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10 - Land of Palms

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Mission 10: Land Of Palms

Human lord & Rat, Duc de Puce (10K gold) v Saladin 'The Wise' & Sultan Abdul (10K starting gold)

Mission 10 in the skirmish trail turned out to be another relatively easy mission, as you've a healthy 10K starting gold. There is sufficient resources around you, close to the keep and therefore the stockpile, to run your desert economy. The teams here are evenly matched, with the Sultan and the Rat both weak at attack and defence. So, it's really you versus Saladin once more.

I Started out by immediately placing woodcutters' huts, four of them, just to the north of the keep. Food was to be apples initially, with three orchards enough to see me through just about the whole mission. I still placed a wheat farm and a hops farm early on, as my intention is, as usual, to turn off food consumption once I had +8 ale coverage.

I chose to place 2 stone quarries early on too with 4 oxen tethers in total, a good way to secure more money by selling all excess goods. For this map I chose to build a basic castle, similar to the one used by the Richard Lionheart AI. The stockpile was extended by two squares to house all the initial goods. I sold the pitch as I wasn't intending to use it here.

My military units of choice were to be crossbowmen and swordsmen, so I set about producing the weapons required as soon as I was able to. I initially bought 20 crossbows and 20 leather armour to defend the castle against Saladin's horse archers early on.

Before too long I had a decent sized army and with three catapults, 40 crossbowmen and 40 swordsmen, set off to take down the Sultan. My crossbowmen did a huge amount of damage here, as the slingers of the Sultan were simply too weak. Once a tall tower had been destroyed I moved my swordsmen in for the kill, with the crossbowmen covering them and taking out Arabian archers on top of the keep. A swift victory, with little loss of my own.

I then decided to have a go at taking out Saladin with these troops. I've always thought that I needed more units than this to be effective against his defences, but these were more than enough. In fact, I used the swodsmen to take out a small gatehouse on the northern side of his castle, with crossbowmen doing a pretty good job of taking out those mangonels on top of the round towers, as well as a number of fire throwers. I find these two forms of defence can really halt your progress if they aren't addressed.

Sure enough, I removed Saladin with minimal fuss, and in retrospect there was little need for such a well developed economy at the start. Still, you live and learn...
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kamuran this is how i killed them both in 1 attack...
first 1 maked 80 crossbowman, 50 pikeman,20 arabian swordmen, 20 swordmen, 20 horse swordmen, and 20 horse archers.... first i attacked sultan abdul with 30 crossbowmen and 20 arabian swordmen. i killed him easy. then i used the 20 horse swordmen to crush the gatehouse of saladin, then used all crosbow men and 20 horse archers 2 kil the archers of saladin. and all the pikeman and swordmen to rush inside and kill the saladin.. so i won and i stil got 60% of my troops left
CryptsOfTheDead Unless you take out Saladin early, he will pound the tar out of the Rat, and of course you can either let the Rat die, or aid him.

Then of course you will be protecting yourself from both Saladin and the Sultan, so it's not that it's a hard map, but it can be frustrating trying to do so much at once.

I used the Merc Rush, and took Saladin out immediately, then I worked on building a castle, raised money from food, wood, weapons, etc., then I used a mangonel to ruin his nearest tower, trained 100 Pikemen, waited for him to attack and rushed him. I think I only lost about 30 Pikemen.

A very fun map, and it was kind of cool having an old enemy as an ally.


duc of castles
(id: Duc of Castles)
i placed a granary ,market, armory, some wall, farms,tanner,woodcutter, flecher, merc post,quarry, hovel, maybe an iron mine, get a tower with a ballista then a tower with a mangonel then put crossbowmen up there, and barracks. get bout 30 horse archers set them to the SULTAN(don't get close enough for the slingers to attack you or it'll get pretty messy). get a blacksmith and armoror to get swordsmen.kill sultan with your swordsmen. then get lots of horse archers and go straight to the saladins towers and knock the ballistas and mangonels out and the archers. then it'll be wicked easy. you could use your horse archers to kill him but that takes years and years so just get like 100 swordsmen and kill him.



PS you can sell the swords and armor if you get more than you need, i like to sell armor when i get to much armor

kanazak A combined Crossbow/Assassin rush works wonders in this map.

1) Extend the stockpile, build a Granary, Market, Merc Post, Barracks, Armory, and two Hovels.
2) Sell the excess goods in the stockpile.
3) Buy 70 Leather Armor, and 70 Crossbows and train 70 Crossbowmen.
4) Throw all of your remaining cash into Assassins.

Use the crossbowmen to soften up your target for a minute or so before you send in your assassins to take out their Lord. Target Saladin first, he's the harder one - then use your remaining troops to finish off the Sultan, you will have more than enough.
Pappa_Est well .. this is a fairly lengthy map (i never rush)

1'st I slowed the game down to 20 and built a total of 6 (5+the first one) stockpiles .

while waiting for the starting goods to arrive i placed 4 granaries and when finally stone started coming in i enclose i keep into a shield-like castle (with the sharp point pointing to the iron outcrops).

then I bought enough stone to fortify my walls and place 4 square towers and one small gatehouse (the towers were in all the corners except in the north-east).

now i could start thinking about my economy ..
i placed 2 wheat farms just north outside my walls and 1 mill behind my keep.

while waiting for the wheat to start coming in I placed a total of 4-5 woodcutters to deforest my surrounding areas (for future farms).

after this i placed 2 quarry's north-west (north of rat) with 6 ox's and that was my money main income.

meanwhile i bought about 10 leather armor and 10 crossbows for a temporary defense.

when the wheat industry started to work i placed 8 bakers and that was it.

when i got more farmland free from forests i built 1 hops farm, 1 more wheat farm and 2 dairy farms(for leather armor).

now i could start producing weapons and troops.
i used crossbows for defense and crossbows+pikemen for offense. (i bought the iron for metal armors, because saladin kept harassing my iron miners).

now i started attacking ..

first i took sultan abdul ..

for him i took ca. 30-40 crossbows right next to his quarries crippling his income and my crossbowmen were also able to shoot anything that came out of his gate.

after some time (not much) he sold his tower and gatehouse for money and i marched my pikemen (ca. 60) into his castle and made ease with him ..

now for saladin ..

i made 16 catapults and took then to abdul's former castle location .. then i moved then near to the bottom edge to the map until saladin's both easternmost round towers were in range (one holding a mangonel and the other, dunno why, hadn't even archers on it).

i started bombarding him taking out both his towers, the gatehouse, market and his merc. guild every time he built them ..

this way i was able to get him from 18k money to 200 money in about 10-15 minutes and with rat attacking (on my orders) he started losing his food also ..

having saladin also crippled i marched in with ca. 160-180 pikemen and took a glorious victory..

total game-time for this mission : 2h 50min



this map is very fun to play, excpessially when you let saladin to get his castle up and running ..
Noxious i can't do that mission.
I do some two or three catapults and fire balista,two battering rams for offensive.My defensive was two round towers,both with brazier and balistae and 30 archers.I've first tried to defeat saladin.I destroyed all his buildings and send arabian swordsmen to attack him.When they reach the stone keep i've see "Sultan Abdul has defeat Noxious".
How that sultan abdul could to that?
Any hints for me?
And sorry for my bad english...
Norric I built my castle in a large square, as usual, and dotted the perimeter with look-out towers filled with crossbowmen to hold off any assaults. Next, I built an outpost (walls, 2 look-out towers, and a square tower with mangonel) at the large stone/iron outcropping south of my keep, and manned these towers with archers. This not only held off all attacks by the Sultan against me, but also blocked the enemies' shipments of iron and aided in defending the rat. (Not that I feel like I should have...) I then built an army of 20 swordsmen and 50 horse archers, which I used to destroy the Sultan. Once he was dead, I rebuilt my army (although my casulties were minimal) until I had 40 swordsmen and 50 horse archers. I sent in 3 slaves to the south-eastern corner of Saladin's lands, where they set ablaze two of his farms, which quickly ignited his entire base, to my delight, as he keeps everything very close together. At this point, it was like taking candy from the Rat. I use no rations, along with average taxes, and kept the unwashed happy with fear factor +2, religion +2, and ale + 8. I sold lots of bread, stone, and crossbows (better than selling wood or bows, and I didn't need them).
maximan23 i have tried rush tactics with 40 swordsman and 18 crossbow men but cannot kill salidin can anyone help?
maximan23 i have tried rushing salidin early on but he killed all my 40 swordsman with 20 crossbow men can any help?

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