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07 - Greek Fire

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Mission 7: Greek Fire

Human Lord (2,000 gold) v Caliph 'The Scorpion', Caliph 'The Jackal' (both 4,000 gold)

This skirmish mission pits you against two enemy lords, or at least two versions of the Caliph. In addition to that, they have a larger pot of gold to start off with. The Caliph is notorious for sending lots of slaves to burn whatever they can. Bearing this in mind, I tried to concentrate my defences in a smallish area, and concentrated on arrow units to slay them.

To start off with, I placed three woodcutters' huts near to the oasis land which lies to the east of your keep. I wanted to concentrate on bread production here again, selling all food once my ale consumption was giving my popularity a +8 boost. There are outcrops of iron and stone north of your castle, and these could quite easily support mass weapons manufacture if you wanted to. I found the outcrop of stone near the keep to be more than sufficient, selling most of what I extracted.

Food early on was a few apple orchards, and I gradually increased wheat farms and based my food supply around this. However, to ensure I wasn't caught out by early attacks, I placed a large square tower and moat around the castle, then bought 20 bows at the marketplace. Having a good number of archers early on means you can control the attacks of both the Caliphs. I manufactured and bought bows and built up a heavy defence of my castle.

For attacking purposes, I tried to use Arabian units as a change. Assassins and horse archers would be my main method here, as well as a few catapults. Per previous walkthroughs when faced with the Caliph, you can get quite close to his castle and pummel his walls and towers. The first Caliph, just over the river to your west, was fairly easy to beat. The second Caliph required many more troops, as the walk up the slope was slow and there was only one real point of attack, which was heavily defended. I lost twice here by underestimating the strength of the Caliph's defences and opted to mix up a few European troops with the horse archers and assassins. Generating large amounts of gold here won't be a problem, thereby supporting any mercenary troops you may wish to buy.
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jon_rapley In life there are three ways to do everything, there is always the right way, the wrong way and the easy way. in this case the easy way is to put a low wall in front of the one river crossing point on the map - no burning farms for me!!
later on you can replace low wall with lookout towers and gates etc.
also you can eliminate most pitch rigs and farms by placing a lookout tower on your side of the river close to them.
I lost a lot of swordsmen to fire on this level, something to think about I guess?
duckychicken after being brutally burned twice on this map, i chose to stay defensive, begin weapon production of bows, crossbows and leather armor before the bread chain.
making sure there was no way in for the slaves, but that there was a gap the river and my castle walls so that the crossbowmen on the walls could shoot the swordsmen when they came (for some reason they'll miss most of the troops crossing the river).
After that it was the usual swordsmen recruiting, to kill the first caliph, but since his castle was so close, i built a wall over the length of the river, and placed a few trebuchets behind them, who will take out evrything there without getting hit, leaving the swordsmen to take out the caliph.

The second caliph also has a weakness for trebuchets, there is a gap between the ridge of the caliphs castle and the river, set up as many trebuchets there as you like, guard it with half a dozen crossbowmen, and you're in.
There are firethrowers on the towers, and pitch around the walls, so finish off the towers and then charge with the swordsmen.
I Have No Name Again, i suggest the same strategy as i used on mission 5. Since there is a lot of stone, build as many quarries (with an ox tether for each) as possible and as many wheat farms as possible. build 2-3 mills and a lot of bakeries. this will keep your granary pretty well-off. With all your stone, sell as much as you can at the marketplace and use the gold for weapons or mercenaries. Hope it helps :)
Cloud94 I cant beat this level no matter how hard I try ill try agian with this stratgy though,
the one posted here.
cirish Yes, I have to admit this map is kicking the crap out of me. I usually end up being set on fire and then invaded in that order. Please offer any assistance.
liberty cloud and crish .. your defence is probably letting you down on this one , although it is a very easy map to defend.
the only way over the river is by the crossing at the south, so as long as you have a large gatehouse and thick walls there , it's the only bit that needs walling. ie don't build round your keep , just take the whole of the east side of the map as yours.
boiling oil on the walls helps against swordsmen , while archers and ballistae in large turrets defend against everything else.
i mined stone like crazy for money to build an attack force. this consisted of engineers to build trebuchets to soften up the castles guarded by archers , and pikemen to flood the castles once broken open . knights on horseback helped with their seige machines .
hopes this helps :)
jayu1985 I slowed down game speed to least, then built a mercenary post and spent all my starting gold on horse archers and arabian swordsmen and took out the first caliph (he only has 2-3 archers and 2-3 swordsmen at this stage, the horse archers take them out nicely), then used the gold obtained from killing him to fortify the river passing. Once that was taken care of, it was the usual works, catapults + tons of swordsmen, pikemen and horse archers to deal with the second caliph (he already had his defenses up by the time i was done with the first caliph).
CryptsOfTheDead I hate this map; It's one of my least favorites.

It's not a good map for the long drawn out battle type.

Best thing to do is to take them out quickly, and I did it inside of 10 mins. For all those interested, here is how it was done:

This is a strategy where your Lord can get his hands dirty, and join in the death of those who wished to defeat him! :)

I started by quickly dropping a marketplace and a Merc post, then sold everything off my stockpile, hired 40 Arabian Swordsmen, and lead them to the Scorpion. He went down fairly quickly, and I think I lost maybe 5 men.

Then, I lead them straight on to the 2nd Caliph, but I knew the remaining 35 Swordsmen would not be enough, (The Jackal by now had quite a few Swordsmen of his own, pitch ditch, archers, etc.,) so I used the 500 gold earned off the Scorpion's death to hire a few more Arabian Swordsmen and began to march them towards the keep as well, and at the same time having my Lord bring up the rear.

The prior 35 Swordsmen got wasted near the keep as suspected, but left only the Jackal, a handful of archers and of a few Swordsmen to dispatch. Of course the Jackal called me weak, but little did he know, I had a surprise for him coming around the bend. :)

NOTE: For all those that don't know this, your Lord is about 90% immune to missile fire, so even the archers shooting fire arrows will have little effect on him.

Any who, the fresh Swordsmen, I think it was like 5 or 6, plus my Lord made it to the keep and killed the Jackal. I think I had 3 Swordsmen remaining after the battle, and it looked "VERY" cool to see my Lord standing next to the Jackal's tombstone! :)



[Edited on 01/01/07 @ 02:24 PM]

Sir Launcelaut This is one of my favorite levels. but does it cost money to download games? And crptys of the dead, just add an extension of towers and walls and put many crossbowmen on them and it's very easy.

[Edited on 01/11/07 @ 02:25 PM]

Sir Launcelaut The caliph is quite easy to kill. Just make two siege towers send them up to his castle with about 100 crusader swordsmen and 100 crossbowmen and send them into his towers and you have basically won.
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