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14 - Land of the Arab

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Kester Mission 14 - Land of the Arab

There's a full roster in this mission. It's you and the Pig against Saladin "The Wise", Caliph "The Scorpion" and Sultan Abdul, each starting with 2000 gold. The key to success in this mission is the order in which you attack your enemies. Go for Caliph first, then Saladin, and finally Sultan. My first few tries I left Saladin for last, thinking to attack the smaller enemies first, but by the time I got around to the Saladin he was much too powerful. So here, then, is how I proceeded.

A minimal economy will be necessary, as with three opponents it will take a little while to win. At the start of play I set up the following: the granary, two apple orchards, three woodcutters, an iron mine, a quarry with 2 ox ties, a dairy farm, and the mercenary post. I then bought 3 Arabian archers and 7 Arabian swordsmen. The archers I placed in a perimeter tower (with a brazier) to the north of my keep. I then immediately marched the swordsmen to the Caliph's keep and dispatched him before his forces were built up.

With one opponent down, I next placed the barracks, armory, marketplace, three more quarries and another iron mine. To keep the troops happy I built an inn and bought ale. I then bought 10 pikemen, and started using the proceeds from the stone and iron to build up my army. I also bought an engineer's guild and made several catapults, but I have to say I really don't think they had much effect. Once I had about 20 Arabian swordsmen, and 10 each of pikemen, slingers, and horse archers, I ordered the Pig to attack Saladin. While his troops operated their own catapults, I set my army on the front gate, and Saladin's castle was soon overrun.

After that, it wasn't too difficult to take out the Sultan. I built up another batch of perhaps 20 swordsmen (on top of the surviving troops from the previous battle), and together with the Pig attacked the keep. The Sultan hadn't quite enclosed his keep, so it was easy enough to kill him.

When I attacked in the order set out here, the game was surprisingly short (for having three enemies to destroy)!
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SirRavenFire 3 Just a few quick tips:

In this mission you will not need to produce food ; the pig will for you. Once the pig is set up, You can ask him for 50-250 cheese he will always give it too you if he has it (Which he will unless you just took it from him!) and you have room in your granery.

Also, If you aim to finish it quickly, Dont worry about walls, The pig will protect you well enough with crossbowmen if you order him to defend you. He will also pile your keep with macemen. You might want a few archers sitting around the ground incase of slaves though. The only thing that would present a problem is Saladins ballista.

On the siege, order the pig to attack. If you send A few archers to cover his macemen, The pig can take out the sultan alone, He can also break through the caliphs walls if he doesnt get hit by most the fire traps. He wont do much aganst saladin though.

All in all, the pig makes a much better ally then expected. .
Rampard42 when i started the mission just like the walkthrough suggested, 7 arab swordsmen weren't enough to kill the caliph.
Birowizard Everyone seems so intent on making these into "speed rounds!" It would have been great if The Lionheart and all his lords had these swift tactics at their disposal during the real crusades! History would have been very different!
Although I admit to finding the "instant wall/tower, just click here," thing a little unrealistic, the one thing I like about the whole Crusader set up is that it's pretty realistic in its simulation of how a castle economy and war effort are constructed and funded.

Advice to those wanting help with any level, (not looking for the quick-fix-build-an-ox-tether-on-his doorstep kind of victory): Build an effect defense first, AT ALMOST THE SAME time as an effective economy and popularity factor. Then build an offesive force however you see fit. As far as I can tell, all of the walkthroughs here are excellent in their effectiveness, and the constructive comments made afterwards show that many others use the same defense-economy-destroy order of campaign. The quick fixes are great if you really cannot see an alternative, but offer no satisfaction in terms of the challenge. (Kind of like the smart bomb from 'Defender', a weapon of desperate and last resort!) Use the walkthroughs and subsequent posts as guidelines for your own efforts, but place your own spin on things to make it your own!

Happy capaigning!

[Edited on 05/22/07 @ 03:15 PM]

Rabid Dawg i quote: The archers I placed in a perimeter tower (with a brazier) to the north of my keep. I then immediately marched the swordsmen to the Caliph's keep and dispatched him before his forces were built up.


i timed it, caliph has his whole castle upin under 2 mins
Lord Wendel What I found that worked well for this mission was to rush the caliph with assasins to dispatch him then slowly build up yours forces and kill the sultan then the saladin. BUT make sure that you dont let the saladin get to strong other wise when you try to seige him he will rebuild his walls as soon as they are destroyed.
(id: Cilibinarii)
mostly i just dont try to do it fast; i slowly build op eco so there is a challenge.
faith2oo9 here's how 100% works ........... at the beggining place a square tower close to caliph castle .. buy 10 crossbowmen and put them with your "start" archers in the tower along with a mangonel ... set the mangonel to destroy continuosly his granary
.. built apple orchards and built slowly your economy ... make crossbowmen ( u can buy from sellin stone ) and put them close to your keep along with some fire ballista to protect you from other attacks ... if you run out of food request cheese from pig (50-200) .... caliph will be easy now to defeat .....

Strategy on Salladin :
-build around 100 pikemen (i recommand them because their fast and effective )
-recruit 100 horse archers from mercenaries post

attack with horse first just keep movin them and they'll kill all salladin's archers
then push your pikmen to the small gatehouse

Sultan shouldn't be a problem

!! You can always ask pig for help , attack , or defense
It 100% works

faith2oo9 -- Happy to help you ! Happy new year
ibballin Guys, I'm pretty sure you have to also send your lord with your swordsmen to kill him.
HansieBoZ Sofar, I have won every map in this trail by using the same tactics...It will take you a lot of time, but it sure is succesfull!!
All you have to do, is set up a decent defence, and do not forget to check it from time to time...the next thing is, to start a good economy, in order to get a good amount of gold.
After that, you start building your strike-force, in any form you like, but ALWAYS make sure you have a BIG army!! I use a massive army, and it works all the time....

have fun!!
Whatzitooya I actually found a very simple way to beat Saladin in this map. Don't actually kill the Caliph, rather destroy his forces and buildings but put the Caliph on house arrest and use his castle as cover for siege equipment. That way you can tear apart his artillery towers with absolute impunity.
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