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09 - The Oasis

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Mission 9: The Oasis

Human Lord (2,000 gold) v Saladin 'The Wise' (2,000 gold)

Facing Saladin on a one-on-one battle is something to relish. He is one of the better AI lords and builds well
defended castles, difficult to get near to, let alone inside the walls. This map allows you some time to build up both your defences as well as an attacking force though, and as a result there shouldn't be too much of a problem in defeating him.

From the starting goods, I immediately placed 4 woodcutters' huts, 2 apple orchards, 1 dairy farm, one iron mine and 2 stone quarries. The marketplace was also sited early on and I bought some more wood, placed a hovel and prepared to expand the settlement quickly. I also placed two round towers where I assumed the attacking path would be. They were well away from the keep and manned with ballista, as Saladin does like to use catapults in his attacks. I also bought leather armour and crossbows, as well as a few normal bows and recruited some soldiers to defend the castle. They were all placed on top of the round towers. Just as well, as Saladin started his early attacks with horse archers. They can be difficult to track due to their ability to run and shoot at the same time.

To generate gold, I hoisted taxes by +20. With a fairly large population it doesn't take too long to build up the coffers. I decided to place a chapel, church and cathedral to get a +8 boost to popularity via religious coverage,
+8 via full ale coverage and enough 'good things' to increase popularity a further +5. Whilst production slows down, I felt I needed a defensive boost for my attacks.

In this mission, I only walled off the front of the castle, preferring to dig a moat around the back and sides of my fortification. It was more than enough. As well as weapons manufacture, I bought leather armour, crossbows, metal armour and swords when funds allowed. The attacking force here would be a mixture of crossbowmen, swordsmen, catapults and some fire ballistas as backup. These can be very useful if you are able to set fire to the interior of a castle, as they can wreak havoc by not only burning buildings, but by killing peasants and enemy troops gathered around Saladin's campfire.

In order to get close enough to Saladin, I used crossbowmen to take out the ballista on his round towers. Then, with catapults able to get in range without being destroyed, I pummelled the round towers to the 'ruined' state, which means that the AI cannot build replacements... handy, and a good way of crippling the castle's defences. Crossbowmen moved in again and were able to fire freely at anything that moved. At the same time, I took the swordsmen and hacked my way through the walls, and then on to Saladin himself.

My attacking force consisted of 100 crossbowmen, 60 swordsmen, 5 catapults and 5 fire ballista. Once again, this was a bit of overkill and you won't need as many as this. Some 20 swordsmen and 50 crossbowmen may well be enough.
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andreisperid wow!this technique is good!you say this is a overkill?i do most, most than most then necessary(middle to end of game):(start to middle of game)i sited some about 25 round tower, with one ballistae in each!in progress of game, i do more than 150 swords and meetal armor, and about 250 bows!i have 250 pop, with the tax of -20, extortinate, than i had more than 320 gold per month!at final, i atack with 39 catapults, and 16 fire ballistas, the final get with 77 swords man.but the game spend 3h~, muuuuuuuuuuuuch! i´ve been plugged into game!how many time you spend in this scenario?techniques of this site is very good! help me a lot!hints:-build quarry as many as possible, with 2 ox per quarry.-block the resources with walls, and archers, or crossbowman´s.-build ballistae as may as possible(with big towers), to destroy the enemy before come to your town.-build iron mines as possible!-then start the production of weapons, but you can start the production of wood weapons before...-abuse of catapults, is very fun to see your enemy with a rain of stone destroing the contruction and messing the people up, huahauha, is very fun the sound of people hited by stone!, hehehe....-saladin may not atack the superior right part of oasis! in my case it occurred...he use all his force in lowerleft part...good bye!
dragoss If you don't wanna lose a lot of your time with this map, go the easy way: RUSH. My rush strategy was:(game speed lowest) place extra storage tile, granary, armory, market,(buy 15 sword and 15 armor),place barracks, (recruit as much swordsmen as possible), (sell the wood, stone and food), (recruit again as much as possble).Now you should have 15 swordsmen heading to the barracks. Move the archers and spearmen somewhere near the N-W of Saladin's stronghold(you will use them as bait in order to lure some of the archers out of the keep).Wait for the swordsmen.Send the swordsmen to kill Saladin, the keep is not fully enclosed they can get there easy. Some archers are outside the walls, they will not make too much damage.I managed to kill Saladin with the sacrifice of 13 swordsmen.GOOD LUCK!!!
Majuzjuh If you use dragoss his rush way , try to build some good things so your soldiers fight better. And also send your lord with the swordsman he got's a big attack. On this way youw ill soon have victory.
HassuSeta I beated the saladin with 35 swordmen, 40 slaves and 2 trebutcher. first i destroyed saladins round towers and waterpot with trebutchers. then i used slaves to set his bakeries whitch were in next to castle wall on fire, the fire spreads destroying almost all building in castle.
then i bringer the north wall down using trebutchers and swordmens did the rest.
AdariousMist I attempted using 80 each swordsmen/pikemen coupled with 100 crossbowmen/80 arab archers, and 10 ballistas. At this point Saladin had 60k gold saved and overran us. Anything of his castle that was destroyed was nearly immediately rebuilt/repaired.

Thus I changed to the assassin rush. I hired 353 assassins and stormed in with them alone. His death left me with a mere 25 assassins but it worked.
CryptsOfTheDead I have to agree with dragoss. Using the rush method on this guy is probably the best way to go. If you let him get his castle to full swing and banking tons of cash, beating him can be difficult. He'll just create massive amounts of troops as your heading to the keep.

It took me several tries, but I beat it with the assassin rush as others have. I tried the Swordsmen and got creamed!

I'm not a huge lover of the European troops, but I must admit, the assassins rock and can win you some COULD have been, tough and long drawn out battles.

Ok, well, at the very start of the map, I immediately dropped a marketplace, sold my stock, dropped a merc post and hired 40 assassins. They killed Saladin in 3 minutes on the 4th try, with about 10 assassins remaining.

Woo hoo! lol


[Edited on 01/01/07 @ 08:50 PM]

Thrack Rush! Granary, Market, a few Hovels, Mercenary (make 22 swordsmen), Engineers (make 6), Dancing Bears to get your +20%, Sell everything including food, BUT save 450g to make 3 fire ballistae. Immediately get just out of range of his archers without waking them. Inch 3 ballistae into range and start taking out his archers and then his Swords on the Keep top. Once the Keep roof is clear (or close to it) march your Swords in. Be sure and highlight your Swords and keep clicking on Saladin or they will not rush to him and stay on him!
Might take a few tries.)

[Edited on 02/07/07 @ 01:20 PM]

Sir Wulf Sure you can rush this map, but where is the fun in that? And despite what you may have heard, Saladin isn't really all that tough.

After expanding the stockpile and placing an armoury, barracks, granary and market I built a large square tower on the direct route between your castle and Saladin's, as close to his castle as is possible. Bows were bought and bowmen were trained then stationed in the afore mentioned tower. 5 crossbows and leather armour were also purchased, crossbowmen trained and stationed in the tower to defend against any early attacks by swordsmen.

After this, it was a fairly standard start. Woodcutters were place (4) and two fields each of wheat and hops, and a single field of apples. A chapel was added for an early happiness boost and a hovel for more population.

When the first wood comes in quarries were added, each with 3 ox tethers to keep the flow of stone coming as fast as it could. As the hops and wheat were harvested, a mill, bakeries and brewers were added. The last reserves of gold were spent on adding an inn and buying 5 beer for it. This however allowed me to turn off food consumption and sell the remaining food. Enough stone had come in to build a second large square tower, half wat between the first one and the edge of the map. The selling of the food allowed for the buying of more bows, and the training of more bowmen to put into it.

With care, the above process may be carried out just before the initial attack by Saladin's horse archers. One or two *might* squeak though, but your spearmen should deal with those. generally though your bowmen should take them out.

From here on in its reasonably simple. More quarries are added and the inital excess stone is sold for more bows and crossbows/leather armour. A couple of fletchers might be added too to reduce on costs. Once the towers are getting fairly full the extra stone can be used to wall in your settlement, starting with your flank between the second tower and the edge of the map (to prevent any flanking). I also walled in the northern flank though i experienced no attacks via this route. it seemed better to be safe than sorry though. A third tower was added between the other two, and filled with bowmen as they became available. Eventually by adding towers and placing in bowmen and crossbowmen, onlty a small gap was left for Saladin's forces to attack through, and this well guarded with death from above.

The population was expanded (with food turned off, no worries about that other than the ability to provide enough inns) and iron mines placed. The output from these was used up in creating swords and metal armour, and swordsmen trained. Income was generated by selling stone (3 quarries by now working at full speed), food (8 or 9 bakeries going full speed) and any excess beer. Once towers were full of troops, any excess weapons could also be sold.

In addition to the swordmen, stables were built and 40 knights trained. These were then used as a disposable shock attack force, first to destroy Saladin's quarries and farms, then to take out each tower in turn. Casualties were admittedly heavy amongst the upper-class twits. Once the towers with seige weapons were taken out, all the collected swordsmen swung into action, bashed down the gatehouse and swramed the interior of Saladin's abode.

Definitely overkill, but more fun overall than just training up a bunch or mercs and rushing. I mean, where is the skill in that?
Bradius I took my sweet time. I put almost all of my money into wood to put my economy on hyperdrive. After awhile I was insanely rich and producing tons of weapons to stock a huge army. However, I have something special in mind. I build 12 mounted nights and set them to work taking apart Saladan from the outside of his castle. After about 3 trips around his castle and replacing my men each time, he was left in a sorry state. This is the way I like to deal with Saladan. Even his castle gate was taken down. Easy pickings for about 80 mace men. I didn't even get to use my 100 knights.
kruho I did the rush tactics on this one. with 30 arabian swordsmans, 7 spermans and 5 archers. I lost all spermans (killed by AI's archers) and two or three swordsmans.
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