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The Tortured Road. Act II. Inspired Gamble.

Author File Description
Andy Baz
File Details
Map Size: 200x200 (Small)
Difficulty: Hard
Made with version: 1
Tortured Road. Act II. Inspired Gamble.

After successfully seeing off the fat Pig and his army of rebel Commie followers, the people of the lands finally started to live life. The threat of war for now was over and King Bob and his people celebrated with much ale.
It had been a difficult period to free up the captured troops on the island of a Thousand Faces, and many people gave them no hope in their quest for justice – (How wrong were they?) Hungry and tired the Orange army of freedom pushed back the boundaries of human endurance and survived the relentless conditions…Proving once again the strength of men is not to be underestimated….King Bob was very pleased with the result, happy in the knowledge there was no more Soviet Surprise.

Years and years of peace followed the Pig’s fight and throughout those holy days it must be said that the people were at their happiest – fighting was emotionally draining and hard work, families had to be strong. So when peace did arrive the quality time spent with their loved ones was more than welcomed….It was of course more than they deserved after defeating the heavy Pig on that dreaded island.

Baulders Pass
About 200 miles away from the island of Thousand Faces and approximately 300 miles from the Kings residence there was a patch of land known to the locals as Baulders Pass. The massive abundance of stone was the chief reason for the name. The area was a very sought after place from those who had a need for the white rock and it was no secret huge amounts of money could be made from quarrying it. Stone in its entirety was almost as valuable as gold and those with a desire to build an impenetrable castle needed to secure Baulders Pass to ensure completion.

The King hears the expected bad news he was hoping wouldn’t come, wannabe rulers the Snake and the Wolf plan to raid Baulders Pass to exploit the Rock that sits helplessly there. Confirmation soon arrives after the news that the stone is indeed set for a huge stronghold that will house an unimaginable army….This makes Bob sweat.
Bob ponders his next move and realises that in taking an army 300 miles from the castle would leave him weaker than is necessary and vulnerable to attack. But he also sensibly juggles with the notion and contemplates a life with the Snake or the Wolf in a massive stronghold – The King knows he has a tough decision to make and time is running out.

The Gamble.
The day draws to an end with still no decision. The suffocating darkness begins to fill in the skies and there is a huge sense of anticipation floating in the atmosphere. The King’s close people wait anxiously in the court room for the King to enter and give his news.. ..The people wait nervously not knowing…and finally.
As the doors creek open and the King edges forward from the dim corridor, the Servants instantly know he’d been speaking to the Prophetess. His eyes were glazed over and there was a reassuring look on his face that had been missing all day – The King steps forward, looking more authoritative announces that he has already sent a messenger on horseback to a tribe of aggressive eco warriors that nestle in the trees close by to Baulders Pass. There were gasps and cries from the court room, astonished by the Kings words, the people couldn’t believe Bob’s decision.

The Message.
The King after much deliberation felt the best course of action would be to keep the strength in the centre and thwart any attack that might happen in the course of events…. Not truly knowing the abilities of the Tribes people he’s allowed the aggressive eco warriors a chance to prove their fighting skills by neutralising any invasions that may happen. Thus preventing the Snake or the Wolf a chance to quarry the stone for destructive evil. ….Bob’s message offers the Tribes people a sizable reward for success. But in a strange twist of madness Bob also gives the eco warriors a bet…… If they, by chance meet a requested number of goals set by him before a finished time, the lands around Baulders Pass will be given solely to them the eco warriors.

Will this strange tactic work?.

Is it madness or an inspired gamble?…... Time will tell.

You as leader of the Eco warriors want the land being offered as a bet and take up the challenge. The time is January 1195 and the gamble begins.

Game Objectives (normal)

Achieve 200 stone
‘’ 100 cheese
‘’ 2500 Gold
‘’ population 60
Ale coverage 75%
Blessing 25%
Pleasantness 4
Survive invasions

Good luck. Andy Baz

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Well I saw that people were having trouble finishing this map, and I thought a good challenge was what I needed, the last invasion was causing other players problems so I set out to finish the map, and what a great deal of fun I had.

Playability-5- this was an extremely playable map and one of those I just love to play. Build up your economy and your army under the pressure of enemy attacks and a time limit as well, I really love these maps as they give a sense of urgency and that is one of the great parts of this map. It is also wise for you to build strong walls and this I found quite enjoyable also. Good work!

Balance-5- I found Balance to be superb, the mixture of events causing your economic goals trouble and the invasions were all done well.
The first few attacks are small and are no real trouble, they may however take out some wood cutters huts if you aren’t alert, they soon grow bigger and bigger until you reach the last one which of course is the wolf’s attack.
The attack was devastating and some of my eco accomplishments (like ale and religion) were wiped out, earlier in the game I focused on swordsmen and crossbows more than any other troops and it payed off, and by no means was the victory in battle easy as my king was about on more hit away from death.
You then have some more time to finish your eco goals and achieve victory, nice job!

Creativity-4- a very creative map has been produced here and I like it a lot. I give a four here as it is nothing new but I still thought it was a creative idea, things like having the cliff lowered so the enemy could get to your stone quarries and multiple pathways for the enemy to enter the keep contributed to this and the map overall was well thought out.

Map Design-4- map design was quite good also; the keep on the small cliff and weaponry buildings tucked away also gave the map a pleasant and peaceful look to it, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The cliffs were well designed and the overall landscape was good.

Storyline/Instructions-4- I really was trying to decide between a 4 and a 5 for this one and I’ll tell you why.
The story was great, informative and very interesting, however it was a bit short and I felt needed a bit more to make it a sure five.
I have given a 4 here because I think it needs a bit more than what you have written.

Overall a great map here and one I really enjoyed, with a bit more time I’m sure you will be producing even greater maps. Well done!

Map Design4.0
It was great fun playing “Inspired Gamble.” In this game you start with very little and need to progress and survive past a number of negative events, minor invasions and one final whopper of an invasion. Then there is a fair-sized list of requirements which must be met to achieve victory. All this in about 20 years of game play.

I played and played and played this game and finally managed to survive the big final invasion which comes at approx year 15. Then I played and played some more to try bring my shattered economy back to life to meet the win requirements in the remaining 5 years. I must be honest and say that I have not yet been victorious. (Give me another 2 or 3 game-years and maybe. . .)

What I particularly enjoyed about game play was that there are a number of possible ways to approach setting up the economy and many ways to set up the defense of the settlement. So a defeat only left me thinking up new ways to try. I note that the previous reviewer has succeeded in winning – so I know it can be done. But I feel that, for the average player (like me), this is really a tad too hard and victory too difficult to obtain. Playability – 5, Balance – 4.

Nicely designed map and well suited to the game. Varied land heights, rocks, plants, etc all well utilized to produce a pleasing appearance. I liked the tunnel or pass through the mountain illuminated by braziers and also the “weapon craftsmen” area with the wooden retaining walls. There is sufficient land for agriculture, but not too much, enough trees, but placing woodcutters close to them made them vulnerable also to bandits and invasions. The combination of two signposts plus the overall layout of the terrain makes for a good defensive challenge. Map Design – 4, Creativity – 4.

Very creative story and well written. It tells about King Bob but since the battle is being fought by the Eco-warriors, I would have liked more from their perspective as well. Nearly a 5. Story - 4.

I delayed in writing a review for this map because I really wanted to win it first but did not manage it. In the past when I have had such difficulty I hear from other players about how easy the map is (smile!). So I encourage you all to give this very fun map a try and tell me you beat it.

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Map Design4.0
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