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Spis royal castle

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Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Normal
Hungary realm, beginning of XIV th century. After many years of trouble, and struggle for the crown, Charles Robert 1st d’Anjou (Karoly 1st), With support of the pope and of his grand father the king of Naples, achieved to become the king. However during this almost 10 years of instable period, great nobles of the kingdom took advantage of the chaotic situation to escape the king authority, and enforce their autonomy and privilege at expense of the central royal power. These nobles didn’t wanted, and had no interest, this situation change.
The king authority wasn’t very strong at start of his reign. Since he was crowned, four years were necessary to subdue the greatest nobles who uprised in revolt after revolt. 10 more years were necessary to impose an undisputed strong monarchy. We are in 1312, four years after the coronation. The king must face the biggest and most dangerous rebellion in all his reign. Allied with others magnates, the most powerful noble of the kingdom, Matus Cak of Trencin rebelled. All upper Hungary turned in rebellion.

In this historical map, action take place at Spis castle.

Spis Castle is located in Slovakia. In time the scenario take place it was part of the Hungarian kingdom. Spis castle was the biggest castle of the realm.

During the revolt this royal castle remained loyal to the king. Matus Cak tried to seize it but failed.

Here we will assume I succeeded. Before to think seriously to battle his opponent, the king must retake the castle, because it would be too dangerous to let this treat in his back.

The goal is to kill the enemy lord. For more realism, I added a cede in the script. When you achieve to defeat the enemy lord, garrison will surrender and swear fidelity to the king. Map include also a time out. Even historical explanations exist for this, the main reason is to not allow player enough time for try to win, using the unfair long range "strike here". Anyway gameplay time allowed to you is comfortable by far, so useless to feel urged to take the castle as fast as possible.

Point the cede make casualties report irrelevant, since at the end, former enemies are added to your troops.

Spis royal castle is intended to be play as attacker only, without changing your troops. It could be played from easy to hard setting. Only in case you loose, even at easy, it’s fairly acceptable you retry at easy and use advanced option to change your troops. I advice first to try the map at normal setting.

I added a bonus, Defend Spis Castle. It’s not the main map, but a minor addition, or if you prefer one more piece of the package’s secondary attached files. In this bonus map, you play as defender only. 1312 Matus Cak assaulted Spis castle which was faithful to the king. As loyal governor of the county in name of the king you must resist and hold this important castle under royal authority.

Spis castle is the greatest fortress of Central Europe. It cover four hectares (10 acres), including the low courtyard, which wasn’t already builded at King Charles Robert time.

Spis is an Unesco world heritage, as well as the area around (medieval village and church)

The package include the bonus map, defend Spis castle, the history of the castle, biography of King Charles 1st Robert d’Anjou, Matus Cak, Jan Zapolsky (last Hungarian King born at Spis and owner of the castle when he wasn’t already king), short story on kings before the civil war, maps ect …

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(id: Jax Omen)
Map Design5.0
I have no idea why people haven't already reviwed this, as enough people have downloaded the map, and it truly is excellent.
Anyway, on with the review...
Attack Spis Castle
Playability: 5
This is an attacking siege and is very well done. Although I have to say attacking is not really my thing, this was good. I would give defend Spis Castle a 5 for playability, but purely because i enjoy defending more..
Balance: 5
This maps is well balanced, although it was by no means easy. It contains several ways in which to assault the main keep, and this can be done with varying levels of sucess. Eventually, however, when you do kill the Lord, you know its a job well done. Also,Jalis has managed to get easy to be fairly easy, normal to be just right for most players. I couldn't complete it on hard ar V. hard, but, I am not that experienced.
Creativity: 5
this may look like another siege, but oh no. Not only oes it have a cede written into it, which improves historical accuracy, but it has so much depth. I canot find this map boring,and i will keep trying to complete it on hard. In addition, this has to be the first siege to have several maps in one (I know its been done with invasions).
Map Design: 5
This is incredible. Not only is it based on a real castle (which can be hard to create using the editor), but it has a set of buildings around it. The castle looks ace, yet is still in a good posistion to attack in a good manner (you can do more than barge down the gate). It is also equally interesting to defend on the Defnend Spis Castle level.

Story/Instructions: 5
How can this be anything but a 5? It comes with a large background, as well as good instructions. It also has more little background bits os info than you can count.

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Map Design5.0
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Size:2.37 MB