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08 - Sands of Time

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Mission 8: Sands of Time

Human Lord (4,000 gold) v Rat, Duc de Puce, Rat "The Weasel", Rat The Ferret" and Rat "The Stoat" (all 2,000 starting gold)

One of the differences between this mission and the ones previously is the location of the resources, namely iron and stone. The centre of the map holds an abundance of both, but getting iron and stone to your stockpile is difficult and here you will have to fight to get a foothold. There is plenty of oasis grass, but again unprotected farms will be overrun and your workers killed before they get a chance to harvest their crops.

I took an alternative approach here. Rather than fight for control of the iron and stone, I again fell back on maximum ale coverage and turned off food consumption, with bread generating more than enough gold.

I placed a couple of woodcutters' huts near the keep to start off with, and with the starting stone I placed a long wall section to protect an area of oasis grass. With 4,000 starting gold, I bought some 40 bows and recruited archers, lining the walls and concentrating some on the area of wall closest to the iron and stone in the middle of the map. This was just about enough to hold off any attacks, and 4 wheat farms generated more than enough to set up a strong bread production chain.

I did end up buying most of my wood, as the woodcutters had to venture outside of the walled area, and were promptly cut down by the Rat lords' archers.

All of the invasions I faced consisted of archers and spearmen, and my own archers on walls saw them off quite easily.

I slowly introduced manufacturing crossbows, buying leather armour and set up a small attacking force of crossbowmen. I also had plenty of gold to buy iron, manufacturing swords & stell armour, and the swordsmen that resulted proved to be deadly against the more numerous, but weaker forces of the Rat lords.

If you can protect your farmland, and replace archers occasionally to defend your castle, you shouldn't have too many problems with this map. My attacking force of swordsmen and crossbowmen soon saw off two Rat lords, and towards the end, with an abundance of gold, I placed a mercenary tent, recuited horse archers and assassins.

The Rat prefers weaker troops and has appalling defences. Overcome the number of units he produces by concentrating on strong attack/defence units as I did.
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Joe Henderson This mission sets you up against four Rats, assembled around the "Bulls-Eye" map. You may be slightly disadvantaged economically, but defense should be easy, as the Rat can only attack from one direction.

All that you need here is 2 adjoining round towers with 2 ballistae on top with as many archers as possible. The good thing about this is, it will fire at any quarries at the centre of the map, so you can build up there as you wish. It's also a good idea to buy in bows and stone at the start so you can get the defense up quickly.

It should be pretty obvious from there; build up a force of your weapon of choice, (swordsmen are my favourite) provided that they aren't the spearmen that the Rat uses. The Rats keeps are all pretty much the same; just destroy a section of the wall and head up to the top of the keep. The black Rat has even been kind enough to provide us with an external staircase.

Good luck.
Nesa14 My personal experience with this map was:
Tough at a first site,cause no stone or iron nearby and farmland difficult to protect.
But then i did something out of the ordinery that i usually don't do.I bought 25 swords and 25 metal armor and trained 25 swordsmen.I was then quick enough to dispath three rats out of their miserable life o the forth one was not problem(note:the forth one was the blue one)

Hope this helps somebody
OgelThunder I found that the most helpful thing was to first build a wall around the green to get enough space for apple and dairy and wheat. Then, I created a marketplace and bought 15 maces and 15 leather armor which created 15 maceman. I then created 20 swordsman from the mercanary post. I attacked the Rat (De Puce) and The Rat (The Sloth). I was able to beat them but didn't have enough gold to generate more troops.

If anyone has any good cheats or info to help me please email:
crusader rox Personally I think that all of the previous strategies posted for this map take too long. I have an easier way.
Straight from the beginning place a granary, a mercanary post, and a market(it doesn't really matter where). Imediately sell all of your remaining supplies except for your food. Recruit as many assassins as possible(probably about 80-85).
With your newly-recruited army attack the nearest rat then another and another and finally the last one. I had no problem with this strategy and after it was all over with I still had 27 assassins left.
Make sure that all of the steps above are done as fast as possible so the opponent doesn't have enough time to build up his forces.
I hope this has been helpful for a lot of gamers out there.

[Edited on 07/01/05 @ 05:42 PM]

AdariousMist Rox does have a good point here. The first attempt I took the wrong two out first and as a result had to restart due to mid-size archer/pikemen sieges from the two I should have taken out first.

The point being, his strategy will work. I did find I had to hold on to the wood. I also had to recruit more assassins (24) when the first 3 Rats(left bottom of map) were done, in order to finish the last.

A point to be made here, however, is that even if One of the rats does end up getting built up before you get to him, with a sizable number of assassins (about 60 or so) ... you can still get him. The key here is to keep telling the assassins to attack the keep Lord, so they don't try to fight all his troops before him.

[Edited on 07/11/06 @ 09:18 AM]

Rampard42 for this one, the 1st and second rat never got to attack me because I right away blew most of my gold purchasing arabian swordsman. I found that that plan works very well mainly because the rat just cant fight against swordsmen for his life! the only problem was that I wasnt able to gather a good enough defense to protect against the third rat who managed to do some decent damage.
Over all, though, this level only took about 20 mins. and was one of the easiest
duc of castles
(id: Duc of Castles)
i placed a granary, walled in some oasis, put a dairy and apple farm, merc post, market and buy some stone maybe a woodcutter. place a tower with shield and ballista. get 30 horse archers first thing. then send them to the rat down south. place a flecher and tanner workshop (and armory)for crossbowmen put the crossbowmen on the tower. when the other rats attack pull your horse archers away from the south rat to help defend yourself. When you can get some assassins or arab swordsmen and kill the south rat. keep doing it to all the rats. the rat attacks were all really to beat as long as you have horse archers and crossbowmen. bye,

Duc Castle
redarab Last hope
in-game tip Some could say cheat

Try placing ox teater by the enemy casltle if he cant get out he will destroy his building outside the castle and he might try to burn the ox which start a fire in his caslte.
XGrimorgX Rather than rushing with assassins alone I built some cavalry archers and put them on patrol just outside the keep I want to assault and then use the assassins to finish the lord.
Lord Deathmaster do what sulis did until he starts making cross bows
instead make 35ish normal bows and throw them on the resource island
then follow thru with making xbows and have an archer/crossbow of a total of 75 some units
this is enough to neutralize every lord
if u send in 23 assassins you can kill each lord without sending in more of an army
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