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Stronghold: Invasions » Kiev 1240 The invasion

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Kiev 1240 The invasion

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
This is the last part of the scenario: Kiev 1240 The mongol Invasion. The economic part of the previous scenario is over, you have 5 years to prepare yourself for the biggest invasion ever designed for stronghold.

The ones finding the economic part of the game too difficult can study my town to see how I meet the required levels of achievements. Be warned that my town suffered from many destructions and rebuilding. For example lots of churches were built after the required numbered of bread were obtained.
Janis will see how a clever player can win the scenario (his previous town I was able to look at back in 2002 would be totally unable to resist the new invasion haha haha) lol...

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Lord Blood Hawk
Map Design5.0
Ultima Spock is a legendary Stronghold script master that can pretty much conjure up anything he wishes to, all because of his skill. He was retired from his Stronghold days now, but he has really left quite a bit of influence for us map designers that are still around. Also, he has created a marvelous scripting tutorial for anyone who needs ideas for a good script in a map of theirs.

Playability: 5
The map is quite fun and really makes you pull your hair. This map is a site your castle type, and it might be in the top 5 for its category. I personally consider this map very enjoyable to play out, especially if you are willing to give up several or more hours of your time.

Balance: 5
This map is not for intermediate or new players. It may not even be playable for some experts, but after many tries, many hours, many cups of coffee, I completed the map. The map can be played out without cheating or anything of the sort. The map can be beaten, that is fact. However, this map is for perhaps the best players out there, most likely those who won't give up after losing 5+ times. (Personal expierience.)

Creativity: 4
The story and map creativity was quite well done. I really wanted to give the map a 5, with all of my heart I did. However, I think a little more imaginative thinking could have been added into the map. The map is based on historical events, so it may have been difficult to get any more creative without rewriting history completely.

Map Design: 5
The terrain was beautifully portrayed in the map. I don't know how Ultima Spock created this mission. It has such breath taking landscapes that seem to flow throughout the map. I cannot say anymore, the map is quite well created.

Story/Instructions: 5
A nice story with some historical information added in to make the map more interesting. The instructions are crucial to gameplay, because the map changes dramatically during progression of the scenario. You'll see what I mean if you download this map.


Download this map, right away, if you already haven't. This gem should be seen by all, no matter what. Even if you don't want to play, you should take a look at the complicated scripting and map design. Try playing the map out, don't expect to win, but expect to have fun, even if you get beaten like there is no tomorrow. I highly recommend this map, snatch a copy for yourself immediately!
(id: fayez2010)
A hidden diamond in the cave of 1500 maps! I will revive your scripting tricks, ultima_spock!
Map Design4.0
Jalis was easily able to resist invasions hahaha lol.

I made a little come back to stronghold these days. Downloading the new kiev, however I Was aware, pride and megalomania will once more be masters words.

Really the map is not an invasion. It s a 23 long years siege. Really it s an endless repetiting invasion, even of various kind.

First time I played it I lose because I didn t read special instructions. However If you have yourself to limit your population, what I find completly artificial, I have some hints.

dairy farm count for 4. 1 workers and 3 cows.
hunter 2. workers and his dog
quarry ox, also 2

At the end ; never put any animals deer rabbits or such things. There is and you can build significant number of dairy farm on the map and loose because of it.

The second time I played it, i Limited to 600 soldiers max and 52 civilians. But It was less fun than my first attempt where I tried to defend the entire city, maintain the population, dealing with fire and plague ect ...

playbility. on the average only. I disliked two things. Limits because I m a builder, and lack of time. Between the first invasion and the second I found There was not so much time too lower your population form 481 to 150. At the same time reorganise the city. I dont speak about how the city is managed at start. It s horrible organsation.
To gain time I simply demolish about all building. I recruited soldiers I needed, then I launched an oil pot on the fire camp in front of the keep : 400 peasants died in few second.
Really you are so rich at start you need nothing. Stockpile is full of pitch and armoury full for decades.

Balance. My way here. Like Form my first experience my feeling was you had not enough time to reorganise such a chaos Kiev is. I Simply decided to show the path to my ennemies.
I deleted the gates leading to the keep. Then I breach myself a tiny section of wall. I Builded tower all around and concentrate All my troops here. At the end of the tunnel 85 swordmen awaited for survivor if any.

Really the bad thing of the game is the monumental pitch stock you have. I really hate the lack of imagination that lead to solve all problems with fire. Point Breaching the walls allows you a very accurate estimation of ennemies path finding. I used oil engineers but very few pitch traps.

Creativity : 4 Just for special scripting.

Map design : 4 same rate than first kiev. Really it could desserve less because of the city bad organisation.

Story instruction : Strong work here, even the author like to speak about himself.
It would have desserve less. In game instruction would have better to ask the player to read kiev.doc before to play.

Really I played the map twice. First time was the most funny trying to keep the city alive, I had to deal with fire and plague. The city is very big so very difficult to defend especially you never know from where the attack will come. Stone was a problem many time. However I had read instruction only in game. I had to wait the end of the

Second attempt I tricked my ennemies and slaughters them witout efforts. I was all game with 52 peasants, and 600 troops. I dont know if after snake attack you can up your troops and/or population. It s not important however.

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Map Design4.5
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