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Stronghold: Invasions » Scourge of Darkness Ch I ( Updated )

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Scourge of Darkness Ch I ( Updated )

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
Made with version: 1
Scourge of Darkness Chapter I
Leaving Lordaeron

Arendia, a realm of beauty and tranquillity, but it was not always so, there was a time when darkness and evil consumed these lands choking it of its very life.
Long had elves and men fought side by side to defend what we so dearly loved, foes who sort to destroy these lands grew more powerful with each rising of the sun and over time much had been lost, the land fell into a darkness unseen before and I lord Lelldorin of the elfish council along with the rest of life in Arendia felt a fear like no other. The land slipped into chaos.

Much of Arendia had been consumed by this darkness and its evil gripped the land like a flood of death this new foe swept through taking much of Arendia under its control and it would be in the mountains of Azeroth that this new enemy would reside and leave a permanent scar to us and the land itself, this would be the sparking point for the greatest battle this realm would ever see.
But it was here in Lordaeron that the first spear was cast at our new foes, and the battle for Arendia would begin. Let me tell you of the scourge of darkness . . . . . .

This is our first chapter of our new campaign.
This story is based in a realm of fantasy and epic battles,it took quite a while to make but it was well worth our effort and we hope you will think so to.

We would like to give a big thanks to Bismuth and his son for playtesting our map and giving us some very generous feedback on our new creation.


AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Stunning map! I couldn't believe it when I first saw the minimap and I was certainly not disappointed when I bega to play the map. As Bismuth said you can "feast your eyes" for hours at this fabulous design work!

The plays quite well but I was not sure really what I would have to do to achieve victory. I was floundering around on NORMAL, so I went to the hints! (Now in their own document) That helped quite a lot and victory was ever so close. I recruited less men at the beginning and tried my hardest to maximise archr firing time. I am afraid that I am not the gratest player of stronghold to say the least and I couldn't quite get victory. Well done to Bismuth though! I will let you know Warlord Designs if I complete it after writing this review. I knew about not building more poleturners and fletchers as it would ruin balance but it would make more sense to have them disabled and then make it a priority to defend them. Maybe fork out a few more spearmen to do the job! Also stone gatehouses were enabled and stone provided which confused me - I COULD have ruined the balance by placing one at the main entrance. I realsied they must be enabled so that you can re-build destoryed gatehouses but this is not necessary. Disable it! This is an entertaining and challenging map but I feel that playability and balance have been sacrificed a little for map design and creativity.

Ok, the map design is just superb. No other word for it - I would happily give it 6s for both categories. This is some of the best eye candy I have ever seen! Never have I imagined so much and such great use of palistone walls! The port really does feel like a proper, realsitic town adn it gave the map an amzing atmosphere. I don't know how many people have ever tried but making a coastal map is very hard to do - gettign the shape of the coastline right to make it good on the minimap and in the map itself is a skillful thing to do and the authors here have passed with flying colours! My favourite bit of design arte the two towers on their own little island overlooking the road. They are just great! I could go into more detail about the amazing and intrictae design and creativity of the map biut I would be merely quoting Bismuth, lol. So I will leave it with the word - Outstanding!

Alexus before he joined with Arthus to become warlord designs how he would ever get a 5 from me in storyline and instructions and this is exaclty what I wanted. Very nice description page (with minimap), a full and interesting storyline and then with wonderful little sketches and another document with helpful tips. A perfect 5!

Overall this is a highly enjoyable map to play although I prefer just to gaze at the design work, lol! Such careful and detalied design work cannot recieve enough praise. This is map everybody should play - Donwload it now!

ps - I rather think this map should be re-released as a free build, a few changes in the storyline and a bit of extra building space... Just an idea but I am sure it would go down extremely well!
Adam the First
Map Design5.0
Playability/Balance: 5
Playing this awesome map was a pleasure for me. Looking at the beautiful city, while gathering the goods and fighting against the macemen and crossbowmen was just pleasing.
The player has very limited building and troop availabilities, which makes the map hard and forces the player to think a lot. Only archers and spearmen can be trained, so very good positioning of troops is needed, as the enemy attacks with macemen and crossbowmen, and if they enter the town, they can easily destroy the economy. And in addition, their number increases with every waves, so the player really has no time to waste. Managing the economy is very tricky. There are no events that harm it, however it is easily possible to run out from all food, which occures people the leave the castle and it ia also a win createria. And thanks to the ale requirement, it is hard to gather popualrity from the inns; a lot of money is needed too, so limiting the money spending is a must. I just loved the way of figuring out how to win. A very challenging, but winnable scenario with a little thinking and good management of the army and economy. Brilliant job with the balance!
This scneario is one of the best fantasy maps I have ever played! :)

Creativity/Map design: 5
This is the best fantasy map on Stronghold Heaven. The area, the style of the buildings, the port, the keep, looked fantastic.
The city fits well with the terrain. The road bordered by stones looks very good too, like the whole map. I can say just one thing: Absolutely Stunning design.

Story/Instructions: 5
An very long, and very detailed story. I like the style it was written with. An outstanding fantasy story, which reall catches the attention of the player. The drawings in the word document look very good too and helps to improve the feeling of the story. Also, a detailed walkthrough is included too, so I can't give here any other score, but a big 5. Awesome job, WL_D! :)

Additional Comments:
Currently I'm playing Ch II, which also looks awesome, if I get through it I will probably rate that.
It's sad that you abandoned work on this campaign. :(

[Edited on 04/25/11 @ 01:12 PM]

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Map Design5.0
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