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11 - Rocky Valley

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Mission 11: Rocky Valley

Human lord (4,000 gold) v Pig, Duc Truffe, Pig, Duke of Pigsbury & Pig "The Hog" (all 2,000 gold)

This mission pits you against three AI lords, and with the prospect of not only having to defeat them, there's the small matter of defending against one of the more aggressive AI characters in the game. If left to build up a steady economy the Pig in his various guises can be annoyingly stubborn to overthrow.

The map is very unbalanced here, and in your favour. There are masses of iron deposits sited behind your keep and a healthy outcrop of stone. These will become vital. Oasis ground is present through the middle of the map, but it isn't really required.

To start off with I placed a few woodcutters' huts and ensured I had enough ale present to support a couple of inns. The marketplace was put in place from the start too. As soon as they began working, I turned off food consumption and sold the remaining starting food. As wood began to hit the stockpile, I placed iron mines on the outcrop of ore, and quickly built up a very frequent supply. By placing hovels quickly, and increasing the number of inns, I could dedicate most of my workforce to iron extraction.

I initially placed a hop farm on the oasis grass. As my economy blossomed I found it easier to either buy hops & manufacture ale, or just buy ale straight from the marketplace.

Defending my settlement was achieved by buying crossbows and leather armour. I found that the macemen were too quick and too well protected from damage to justify the cheaper archer units. A small castle was built and two large square towers at the corners facing the line of assault armed with ballista helped to knock out the Pig's catapults.

With a continuous supply of iron, plus a decent amount of stone, I was able to recruit all of my crossbowmen and macemen rather than manufacture. Attacking the Pigs' castles involved a force of predominantly catapults and crossbowmen. Macemen were used to attack the AI lords more than anything. Knocking out their towers and gatehouses allowed me to get closer than normal and with large numbers of crossbowmen I found I could wipe out any attacks on my positions with little fuss. Once again I found that I had more units than required, the final Pig falling with a generous number of my own units still in full health.
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LordEX Hey, I was wondering why no-one uses seige towers... I use them all the time and they like cream everyone! I build like, 2 seige towers 5 ladermen 20 archers and 15 swordsmen and they take out anyone. Just stick the archers on ther walls and snipe everyone while your swords break in through the front.
I slaughtered everyone!
Sir Launcelaut i already beat this level but what does balanced and unbalenced mean?
Rampard42 I tried doing what you said i should do, but i found that my macemen were dying to quickly from the pig's crossbowmen, so i decided to get pikemen instead. although weaker in close combat, pikemen are much more resistant against crossbowman. the only problem i had on the defending side (i used a similar castle to the one u recomended) was the pig to the far right because his attacks were much more powerful and he was the only one who used seige equipment to attack. i have only been playing this level for about 3 days, one hour each, and i am still struggling.
and sir launcelaut: balenced and unbalenced means if each player has access to the same amount and variety on recouces and space
marshalln pig is really easy to defend against..

just make to walls where the fords are and two guarries and 5-6 ox teathers and they never get destroyed so you can make tons of towers and walls
Dmytro I used pitch to burn Pig's macemen. Also I made some killing traps on his way. And, of course, I put a lot of archers and crossbowmen on the towers and walls. That way it was relatively easy to defend from his attacks
Dragol this mission is easier than it looks actually.
All you have to do is have at least 2 square towers with 2 balista to take out the catapults and then TOTALLY moat yourself in and defend yourself with crossbowmen and you should be fine.
attacking is easy..
i bought most of my weapons from the massive amounts of stone, pitch and iron you sell.
pig also has alot of weak points in his defense.
another good idea is attacking him straight after he brings out his force to attack you which leaves him with like 3 macemen defending.
I used pikeman, crossbowman, and some swordsman (pikemen didnt cope to well vs macemen though)
Wolfkiller Sir Launcelaut,
balanced means that everyone has the same supplies, like iron and stone, and unbalanced means the opposite as you can understand

Saul so simple....just merc rush the pig use about 50 assassins and you will take out all 3 in about 5 minutes!
ThreeTowers You should do this in any level against the pig or aggresive AI's :

Just make a nice stronghold with towers and stuff. But instead of enclosing your keep, leave one little space. place pitch or killing pits in this space and troopers like arabianswordsmen macemen etc. all units of your oponent will go trough this crack in your wall and they are doomed. :)
prikolas5 how make gold faster?
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