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12 - The Creek

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Kester Mission 12 - The Creek

Human Lord vs. Lionheart, Richard I, each starting with 10,000 gold.

When this mission begins, each lord starts with a keep on opposite sides of a rock-lined dry riverbed. If you ignore your opponent in the beginning in order to build up an economy or walls around your own keep, you will notice that his castle quickly goes up, and the game becomes much harder.

For this mission, ignore the economic factors as well as any defensive measures. Don't bother placing woodcutters or farms of any type. Concentrate on building up your offensive forces quickly, before Richard Lionheart has a chance to build up his. On the third try, having used various strategies, here is what I found worked the best:

1 - Slow game speed to 20 at the very beginning. You can speed up later, but the trick here is to get the jump on Richard Lionheart by placing your buildings early.

2 - Place your granary and 3 additional stockpiles. Placing the granary before anything else keeps your popularity from dropping.

3 - Place a square tower in the center of the creek bed, between the rows of rocks, so that it has a clear shot at the enemy's keep.

4 - Place the mercenary guild in the safe corner of the creek bed, in the lower right side of the map (that's with Richard on the left, and you on the upper right). That way when you buy swordsmen, they'll automatically go to a safe place near the enemy's keep.

5 - Buy about 30 Arabian archers, in 3 waves of 10 throughout the game (i.e. replacements). Set them atop the square tower with a brazier to keep the attention of the enemy.

6 - To protect your units moving to the mercenary post, build a wall inside the creek bed, close to the rocks.

7 - Place a barracks, armory and market. Buy 15 pikemen. The placement of the barracks isn't important - just be sure to immediately send the pikemen to wait at the mercenary post. The enemy will use a lot of pikemen, so be prepared!

8 - About now your popularity might start to drop if you don't do anything positive, so place an Inn.

9 - Buy a lot of Arabian swordsmen! Sell nearly everything that's left - stone, iron, wood, bread and wheat - and build up your forces.

10 - When you have about 15 pikemen and 85 Arabian swordsmen, set them to attack. Lead off with the pikemen, otherwise the enemy pikemen will do a lot of damage to your swordsmen.

This is a good time to speed up the game if you haven't already done so!

When I played, the enemy's soldiers had started for the creek bed just as mine were leaving it. They clashed, and mine held up well. By the time mine reached the enemy keep for the final battle, I still had 8 pikemen and 77 swordsmen left to fight. Victory was achieved in February of 1227.

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Lord Smitty There is actually an easier and faster way to complete this mission. I always enjoy using towers to destroy the opposition and although a lot of these walkthroughs say it's not required I still do. To start. place your granary on a small patch of the grass. I did mine almost directly above my keep. Then place as many orchards as possible. Next, place to woodcutters huts anywhere. These will be your source of economy as well as the apples. Next, with the stone that you have, create a tower in the right hand corner against the wall on your side. Man this with a magonal and crossbowmen. The create a small stone gate and stone wall at the base of the river bed near your side. This will prevent Richards troops from reaching you. Next, place another tower near the gatehouse and man this with a magonal and crossbowmen. Concentrate the magonals on the keep. This will destroy most of the walls depleting his stone supply and kill off most of his troops. Next, you should have enough wood to start selling it. Sell all of your wood if you have the following: Mercenary post, farms, 2 granarys, 2 woodcutter huts. Buy some stone and place another tower in the center of the riverbed. Man this with a magonal and 30 crossbowmen. Remove the other 2 magonals from the other towers and put ballistas in there place. Next, buy 30 arabian swordsmen and just wait until Richard starts destroying his settlements. Once this starts move the swordsmen in for the kill. Richard fell in July of 36.
player45999 This is how i beat lionheart. Just rush a merc post, build 30 arabian swordsmen send em in then keep building them and send em in waves of 10 and lionheart won't have time to recruit swordsmen because of the relentless assault. I overthrew him in about 5-8 min tops. I dont use archers because richard killed them with his archers and he doesnt use crossbows so my swordsmen were safe and pretty immune to the arrows from his archers. This is but one strategy.
luiguigarac I finished this mision in 25 minutes with speed of 60.
After playing once just for take a look on the map and the circumstances, I played again and this is how I win:

-Put your granary, your armory, extra stockpiles and your barracks.
-Then build a square tower the near as you can from the first row of rocks.
-Buy 40 leather armors and crossbows and place hovels
-Get up your 40 crossbowmen at the tower and they will start firing at richards' archers.
-After some time richards' walls and towers will be empty, but put another tower (buy or sell anything if you need too) and place two ballistae (one for each). And buy other 20 crowwsbowmen.
-When you have enough wood, start producing weapons (arcs and crossbows).
-By that time richards' troops will be very few as your crossbowmen can fire to the enemy keep
-Recruit more archers and crossbowmen and get them up to the towers.
-Prepare your final attack with arabian swordmen and attack his barracks. If you want, wait until he destroys almost everything he has and then just knock down the wall and go for him...
Sir Launcelaut this was one of the easiest maps i have ever played.what i did was make a granery thena mercenary post then i just sent 150 arabswordsman and BAM!!! i won in a blast. it took me about five minutes to beat it on my first try.
yarrum I have ny own strategy for this mission. currently, i usaly copy either a castle made by the lionheart that i memorized, or one by another charecter on the map(saladin, wolf, or lionheart).
To win this level, i found that rushtraing troops at the beginning was useful for stuntinh lionheart's economy, but left me with little money to finish him off later on. host people ignore their economy in this level, but that rarley works. My strategy goes like this:
1. construct basic buildings (granery, barracks, armory, one tower, one armory, market, basic food and recource buildings, fletcherx2(both bow), armorerx2, blacksmith(swords), poleturner(pike), gatehouse).
2. rushbuild 50 macemen and have them destroy lionhearts granery. (i would kill him right there but macemen arent strong enough considering that he'll probably have about 20 metal armor units by then)
3. gather recurces(stone and wood)
4. place engineers guild and another tower. but mangonels in both and fire at his walls and towers. up economy further(enclose keep, raise army, ect.)
6. attack with abot 20 swordsmen and 30 pikemen to kill lionheart.
duc of castles
(id: Duc of Castles)
just get ,a mercenary post and granary. get about 55 arab swords and attack richard with them. keep geting more until your out of money attack richard with them as soon as you get the other ones.if it doesn't work just keep doing it you'll eventually win( you shouldn't use you lord as your lord might die and the game doesn't care if your other troops die they just say you lose when your lord dies)

[Edited on 03/24/07 @ 02:47 PM]

Sir Wulf As per usual, you can ruish. But where is the fun and skill in that?

I initially expanded the stockpile, placed a granary close to the fertile land to the right of your keep, then armoury, barracks and market. Bows and crossbows/leather armour were bought and bowmen trained.

At the same time, the central passageway was blocked off with a large gatehouse, and twin towers built above them. All bowmen were sent onto these towers, from where they started to clear Richards towers of his bowmen. It is important to keep sending bowmen as you will take some casualties initally, but you soon gain the upper hand and before long there are no bowmen left to trouble you.

By this time Richard will probably be thinking about sending the first of his pikemen towards you, so pitch ditches were laid in the central passage, and ignited to kill the attackers.

From here on, Richard is on something of a back foot, so I went back to the ecnomy. An inn and chapel were built and food consumption turned off, allowing the piles of extra food to be sold. I also added a couple of hops farms and some brewerys, but thats just because i wanted to stop Richard from building on my fertile land because he was making it look untidy.

Back to the war, and mangonels were placed on top of the towers, and targetted at Richards lefthand tower and front wall. Another couple of towers were built on my land to the right of the passage, and targetted at Richards righthand tower. All the while my archers and crossbowmen were perrpering the interior of his keep and keeping his peasants from working.

At this point Richard still had some swordsmen. Now i could have just trained up a larger number of my own and sent them in. But instead i put down the mercenary camp, and sent some slaves to burn the buildings outside Richards keep. The flames spread inside and turned his swordsmen into ash. Then it was merely a question of waiting until the mangonels had made a hole in the walls, training a few swordsmen and sending them in. Job done.
zundappks80super i beat him very fast and easy.
I placed 2 towers in de riverbed. Connected them with walls, and placed a armory,granary,mercenary post and a marketplace. Then i bought 30 crossbows and 30 leather armors, and placed a barracks. Then i build 20 archers from the mercenary post, and placed them on the towers. then i recruited the 30 crossbow men, and also placed them on the towers. Then i bought bows, about 20, and recuited them. All where placed immideatly on the towers. After 2 minutes, they killed the entire archer/defending army from the "lionhart". then i sold everything and builded 10 assasins and 10 arabian swordsmen,attacked him with them,and then withdraw them. Then i sended in my own lord, and he killed the lionheart;-)
Lord Dredde
(id: lord dredde)
Well i did that way to start with,then i used similar tactic as the snake-fire slaves,while there is a massive fire i bought horse archers to keep richard pinned down.OR you can trick the game by using the multiplayer version of this map and put yourself on the hill,which is more fun.just use sav to map then load up the map editor,this can be done for all the missions-i did this only after completing the game!Most missions are easy to complete without using 'rush' tactics,as they are economically unviable in the long term(1)place the necessary resource gatherer for each mission (2)buy the most useful mercenary units or european troops depending on your preference.(3)It may take time,but it is worth the effort to build up a large force instead of sending wave after wave only to see them die-overkill is my choice,the AI is 'dumb' as they continue to taunt when their castle is falling apart.Another method is to buy horse archers to pin down the enemy(the rat,the snake,the sultan-mostly) then send in about 30 slaves and burn everything!(4)yes it is annoying when the AI builds the castle in two minutes or so(sorry i forget who said this).LD
TheTwilightKing What I did:
1. Lower gameplay speed to 20. Build a granery, some more stockpile space, a market, barracks, apple orchards and an engineers guild.
2. Buy 50 leather armor and 50 crossbows, build 2 square towers pointing towards Richard. Equip those with crossbowmen and mangonels. Produce 4 engineers to maintain your mangonels and another 3 which I used for a trebuchet.
3. Build a small gatehouse at the base of the mountain, but leave in some space for moat and a drawbridge. Use your starting troops to dig the moat. Afterwards place your archers on top of the gatehouse.
4. I then turned back the speed to normal (40) and started building an army. I did that simply with money. You need to raise taxes by producing food (in comparison to Richard you have much more oasis) and hand out double rations. Also use inns for +8 popularity and possibly use churches and a cathedral (which I advice against, since they make less money in the end (note that this mission is soon to an end)).
5. So when you are seriously making money, buy armor and swords and make swordsmen, lots of em. I raised the speed to 60 here, since this is an boring process.
6. If you used your mangonels and trebuchets correctly, The Lionheart's keep should be fairly instable. He simply doesn't have a chance to build much forces or a good economy. You can also make his towers (also, he can't build one tower, making a gap in his keep (which he blocked off with a house)) "ruined" if you are very strategic (happens occasionally). This way he can't place archers in them.
7. If you have a big enough army, just march towards him. His defensive forces are really small.

I found that this mission was much easier than I expected.
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