about PIKEMEN/SWORDSMEN on the NOTE below.

Now go in and take the Wolf out. I think I only lost 13 troops out of 50, and was victorious in 7 minutes!




NOTE about Pikemen/Swordmen:

Although Pikemen are better left for defending and not attacking, they can do it very well, especially with the 25% combat bonus.

Actually, it depends on who you're facing. Pikemen are more susceptible to Archer fire, while Swordsmen are more suscpetible to Crossbow fire. So, if you face someone like the Pig, Wolf, Frederick, etc., you should use Pikemen to attack, and if you face the Lionheart, Caliph, Saladin, etc., then use Swordsmen. Trust me, you will see a HUGE difference.

Pikemen (with their long pikes) can also destroy things (walls, towers, gatehouses) quicker than any other unit. I've tested 'em all, and the Pikemen always seem to do it faster; even faster than Knights!

Swordmen are devestating however once they reach a target, but that's the problem... They are so slow that by the time they reach their destination, (especially if you're facing crossbow) half of them will be dead!

All in all, PIKEMEN RULE!


[Edited on 06/08/07 @ 01:49 PM]

CrusaderLord14 Preferring long sieges, I waited until the Wolf had built his castle fully before I attacked. My problem in this map was that there are no oasises. I couldn't generate food for my population. I finally defeated the Wolf by building two round towers next to the Lionheart's walls, and placing mangonels and ballistae on them. I then loaded them with crossbowmen. This took care of most of his troops that were coming out. I attacked his walls with ten catapults, and waited until the Lionheart's pikemen had killed most of his troops. I then went in with 25 swordsmen and finished him off.
Venomrider Using hordes of rush-trained horse archers may be the best idea but in my opinion a macemen rush is better since you can storm into the castle about as quickly as horse archers and can zoom past the small numbers of men on his keep not to mention killing the king quickly.
Lord_of_Archers you guys sure rush tactics work? i got mutilated using 165 horse archers and 40 assasins!
VR_Mass I actually let the Wolf build up his castle and army instead of rushing.

I made a huge gold economy and ended with a massive army and 20,000+ gold.

The key is leveraging ale and religion while getting a large wood and stone income.

For popularity, I think I was getting +9 from religion and +8 from ale. For food, I put the granary on half rations and would periodically buy in 40 bread, meat, cheese, and apples, which left a -1 popularity modifier (-4 for half, +3 for 4 food types). All in all, I had +16 popularity for taxes.

For ale, I bought in hops and had about 3 breweries. Cheaper that way rather than just buying ale directly.

Taking those 20 or so workers that would normally go on food and putting them on stone, wood, and iron, really got the economy moving fast.

With the 10,000 starting gold, it is really easy to set up religion. With a cathedral and church, that is instant +3 and if you ring your production area and stockpile with about 6 chapels or more, it is very easy to get another +6 for a total of +9. At 100% blessed, you get +8, but I wouldn't rely on that.

If you don't want to buy in food, that is fine too, and may even be better. I haven't crunched the numbers to see if +8 tax is better than +16 tax with food purchase cost.

johnny0612 it is easy you only have to create a lot of monks from cathedral and then attack!!!
jam30122 create mace men i had like 100 and charge the wolf it works!!
OzE_PyRoLeGion This is possibly the easiest mission in the whole trial, all i did was make my granary, mercenary post, spam assasains and arabian archers
and charge, walla, Victory, in less than 10 minutes!
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