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The Meteor Crater

Author File Description
Lord Ako
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
January 13 1313. Today I have witnessed something truly extrordinary! First I was blinded by the light of a thousand suns, next I heard a groundbreaking thunder and then I was knocked down by a massive blast of dust. What I witnessed was ofcourse the impact of the stone from above that can only be a bad omen on this accuresed day of this doomed year.
January 17 1313. Well what do you know! A profitable deal has come out of all this misery it seems. The King wants me to forge the meteoric ore into formidable platemail and longswords, which he needs to have before 1330. If I succeed he will reward me beyond belief, but in the unlikely event of failure the punishment will ofcourse be death.
January 26 1313. Upon arrival at the crater it turns out someone else has already started mining, perfect! The pathetic fool hasn't even bothered to build some proper defences, unless you consider cowering inside a ruined castle a good defence, hah!
July 18 1313. After I slaughtered him his men were more than willing to work for me, especially after I put some of them on the torture racks, hehe!
August 27 1313. Blast! It turns out the idiot was hired to mine the ore for a nearby bandit Lord. Damn smugglers! Now we're probably going to need some of the miners to defend against his bandits and thieves. A minor setback, hopefully...


This map features meteor craters and rivers that were based on geological research, this unique setting also influences gameplay in a couple of ways. For instance, you can only make miners(diggers) supported by engineers and archers because you came to mine, not fight. And because the meteor impact has destroyed/burned all the trees you can only buy wood in the market. This is also one of the few maps that require you to reach Fear Factor -5 to succeed, so all combined this probably is a different map from what you're used to. You can see what it looks like here:


-You are meant to Cede the castle before 1314, any later should be regarded as cheating.
-The engineer with oil pot is vital to survive the initial attack, try to maximize his use.
-Don't wait too long with starting to make weapons and getting a fear factor up, it will take quite some time to produce the weapons needed to win.
-Try to keep your recources (stone, iron, pitch and wood) on your front stockpile and your products on the stockpiles inside your castle.
-Make sure to use Bread and Ale, you can place the farms inside the big crater.

Thats it! Thanks to my playtesters, Brave Sir Robin, NAT, Bloodhoof and Koenfrancois. I hope you'll enjoy this map. Lord Ako - Aron Groot
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Map Design5.0
I was expecting this map since you posted it at the forum!

Playability: 5
This map includes a cede. To get the resources you need it is very difficult, as the stone is far away from the keep. The only problem were the two separated stockpiles, that rendered my production very slow. Apart from that the map is great!

Blance: 4
This map is hard at the first plays, but when you get used to it you can do very well! You really enchanced the battle statistics of the tunnelers, eh? The only problem is that with two archer arrows they die. And they're quite fast too!

Creativity: 5
In few words; I disbelieve there's another map that uses a meteor crater as a story and the map itself. As original as your map "The Ice Age".

Story: 5
Very nice indeed! I liked the idea of the curse of the day January 13 on 1313 (too bad there isn't a 13th month ;))

Overall: This map is a bit challenging, and the map design is awesome! Great Job! :D

Sorry Lord Ako, when I wrote the review at first I started thinking about some of the nice thinks I didn't remember when I scored. This gives you a 5 on everything but Balance. You know, for someone like me I'm still no good on making soldiers on a fast way :P So that gives me some problems...
Lord Ako
File Author
NeKoeNMa, your comments on balance and story are very positive, but the scores don't reflect that. Can you perhaps explain a bit? If you ran into balance problems I would like to improve the map, and I would like to know how story/instructions can be improved, you see.
(Yes, I know the tunnelers die to arrows easily, thats why the enemy never attacks with archers, just "foot soldiers" ;) )
NAT Thanks Neko for changing your review - now this gives me a time to make a little comment on the map.

This is a fantastic invasion - everyone should play it! it is quite hard but with superb map design including of course a huge meteor crater!

[Edited on 10/21/05 @ 08:46 AM]

Andy Baz
Map Design4.0
"Creative" "Balanced" "Sublime" are just a few choice words to describe this one bad ass mother of a map. From the very start it digs lasting memories, with a leech like hold - it sucks the very skills needed to perform well. I found it a real pleasure to play, and adopted the use of some exciting tactics on my quest for victory. The senario's clever and works well with surrounding enviroment - the events are timed perfectly and with no dead time there was never a moment not to be doing something. Personally i liked the way the resources were well spaced and the fact there was just the solitary sign post. A truely cool map on the whole and definitely worthy of a prize :@) .....Nice 1 dude.
Lord Ako
File Author
Thank you NeKoeNMa, I'm really glad you were willing to think about it and came to this conclusion!
Also thank you Andy Baz for your flattering review, I'm happy you liked it so much. :)
Kind regards, Lord Ako.
Map Design5.0
Very nice and chalenging game, very creative map design and perfect simple story, but the balance and win conditions are maybe a bit hard. I don't believe, that win this scenario and fulfil conditions can acomplish anyone at the first attempt, that means without exact knowing the full scenario, and enemy routes.
k4pod I was thinking on using the "new" idea of a meteor crash in one of my maps. Then I saw your map. Not having Stronghold, I could not play your map, but the screenshots reveal a near perfect map desgin. You are raising the bar before I even started! Revenge will be mine!

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Map Design4.7
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