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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal

It has begun.

Following the assassination of the papal legate, Pierre de Castelnau, on January 14 1208, Pope Innocent III has aunched the Albigensian Crusade. Catholic nobles from the North, led by Simon de Montfort, have risen under the papal banner against the cathar Count of Toulouse, Raimond VI, and his vassals in order to "free" our country from what they called the "cathar heresy ". Just north, the papists have taken the town of B├ęziers forcing you, Viscount Raimond Roger Trencavel, to withdraw to the lone cathar stronghold, Carcassonne. Strategically situated upon the high summit over looking the Aude, Carcassonne guards the critical southern French trade routes against the Spanish Kingdom of Argon. Prepare the city's defenses and order the conscription immediately for the imminent siege. To lose is to never go home, to bow before the papal throne, and forever be servants of lords of the north. With God as our ally the city must stand!

Created using Lady Arcola's Castle of the Week Article Carcassonne,Languedoc-Roussillon (Part 1,2,3).

Carcassone from the North

Map of Carcassonne

Viscount of Carcassonne Raimond Roger Trencavel
Recall all patrols and guards
Shut down all industry
Build as many cross bowmen as possible
Arm all towers with braziers
Arm all large towers with balistas/magonels
Build wooden trtaps and moats at gate houses
Sell all non-military items and spears,
Continue to build as many crossbowmen as possible selling as necessary

(1)Destroy all siege towers immediately
(2)Kill ladder men
(3)Destroy battering rams
(4) Contain as long as possible
(5) Once they have eventually breached the First wall, begin retreating
reamaining units to the chataeu barbicade. Sell or use everything with the
focus on archers and crossbows.
(6)By the time the second wall is breached be fully retreated to the chateuae.
(7)Hold out for remaining years until Aug 1186 then attack remaining forces
to clear the battlefield for victory.

Siege towers upon the ramparts.

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Satanic Cowboy
(id: Octavius Maximus)
Map Design3.0
Boy, this map is a handful!

Playability: 4
I played this map on normal to start with, and won on the first try (although it was a hell of a battle!) then moved up to hard (two tries to win), and very hard (gave up after three tries). Very playable and enjoyable, but there were a couple of wall glitches that hung up some of my troops, and it was difficult to manuever forces around with all the gatehouses.

Balance: 4
Nicely balanced militarily, with the frinetic pace of the invasions (as well as three signposts) forcing the player to constantly adjust and readjust force movements and strategy.

Creativity: 4 The castle is very nice, with some interesting designs and use of multi-levels. Again, as i said with playability, the numerous gatehouses were a little irritating.

Map Design: 3
Nice map, but nothing really stands out, and I didn't like the way the stone paths were laid out, and the bizarre symbols in the southeast corner are distracting.

Story/Instructions: 5
Minimap, great expressive description page with photos, and a good in-map story as well. Great job!

File Author

Thank you for taking the time to post a review and play the map at all --let alone 6 times! That is the true compliment. So I should follow up with some info.
I made this long ago (last year sometime). So I had to look at the map and remember what I did. So my notes are as follow:
-multiple granaries
-multiple armories
-multiple stockpiles
-constructed gardens (the kind you make, not place)
-hovels are stage 3
-controlled height walls
-simple fountain
-city is functional and operating
-quarter-height land bridge
-quadruple-barrier keep with functional attacking AI
-descending gate houses are stepped
-half-height tower
-bush lined stone paths (though not as nice as numenorean roads or stone streets) lead critical points (gates, signs, bridges,districts,farms, through groves, etc) hence trade routes (Spain, Italy, N.France, Med. Coast, etc)
-indestructible walls to guide AI response
-map orientation is accurate to real compass orientation by +20 degrees.
-map is oriented facing Northwest at start.

-Compass curved arrow pointing towards "N" for north. (You are playing on a "Map" after all, a little direction does help)
-Old Celtic worship circle ruins; gives hint of how old Carcassone is... Celts were driven out by the romans
Before Christ

-number and placement of towers follows plans; so tower type and placement not determined by me
-major gatehouses are placed according to plans, minor not placed at all; so gate house not determined by me. Also remember this is a medieval walled city, not a castle.
-city divided into avenues and districts

Some issues you brought up:

-Gate house path routing for user AI units: Multiple gate houses can be a pain. Especially when they close unexpectedly. This is an inherent feature/flaw in the game. In one respect this is a flaw that annoys the user. In respect to realistic medieval city defense this is a good feature. Medieval cities have multiple gates and multiple paths with which to deploy troops to counter a besieging army. In the event a gate was taken or assaulted, medieval troops did not have the omni present user or radios to change the direction/redeploy instantly. So, while preparing and defending the city, troops are staged near secondary gate house to support other units. For stronghold game play, this means ordering the companies of units to stage behind the secondary level gate house they will pass through. Not only does this increase the overall effectiveness by attacking/passing as a whole, but also permits flexibility in response. This staged company can support other companies, plug defensive wholes, or rush to counter nearby siege towers. Even though you are defensive, this permits you to OODA faster than the AI, and dictate the AI's decisions and movements.

This seemed to be the biggest problem indicated in your review. I hope staging will help you work around this Stronghold flaw/feature.

-Stone paths in map design: I am unclear as to what you didn't like about how the stone paths were laid out. Perhaps a further explanation would clear this up. The bush lined stone paths connect critical points and infrastructure. For instance, north, south east, west are covered. Starting at any of these points will lead you to a gate house, bridge, or around Carcassonne. Along the way small paths connect the widely spersed farms to the man roads. Following one of these roads into Carcassonne will lead to various districts,gardens, and open squares --even to the chateau itself.

-Reference to 'strange symbols' in map design: This is a curved compass arrow point towards "N" for north. Not only is this accurate oriented within +20 degrees, this geographic orientation for the map. Also remember, this is a "map" being played on. For graphical illustration, please reference the Map of Carcassone and mini-map side by side. It should be more clear.

-Troops hung up in playability: Is this same as the multiple gate house issue, or is this separate? If separate, where did your troops get hung up?

I hope I've given a clearer understanding of the map and addressed the problems. Again, thank you for submitting a review and playing the map 6 times.

Map Design5.0
Firewrks here has produced a masterpiece! I have only ever given out a few 5.0s in all the 180 maps that I have reviewed and this one is fully deserving. The map gives you a few months to preapre the walled town for the attacks. I instantly put the speed down to 10 and began my preparations. These were moving archers to the walls, gathering pikemen together and recruiting a huge army. In this was a load of crossbowmen that I spaced around the town and a huge force of knights (60+). This force of knights was going to be key in the defence of the town in taking out enemy siege equipment. The actual siege of the mighty fortress is superb, the enemy come from three sides which means you are allways busy especially coping with the efficient siege equipment. Retreating as many troops as I could I held off the oncoming armies just on normal. Near perfect balance. There were a few minor glitchs of the AI but in a siege of this size I was amazed on the whole with the enemy perormence. And as you ahve realised as well firewrks the multibple gatehouses are a alittle irriatating but there is nothing that can be done to stop that. I love the general design of the town with the whole hovel area and wall system. Brilliant castle! The surrounding land was of a fine standard as well, good river and I rather liked the accuracy of having the North arrow in place. A very accurate, but also stunningly creative fortification. And then comes storyline/ instrustions and what fault could be placed there! A fascinating descritption with tips, extensive pictures and a minmap. Overall this is a marvelous piece of work, and cannot be praised enough! Download it immediately!
Emperor Alexus
Map Design5.0
Let me just say this map is a masterpiece.

The casle and all design ellemnts were fantastic, I couldn't stop looking at this amazing fortress, stunning.

The Pigs men poor in to the land and begin thier attack, and what an attack, so many men have come, great work.
The only thing that lacked was balance and playability, not by much though.

Still this is a great deal of fun, a must have for anyone.
Great Work!

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Map Design4.3
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