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Stronghold: Invasions » 12 A Welcome Return

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12 A Welcome Return

Author File Description
Emperor Alexus
File Details
Map Size: 200x200 (Small)
Difficulty: Normal
Made with version: 1
12 A Welcome Return.
Note:this is a siege map

September 1050, with the castle taken you and your men search the keep only to find that the snake is nowhere to be found. You enter the throne room on the table is a letter addressed to you, it reads………
By the time you read this letter I will be gone, my men may have been killed but I still live. The wolfs men should be near, and I fear you will soon be dead.

It’s a shame isn’t it; I was enjoying these little games, almost as much as I did leading your father into the trap that cost him his life.

Oh well, never mind I guess you aren’t up to the job…hmm.

Your assault on the castle was quicker than the snake had expected so you still have time before the wolf’s men arrive.
As you and your men are about to leave a hooded knight approaches………

As he pulls the hood from his head your eyes widen with disbelief.

Well after a long break the twelfth part of my campaign will soon be submitted.
After the siege at the snakes castle, and with the devilish reptile nowhere to be seen you meet someone you never thought you would again.
He leads you to a city that had remained secret for many years, but now the threat of war looms over this once peaceful town, the pig's great siege would soon begin.

(See zipfile for full story)

I look forward to your comments and reviews, I hope you enjoy "A Welcome Return"

The campaign "The King of England" includes:

1 Cruel Lands
2 Trouble
3 Hunted
4 Hidden Outpost
5 A Friend in Need
6 Approaching the Border
7a Taking the Fort
7b The Rats Last Stand
8 Great Knowledge
9 Pig Food
10 Setting the Trap
11 Cold Blood
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Satanic Cowboy
(id: Octavius Maximus)
Map Design5.0
Although this is really a seige map, I have to say it's a beauty of a map, and a must download!

Playability: 4
I had a lot of fun with this map, and I really enjoyed the whole look and feel of the map. No glitches or miscues in any way, and the in game messages and the timing of the invasions were perfect. This would have rated a 5, but alas, it was just over too darn quick. I wanted more, and was quite dissapointed when it was the victory screen so quickly.

Balance: 4
Balance was good, the AI attacked well, and I had a well diversified force able to handle any situation. The only problem I saw was that the map is listed at normal, when it might have been listed at easy due to the shortness of the map. I just think it was a little too easy at normal.

Creativity: 4
Great looking castle, with plenty of little bits of eye-candy everywhere. Love those pallistone walls, a tribute to the author's dedication to his craft. Not anything really new, but it definitely rates a strong 4.

Map design: 5
Every inch of the map is well designed and very meticously placed, right down to every shrub and rock. Plenty of peasant activity and natural features. Again, the author is commited to excellence, and this work proves it. Terrific job!

Story/Instructions: 5
Good storyline on the description page, and a nice in-map story as well. Alexus, as promised, the score is five after you added the mini-map.
Map Design5.0
Hi Emperor Alexus,

first I have to apologize to you for my partly "unwise" bad ratings. You are right to criticize in the forum my surely unfair comments. Meanwhile I replayed this scenario and...finally succeeded by counter attacks against the hostile siege frontline. Now I obviously will update my rating too. All series of maps that you've created looks fantastic (I wish I could do as well) and I'm convinced that there was a lot of hard work to design it. Each review subjectively is different and it will also reflect a kind of momentary feeling you've got while playing.
I don't intend you to get hurt and once again I excuse my first rash rating.

Sorry, nobody's perfect - stay cool, it's just a game!

Greetings and my hat's off on you for a good work!


P.S. I don't comment my older ratings, simply try to forget it!

Map Design5.0
A very nice map Emperor Alexus! Good playability and a map design that should have taken the author a lot of time and effort!

Playability: 5
Emperor Alexus, I must say: Your map has just leveled my abilities up! You need to take your troops here and there all the moment, gather your macemen on the start and make your archers retreat to the rear towers if needed.

I must admit, tought, that I used a method that the author may think it's unfair. I took use of the time the enemy troops stay stoped on the signpost to send all my macemen right to their long-range troops. That way I could beat all the enemy army before reinforcements arrived with the expense of 10-20 macemen. However, when I found myself with 30 badly hurt macemen I decided to retreat.

Balance: 4
The enemy forces next to you are very big. The castle has no defenses besides the soldiers and two layer palistone walls. That made the map a bit too hard, so I used the method I already described.

Creativity: 4
The story you told is good and very original (altought it is a branch of the original campaign), and the way you built the square wall towers and the gatehouses... I was lont on the way troops move on it by the first time, but then I got used. I was scared of trying this map on Very Hard. :-P

Map Design: 5
The terrain on your map looked a lot like a rural village and hills with a castle on the edge. There are a lot of palistone walls and buildings built on some sort of barrier to prevent the earth from crumbling. Very nice!

Story / Instructions: 4
A nice story that involves the player. The continuation of a campaign. I just wish I could have played the other levels of it. I'm going to search for them.

Except for a bit of overwhelming on enemy troops this siege, not invasion, rools on very well as the game passes. I just fear that newbie players will have a bit of trouble on beating this map. i instead used this to level myself up. all average-hard players: MUST PLAY!!!

Great job, Alexus!
Map Design4.0
Very nicee map Alexus! Great work especially with the design of the fortress but I did find the map a little hard and a little confusing to play. The macemen skirmsih outside the walls is brilliant - lovely having them all inside the apple oprchards and woods. I found defending the fortress slighty wierd. The enemy would in fact just hack their way through the wooden wall at the top and pour in and there was not a lot I could do to stop this. I tried re-inforcing the area but in vain. Also at the bottom of the map the enemy if they had any sense could have just wandered in to the first ring of the settlement and not have had to go through the gate - looked rather odd. The castle itself is well designed and very creative. Superb work with palistone and stone walls. Full marks for creativity! I though the area around the keep was a little dull in comparison with bare land and just a saxon hall. The storyline is very good and with the useful addition of a minimap deserves a safe 4. Overall this is an addictive and well designed map and is very near getting an even higher score. Good work!

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Map Design4.8
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