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Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Normal
Made with version: 1

Have you ever heard about a mysterious country anywhere in the northern territories outside of the civilized world? Here it is: it’s called “Terra Bestialis”. This land has got an abundance of natural resources like wood, iron ore, pitch or deer. Nevertheless life isn’t peaceful at all there. A big danger is lurking for those men who risk their lives in the wilderness. Herds of roaming wolves prevent many people from colonizing these northern regions. But sometimes human being causes more anxieties and terror than wild animals like wolves ever can do: The so-called “Wolfmen”. They had got their name because of their cannibal habit of domesticating wolves. After having catched the ferocious wolves the “Wolfmen” fed them by meat, but human meat of living people. And later on they misused them as “wolf-dogs” for their criminal intentions. A few trappers who survived and escaped sudden wolf-attacks reported on very cruel occurrences they were going through. They saw peace-loving traders and hard-working miners being killed and eaten up by daylight. After these massacres the horrible “Wolfmen” scurried out of their hiding-places robbing all useful and valuable things of these mortal remains, for example purses, knives, rings, boots, gold chains, hairpins, belts or different leather goods. The “Wolfmen”-ring leader, named “Duc de Wolf” never been seen before, was assisted by his insidious accomplice “The Rat” and his gang controlling an old northern reloading point.

Naturally the King himself really was shocked hearing these frightful bad news and he decided to put an end to this tragedy. He ordered you, Sire Longarm, his best of all loyal men, to free the northern territory by every possible means. The adventurous mission starts in 1101 and it can begin…


Somehow I first wanted to create a classic eco-map, but in the course of time I felt that some invasions to put in would bring more additional challenge. But please direct your attention to all required objectives. You’ve got twenty game years to complete the goals and the map is well-playable on normal or hard. Maybe “very hard” seems to be impossible, it should be something for the most experienced players.

Objectives (to acquire on normal):
>Kill the enemy's Lord
>Eradicate the wolves
>80 meat
>16 leather armor
>16 maces

Good luck and have a good time!
Reviews are always welcome.

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Map Design5.0
HOW CAN IT BE that this very clever game by Stratego has been available on SHH for more than a year and no one has given it a review?

I found it a few weeks ago while looking for a few games to download to my laptop and play while I was traveling overseas.

At the beginning, Wolfmen requires a fair bit of study just to understand the opening situation and structure and connectivity of the map. When you start you are immediately thrown into fast pace action to deal with wolf attacks and the urgent need to get your economy ramped up and defense strengthened. This pace never really lets up through out the remainder of the game. I found I needed to almost constantly tweak my tax levels, food rations, troop deployments, etc to deal with wolves, plague, bandits and attacks by the enemy.

No simple win here – Stratego has set up a fairly complex set of conditions that must be met in order to achieve victory and they are interconnected in tricky ways.

The game offers many options for play so when one strategy doesn’t work (which happened to me countless times!) there was always another way to try. This kept me coming back again and again to try to find a way to win. (operative word here is TRY)

The map itself has been carefully constructed. It is well worth pausing the game and just scrolling around to look at the detail that the designer has included. You won’t find any bare or unadorned land. Water details are excellent especially the blending of river/moat/ford to create the swampy looking lowlands. The various cliffs and the rocky streambed at the South edge near the “wolf head” are also very well done.

The structures are also well done and really appear as if they were constructed there on the terrain. I liked the rustic layout of wooden walls near the enemy keep and the “wolf pen” on the little island. The bridge/dam with water flowing through it was also very good.

New designers would do well to make a study of Stratego’s maps. I especially recommend Taiga Woods, and Pestilentia.

Fine and imaginative story, very nearly a 5. I enjoy how he works some culture and geography into his stories that makes them sound believable or like they have come from a textbook.

After all these good things I do now come to the one drawback (at least for me) – I could not find a way to beat this map. I consider myself to be an average player. Yes, with many attempts I got closer and closer to the goals but I never did meet them all before time ran out. I have to give it a lower balance score only because it was rated NORMAL but I felt it was just too hard. Perhaps this is the reason why no one gave it a rating before now. (How about some hints?)

SO HERE IS THE CHALLENGE to one and all. Download this one when you’ve got some time to spare. I’d like see a review or two on this map from people who actually beat it.

My numbers:

Playability: 5
Balance: 4
Creativity: 4
Map Design: 5
Story/Instructions: 4

[Edited on 12/06/05 @ 05:18 PM]

lollard97367 I guess you want to issue a challenge for people to play on 'normal' difficulty?

lollard97367 I just started to play this and its great. Pretty tricky with a food goal and theft from the granary. That is a real pisser! But a great challenge, which I havent beat yet.


[Edited on 12/05/05 @ 12:53 AM]

Bismuth Lollard - Thanks for "taking up the challenge." Seems like whenever I make a comment in a review about how hard a map is, someone else comes along and tells how they beat it handily with so many months (years) to spare. So I am waiting on this one...

Note: When I checked my review I saw I had entered the wrong score for creativity. This I have corrected. Still a great map by Stratego!

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Map Design5.0
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