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The Conquest VI

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
The Conquest VI

The Wolf’s legions took their first crushing defeat at the coastal port of Salting against your valiant defenders. The complete and safe Conquest of Sallium was assured in that one battle and now the South of Dinlathia is open for your revenge. Most of Wolf’s army in the South crossed the Torrian Sea to come to the Rats aid - they were too late to save him but had you trapped but the Wolf suffered a humiliating defeat at your hands! Now here we join the story with the conquest underway and you, Prince Edward having led a band ashore on the Southern most tip of Dinlathia have to hold off the Wolf''s mighty invasions --- (See zip file for full storyline and notes)

The Conquest in general follows the path of prince Edward and many other characters in their conquest for peace in the islands of Hertoin. The first five maps will be set in Sallium and the last five in Dinlathia. As well as the prologue video which can be downloaded here there will be a epilogue video.

We recommend you play on NORMAL but experienced players or anyone that finds that the invasions are too easy feel free to play on HARD and VERY HARD. Likewise, if you feel you cannot face the wolfs wrath, play on a EASY.

If you have any comments, suggestions or complaints please e-mail me at


I would greatly appreciate your comments on the site.

I would like to thank Jax Omen for playtesting!

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
WarLord_Designs The sixth instalment of the conquest was available for download, and to be honest we couldn’t wait to play it and give it a review. It didn’t disappoint.
Another great map from the NAT’s a very enjoyable map to play and follows on from the others well.

Playability- 5 this was an extremely playable map, taking refuge in a ruined castle you have to build up your forces and the city itself. Wolves and bears occupy the shores, hidden deep in the mountains they are a constant threat, and dealing with them early is a smart idea. Very playable, good job!

Balance- 4 balance was also very well done. You have to build up your forces and really think when the wolf’s men come marching towards you. Using pitch and the combination of recruited soldiers as well as outlaws who have returned to help you out you can take out the enemy, but it is no easy task, I found the balance a bit shaky only because at some points there was a lot of struggle with food which cased problems with raising enough money to properly raise an army some attacks would be to strong where as others a bit easy. Still a great effort, a 4 isn’t bad at all!

Creativity- 5 as always the map was at its peak when concerned with creativity. Well designed and thought out this map offers a lot to the player. The castle ruins are well designed and the layout is superb. Great job again!

Map Design- 5 Another terrific map design by the NAT’s we seem to have come uncustomed to seeing such lovely terrain that comes with these maps. The land is surrounded by ocean and the shores are well designed, the land itself has a network of paths, which are carved out, through the lovely mountainous terrain it is made up of, terrific job!

Storyline/Instructions- 5 another great part to the conquest story, full of information and drama it continues on well from the last instalment and the campaign overall.
It also comes with hint and advice to help you to get through the stage. Very good!

Another great map, download it now!

(id: Jax Omen)
This is one of the best maps yet by the NAT team, and is a must if you want to play an exciting and fresh map.

This map keeps you on your toes constantly, building and improving your economy, then creating a defensive barrier against the wolves monster attacks. You have to strike a perfect balance between popularity, your economy, and building an army. You must keep a constant eye on your popularity, and change your taxes accordingly, as quickly building pitch reserves (from the market) and raising an army is a must.

I couldn't see anything wrong with the balance, although having playtested it I kind of knew what to do. This map is by no means easy, especially on HARD, but isn't impossible. Its got just the right difficulty, so that you know you've achieved something when you win, but won't break your keyboard in frustration.

A well produced map, in which you must try new things to win. Although most of the features aren't new, I have never seen such a great combination of military and economical problems. You must builld an army, yet at the same time watch the threat from the wolves. Rebuild your castle while trying to keep people happy and the gold flowing in.

Map Design-5
An excellently presented map, with a stunning coastline and excellent mountains. You don't feel the map is just something good to look at, as the gameplay flows in and out of the scenery. The paths look as though they have actually been carved out of the mountain, and aren't just flat and lifeless. A well deserved 5.

A long and well written story that continues the conquest series, with a comprehensive set of hints. More than just a short paragraphs description, the story brings you into the Conquest world.

This is a truly great map. If you haven't downloaded it alredy, do so now!
Sparrow Playability: 4. I played this map on very hard and also on normal to try to be fair with my comments. This is quite a good map but generally falls in the above average, but not quite great category. It's fun, challenging and keeps you quite busy. There's much to keep a watch on and keep things in balance. Wolves and bears need to be dealt with quickly as most wood is quite a distance out.

Friendly archers will join your cause but you will need to train your own hard core troops to face the coming invasions. Balancing your economy while building your army and defenses is quite tricky. Food will be one of your big problems. There's plenty of deer and you have hunters and dairy farms but that's not enough. You also can place some wheat farms, but they're in hard to reach areas and some are vulnerable during enemy attacks so you have to carefully balance food sources. Money will also be a constant struggle as you try to build weapons production and train troops. You can buy and sell a fair assortment of goods and that can be a big help.

The buildup phase is probably near as good as it gets, but when the invasions start playability suffers a bit. The AI is not functioning as well as it should, as the large invasions hang around the signposts and tend to advance in a series of large groups. This means that with well built defenses your relatively small band of troops can effectively repel this constant stream of strung out invaders. I played on very hard setting first and wasn't up to the strength needed when the first invasion came. They broke through my paper thin walls and that was that. I really could have used the oil engineers that I hadn't quite gotten around to readying. The next time through I was ready, thicker walls, a second tower, and pitch and oil engineers ready. But I never had to use the oil engineers, only lit pitch once. It was enough. The biggest overall problem is once the first battle is won, it's sort of a downhill coast after that.

You do have to watch your economy as there are many scripted events and you never really get "comfortable", but the later invasions are not that much larger than the first one. If you survive the first one, you've got it won, you just have to play out the remaining years and battles. Also in the final battle some final troops got hung at the signposts. I had to foray out to clean them up before victory could be claimed. Still this is an excellent scenario and well worth playing.

Balance: 3. I have to rate balance about average. The biggest problem I had is that the invasions come in two basic phases. If you survive the first phase, the second phase is only about 150% larger. However you have about the same amount of time to prepare defenses and train troops as you had leading up to the first phase. Since my economy was just getting into high gear at the time of the first invasions, I had about four times as many troops ready for the second phase as I did for the first, far outpacing the increased troop count of the enemy. Because of this the second phase was just a mop up. For me the challenge really started to go out of it after the first phase other than maintaining the economy.

Creativity: 4. Quite creative and well thought out.

Map Design: 4. A pretty good design, but perhaps a little too much symmetry. Excellent coastline with rocks and inlets plus nice beach areas. The design of the rocky interior was effective, but I just was not that keen on it. The plain tops of lots of raised tiles were evident in some parts which I thought looked a little unnatural and unfinished. Other interior parts had the same type of effect but most tile tops were adorned and had a more realistic look. Some may like it much better than I. Also I felt the castle ruins were too consistently and symmetrically damaged. Wall tiles basically had the same effect applied all the way around. I have seen much better ruins on other maps with certain parts damaged much more than others giving a more realistic, random appearance.

Story/Instructions: 4. Sort of between average and above average I thought, but had some good adjunct material. While I fully support including additional files with expanded story line, hints, etc. I only consider the online and in game story in my reviews. Probably leans more towards above average.

Overall a fun and challenging map, well worth playing.
WarLord_Designs I don't want to intrude to much as Nat hasnt made any comments but I feel I should as I feel an unfair review has been given.

I noticed that this map recieved a review of 3.6 from Sparrow and I honestly can't understand why.
Playability and balance marks can be different depending on how good you are at the game and what you enjoy, but map design creativity and storyline I feel deserve more as they are very good indeed,

I think you should reconsider your review as it realy does deserve more.
Satanic Cowboy
(id: Octavius Maximus)
Well, another excellent map in the Conquest series! I really loved the look and feel of this map, and it a definite must download!

Playability: 5
No flaws, and a nice blend of building up resources and defenses before the actual invasions begin. The scripting and timing is flawless, and the play flows smoothly throughout. I went a little heavy on the economy on my first try, and was unprepared for the invasions. My second try went the other way. Third try (on hard) went smoothly (although I was fighting for my life toward the end!) and I managed to survive with a handful of troops left. A very fun play, and replay value give it the five. Excellent job!

Balance: 4
I give this a four simply for the fact that troubles with the economy and food production made it a little more difficult to produce a capable fighting force to fend off the invasions than was needed. But still well good enough to rate the 4.

Creativty: 5
Excellent work here with the wolves, bears, and the well thought out premise and actions of the map. Very nice use of the ruined castle and resources. A very good job here!

Map Design: 5
Beautiful map, with many interesting and beautiful features. The terrain is exquisitely sculptured, with fine work done with the resource placement and the layout of the ruins and the coastline.

Story/Instructions: 5
Excellent story, even as a continuation of the series. Well thought out and insightful. Minimap and enclosed elaborative doc make this an easy all around five.

A truly great map in a great series of maps. NAT does it again!

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