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13 - Heat of the Desert

Author File Description
Stratego Mission 13 - Heat of the Desert

Start conditions:
Two adversaries:
Caliph The Scorpion, Caliph The Jackal

Particularity: Numerous herds of lions around your starting position

4000 gold for player
2000 gold for adversaries

Considering your “miserable” keep’s position on the southern corner of the map, you have no choice but taking the offensive.
Begin to build:
one granary, one market, one armoury, and barracks. Then fill your armoury with bought bows and quickly recruit many archers; I guess 50 archers are enough. Of course, crossbowmen might be better and stronger, but in this special case, you need a speed bonus.
Deploy several groups of archers assisted by your initial spearmen upsetting or destroying the adverse production of food, iron, and stone.
On the green area, you have to erect two square towers, each of them manned by 10 archers. Two mangonels (+engineers!) ordering sustained fire against the two hostile gatehouses (or keeps) will assist you to disturb a constant building up of the adverse settlements.
Withdraw your advancing troops on top of your secure towers, as soon as the enemy will start his counter attacks by Arabian swordsmen and slaves.
Your military superiority should be sufficient to survive these hostile reprisals without serious injuries. After these attacks, both opponents will be paralysed.

Economically it will be the best to place two or three woodcutters, two apple orchards, 1 wheat farm, 1 hops farm, 1 bakery, 1 brewery (later 1 inn to raise your popularity) and to start an intensive exploitation of the north-western stone and iron resources. That’s all you have to do for a stable development.

If you are willing, you freely can set in motion a petty arms factory (fletchers, tanners, blacksmith and armourers), but it isn’t imperative at all.

The sale of stone and iron soon will bring you in a position to finish the two weakened caliphs by an army of mercenaries.

Overall, it’s a relatively easy scenario, that shouldn’t cause serious problems.


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player45999 All I did was treb their base and take out any towers, buildings, etc. and then buy 10 crossbows and hire 10 arab swordsmen when ready. Then send in the crossbowmen and shoot out their mercs, whatever they have and send in the swordsmen. Then repeat with the other caliph. This is a very easy map once you figure it out. Note a strong economy isn't really required, maybe a few apple orchards is all and maybe place a quary for stone for the trebs, this mission took me no more than 10-15 min tops.
The Mad Slasher I played this mission according to the KISS-rules (Keep It Simple, Stupid). First of all place a granary to keep the people happy. Then build an armory, barracks and a market. Sell all your goods and buy arms for as much as 25 macemen and 10 crossbowmen.
Then off you go towards your enemies! (I sent my troops to the yellow Caliph first (forqot his name, sorry). Position your crossbowmen there where they can eleminate (but most off all divert and attract fire from) the hostile archers and send your macemen in for the kill.
After that you can send in your remaining troops towards the other Caliph, without having to buy new troops. If you act swiftly, you needn't have to spend more than five minutes on this level. Of course I am going to play the "long" version someday, since that is more fun.
stratter when i download the file it works (like the download) but i cant use the file! what do i do or what program do i open it with? when i try to open the file with stronghold crusader absolutely nothing happens! so what do i do?
andyman101 The walk trough woked I built the towers put a monagol at each one and whiped out their walls. Then I built an army of assassins and whiped them out. Thanks to the walk through im really far.
andyman101 To answer your question stratter you half to download it to crusader saves but if that doesnt work then its because th file is zipped.

[Edited on 02/12/06 @ 10:03 PM]

stratter ty andy that really helped
norb u should have a (become a player) tab that lets u make a free player email me at
AdariousMist I didn't have quite as easy a time with this map. The cramped space makes it difficult. However, I hired a good number of swordsmen right off the bat and took out The Scorpion..leaving me with just the one. Then, I got the stone economy going with 4 quarrys/2 tethers each.

I built 4 apple farms and 2 wheat farms ... then over time ..4 hovels. When gold permitted, I built the engineer guild and a treb as close as I could get to the remaining castle and filled it with 100 stone, then set it to work, while saving for more swordsmen.

Finally, I went in with a group of 28 swordsmen (he never finished his walls in the first place) to take him out. It is of note that he does use fire throwers ... but even with all his archers and the throwers, the 28 was still enough to do the job.
brutusbuk Stratego,
OK, you instruct lots of things to do, but you give no time frame in which you did them. Can you clarify? You list building up an economy (food) much later in your article, the use of mangonels (w/engineers) which takes lots of money and resources. How do you get these resources, on top of hiring 50 archers? Can you be more detailed? I'm sure I'll figure it out on my own, but it would be nice to see more details to your madness!!!
brutusbuk This was so simple once I figured it out. I erected a mercenary camp and a market. I sold all of my goods left. I then hired as many Arabian swordsmen as I could, 54 in all. I sent them to the Caliph on the left first-he was toast in no time. I still had 41 swordsmen left, so I just sent them to the Caliph on the right. At the end, I only had 12 swordsmen left, but I had won! Very, very easy.

[Edited on 07/21/06 @ 01:48 AM]

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