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Stronghold: Invasions » Scourge of Darkness Ch II ( Updated )

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Scourge of Darkness Ch II ( Updated )

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usScourge of Darkness Ch II
The Voyage

February 868.

“Everything is prepared my Lord, we have packed every last thing we need onto the ships and are ready to leave.”
What news of Lordaeron City? “No news, all who have fled are here and are ready to leave, women, children are safely aboard the ships and we wait only your order, an escort will arrive soon to take you aboard the ship.”
Thank you soldier, you have done well thus far, let us hope you and your men will be with us throughout these hardships and dangers that lie ahead.
“We will serve you as long as we shall live; we fight for you and our people.”
I see no h0nour has left you, I am grateful for your services. Leave me to think, go now. “As you wish.”

Not long did I wait before my escort arrived. At the door of my once proud keep they waited. Though they were terrified of what was happening still they stood waiting, my honourable soldiers, my brothers in arms.
My door suddenly burst open.
“My Lord you must hurry they are making their final assault and I fear there isn’t much time to spare.
Very well, let us go then. As we left I grabbed my sword and a map and took a last look at what I loved so much, so much death surrounded us and I felt a pain like no other, as if I was being stabbed over and over again, the sight of my fellow elves bleeding and calling out in pain and misery was almost too much to bare and I felt as if the pain would never leave me.

As my escort and I arrived at the ship I turned and took a last look at what once was a beautiful port, filled with life and happiness and wondered if I would ever see it again. Death was everywhere and the smell of rotting flesh and hate and fire filled the air, the sky grew dark and rain began to fall.

This is the second part in the series 'Scourge of Darkness'
hope you all enjoy it,
We look forward to your comments and reviews.

Arthus and Alexus.
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Satanic Cowboy
(id: Octavius Maximus)
Map Design5.0
Wow! This is a great map by the team of Warlord Designs! But warning!! It is very, very tough! Played at normal four times to win, and at hard I have yet to win after three tries (not even close yet)

Okay, here's the review:

Playability: 5
A really smooth map, very enjoyable to play. Though difficult, it's not unplayable at hard, I just think it takes the perfect set of strategies and movements on the players part to get that win. But you want to win...badly! May be a little too tough for the average gamer on hard, but it's the kind of map you just want to keep trying over and over until you get it right.

Balance: 4
The map is well balanced, basically the player busily trying to mount enough forces to repel each attack between the invasions while trying to keep the people fed and happy. The lack of a food source is a sneaky and cruel trick, because it forces you to use up valuable gold you could be spending on your army to buy cheese or wheat to make bread. I kmnow this may make WD mad, but I have to give it a four simply because the struggle to maintain the balance was just too much for me. C'mon guys, you could have given us a hunter or something!! :p

While I have heard that parts of this campaign is borrowed from Warcraft, I have never had any dealings with Warcraft and don't see why that should matter, as we all know LOTR has been done and overdone way too many times (IMHO). So I'm not going to punish for that, as this map is very creatively done, from all aspects of the category. Anyway, creativity is the story from my humble point of view, and how the aspects of the map tie into it. I loved the whole idea, and it was fabulously well done.

Map Design: 5
Wow! What can I say here? The ships are nice (although I personally prefer the all wooden variety) and the use of the pallistone is well done, and cleverly tied in and hidden by the regular walls. The landscape is just flat out awesome, and I loved the formations of terrain and rock, especially in the north western part of the map. Just a great job of designing this beautiful map all the way around.

Story/Instructions: 5

Terrific story, great hints, minimap on the description page, the whole nine. All fives here. I will say this, it makes for a big download for the dial up users, but it's well worth it to get all the extras. Great job, guys!

Summary: Tough, tough map that will make you pull your hair out at times, but will drive you to keep at it for that victory. Great story, great idea, and great map! An absolute must download!
Map Design5.0
Lovely map from Warlord Designs. An equally impressive map to chapter one. What a great start to a campaign! The map is very well deisgned and a lot of fun to play. A real challenge though - beginners beware!

It is a relatively simple, and very playable invasion with very few flaws. My only criticism in fact of the map is its simple playing. As player of the map there is not much for you to do except try and balance your economy perfectlty and try to hold off the Wolf's attacks as best as you can. There should be a bit more for you to do. for example - I think you should be able to build the odd hunters post or dairy farm and perhaps give one or two more options in defence as well (pitch, killing pits etc). Limiting hunters post would be easy, simply have only a few deer and so would having dairy farms. There is alos in my opinion a lack of player events in the map as well. However it is still highly enyoyable and a real struggle to play. I have to admit that I cannot complete the map on Normal. Having eventually completed Chapter one I was relatively confident but thew Wolf's invasions were too much for me. All those crossbowmen!

The map design is of course stunning as expected! The fort's design is simple but beautiful. I hope for something as good in the design contest! I like the use of boats, a hard stunt to pull off but executed very well. And of course the mountaneous and rocky landscape is perfectly moulded and formed. Great work, really careful and intricate map design. The map also very creative, as I said for playability not many player events but a wonderfully creative map in terms of map design. The well designed ships made the 5 here safe.

Storyline again very strong and a safe 5. The story continues very nicely from chapter one as well. A tips file and minimap are also very good additions. Overall this is another wonderful piece of work from Warlord Designs - Keep it up!
Map Design5.0
This was a fun, challenging, well laid-out map! I've played it about 10 times, and have yet to win on Normal, though I was victorious on Easy (after reading the walk-through).

Playability is about a 4.5. I agree with the previous reviewers that additional resources (i.e. hunters) would be nice, or the ability to get some crossbowmen of my own. Still, when I played at Easy (when I would have had time to employ hunters or other resources) I found they weren't needed. I didn't have any trouble keeping the people happy and fed and productive. And when playing at Normal, I was constantly busy just building up arms, and wouldn't necessarily have wanted to bother with additional things. It's a design choice to limit resources in this way, to add to gameplay, so I'll round up and give playability a 5.

Balance was a hard one. I found it easily manageable on Easy - in fact, everything seemed laid out so well that victory seemed almost assured. But on Normal the enemy forces were just too strong. I tried a number of strategies before reading the walk-through, including one where I built up a huge force in the keep then destroyed the stairs leading up to it. I don't recommend that, as it led to a stand-off for several game years, til I finally destroyed a portion of the protecting wall so the enemy could get close enough for the archers. Then, of course, the enemy crossbowmen took out all my archers and finally the lord. So don't bother trying that! After winning at Easy I went back to try at Normal using the same strategy, but couldn't get enough forces amassed to last beyond the 2nd or 3rd attack. Balance: 4

The map was terrific all around - boats, natural landscape, interesting rock formations (including how the signpost was disguised)! Creativity & Map Design: 5

Story & Instructions were fantastic. I'm glad the walk-through was included, as it gave me some ideas that finally led to success. 5

Congrats on a great map, Warlord Designs!

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Map Design5.0
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