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Fiendish Games Ch I: Island Siege

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
F I E N D I S H __ G A M E S


Somewhere on a peaceful island...

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"What's this? Boats coming here?" A peasant observes as multiple boats sail their way to the shore. He then calls for his other peasant friends.
"-Hmmm, must be pirates.
-No no no, maybe it's the King himself, coming to visit us.
-But why would the King come visit us today? He always comes during summer time you know."
The boats reach shore, troops come out.
"-I don't like the looks of this, I mean why are there troops?
-Look! A black sail! It must be pirates!
-For the last time Duran, no pirates have ever sailed through the rock barriers. Such a thing requires tremendous navigation skills.
-Who is it then?
-I guess we'll be finding out soon enough."
A swordsman climbed up the nearby hill, where a statue of the island's founder, Lord Stronghold, stood peacefully.
The peasants watched as the swordsman destroyed the statue by chopping its head off...
The long, disturbingly silent stare of the peasants was brought to an abrupt end, when they heard a fellow archer shouting: "Help! Help! The Lord is under attack!!"


This map represents the first chapter of a story I just came up with. The story is about the inhabitants of a peaceful island who got nearly pillaged by an unknown force. Their Lord will afterwards go after the enemy troops to find out who they are, where they come from, and why did they attack him. He will soon discover that the source of his problems is not just a renegade army, but a slowly erecting Evil Empire, under the leadership of a certain mysterious person called The Pit Lord (played by the Pig), and his subcommanders: The Traitor (the Snake), The Pest (the Rat), and The Fiend (the Wolf)...

Hmmmm... It seems this is gonna be one of my last maps for the season (school's approaching fast!) Also, this isn't even the final version of the map, it'll be updated later (much later). But that doesn't mean you can't rate it!

The attack begins as soon as you load the map; Boats unloading troops, throwing rocks at ya, and attempting to assassinate your Lord. Plus, you'll notice the Invasion units are actually swimming to your island (hmmm, not really). I know, I know, swordsmen can't swim. But what could I do?
These units are coming from a really big mothership not very far from the beach, but you won't see it in this map. You'll see it in Chapter Two, and you'll be boarding/fighting it (yes, you'll be battling in the sea).

DON'T play on Very Hard -> the enemy units will be so moronic and confused you'll finish this map in no time (playing on Hard is much more encouraged).

Tip! -> Make sure to use the three catapults next to your Keep, because they are much more accurate than mangonels when it comes to taking out the hidden trebuchets behind the ships.

Tip! -> Your oil carrying engineers on top of the last gatehouses are not only irreplaceable, they are the only units that can light the pitch ditches below. You'll need them badly later on, so defend them well, and use them wisely!

Tip! -> Preserve your swordsmen! They are extremely valuable, and they will save your life in the end if you use them carefully.

Latest Changes:
-Fixed Invasions... I apologize for those who got drowned by swordsmen ;)

Never hesitate to review and comment!
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Lord Blood Hawk
Map Design4.0
Hello, Ice Dragon. I thouroughly enjoyed your map. I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good challenge. Included in this map is eyecandy, massive invasions, and a somewhat unexplored concept of Stronghold. Naval battles.

This map is a great deal of fun. Included in the map are several lines of defense and I am surprised how quickly each section falls to the enemy. There is a great deal of area that requires attention. You must pay attention to the enemy boats, troop production, and the oncoming invasions. The only real problem is that I lost on easy mode to about 150 swordsmen. I think that easy mode should be left to an easy difficulty. The map was fun but a little too hard.

The balance was off because the map was a mite too hard. I was completely mobbed by the overwhelming amounts of swordsmen. I am not the greatest player, so this score is quite derrived from opinion.

The creativity in this map was excellent. The enemy ships everywhere made me feel helpless, like I was being torn apart on all sides. There is quite a bit of eyecandy throughout your little island city. It is a shame that most of it got destroyed from the enemy forces. Magic Boxes, Founains, drawbridges anywhere, this map is loaded with creativity. I especially liked the boat design along with the little village outside the castle.

Map Design:4
The map's design was teetering between a 3 and a 4. I decided to go with a four because the map's space was put to good use, unlike having bare spots of grass everywhere. The castle was really detailed and must have taken quite a bit of time to make. Good work, I enjoyed the map's appearance. However, the coastline could have looked better. Just using the beach tool everywhere doesn't give me the effect of being on an island. Cliffs or rugged terrain would have looked good.

I should have went with a 3 but I'm going to be generous. To me, the story was quite short and did not include a great deal of information about what was happenning. However, you get a four because the story is creative and flows quite nicely with the map. The story sets the mood of impending doom upon a peaceful land.


A difficult map with creativity oozing everywhere. Excellent naval twist in the story. This map is quite hard and lacks some terrain design, but overall, the map will provide you some good fun from the time the game launches to the time it ends.

-Lord Blood Hawk

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Map Design4.0
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