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15 - Lions Mane

Author File Description
Stratego Mission 15 - Lion's Mane

Start conditions:
One opponent, Lionheart, Richard

Numerous herds of lions,
No iron resources,
The opponent (4000 gold) has a financial advantage over you (2000 gold)

In this scenario stone will be your most important trade ware, very useful for all your military and civilian projects. Therefore, it’s on you, to erect a well-functioning production-line of 3 or 4 quarries and 6-8 ox tethers.

First, slow down game speed (20-25).
Start eliminating those “annoying” lions before erecting any lines of production.

Then begin to invest your initial gold getting stones to build up a pair of square towers, connected by walls and stairs, on the north-western border of the oasis (as fast as possible). On top of the southern tower, place a mangonel. The northern tower should be manned by a ballista (it is quite clear that you need engineers for it).
Order all your initial archers up the towers. Order your mangonel aiming (curtain fire!) at the opponent main gatehouse of Richard’s castle.
Now, Richard Lionheart, will permanently try to solve this problem by his advancing catapults, but he will fail because of your efficient groups of archers assisted by your ballista and your knights destroying them.

Richard Lionheart gives the impression of being intensively occupied with your military actions, so that he will “forget” to concentrate on his defence…

…from now on, you will be able to care about your armament.

For a stable and constant food supply (plus popularity!) you need at least 2 apple orchards, 2 dairy farms, 2 wheat farms, 1 hops farm, 1 mill, several bakeries, 1 brewery, 1 or two inns and 2 churches.

Additionally build up a weapons’ machinery, producing crossbowmen and industriously selling stones to finance further military activities.

Send a small troop of about 15-20 men (archers and knights) towards the northern natural ramp, disturbing the enemy’s catapult and stone production. Attention! Stay out of reach of the hostile towers!
Your main army has to be composed by about 40 Arabian horse archers respectively 40 crossbowmen, several engineers and 15-20 swordsmen or pike men. Go west with your Arabian horse archers, who have to eliminate all garrisons on top of the hostile towers. If it‘s done, you should go for your crossbowmen taking under fire Richard’s castle on the inside. Use catapults or trebuchets and one ram breaching the walls and agitate your swordsmen against “His Highness”, Richard Lionheart, whose end will come…

Good Luck!

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duc of castles
(id: Duc of Castles)
place 2 tower then 3 more later on get stone put a ballista on 1 tower and all the rest mangenels to blast lionheart's castle to nothingness. then place granary and woodcutter, apple and dairy farms if you haven't done so already. start getting crossbowmen by producing things neccery. then get some arab swords and horse archers. kill his ballista and archers then kill him.

Good luck,

Duc Castle

PS if you have 4 mangonels it'll pretty much destroy everything he has you can get more towers and mangonels to blast him to nothingness faster
Birowizard I actually found this one to be extremely easy, and concentrated on building up a monster economy, having destroyed much of The Lionheart's infrastructure and production capabilities. Here's how:

First, place all the archers on top of the keep, and add Braziers - the fire arrows do more damage. The archers, if on aggressive stance will take out the lions almost immediately. Place at least one granary, behind the keep, (I used three to start) and 3 - 4 stockpile tiles. I then added a market, and bought enough wood to place 5 woodcutters (in the trees based in the stoney ground), 2 quarries three ox tethers each, and 2 apple farms, one dairy, one wheat and one hops. I then bought stone and built 2 square towers, and placed them almost as far from my keep, between mine & Lionheart's as possible. more braziers, and a mangonel on one, ballista on the other.

Then Engineer post, manning the mangonel & ballista, (2 for each) and sent 10 archers up each of the towers. I added breweries and inns, (2 of each), and a church. this enabled me to set taxes to 'high' with no ill effect on popularity. (you can also add plenty of flags and flower-beds & such to help with this)I then set about walling in with low wall to start with. I actually found you can go almost to the top edge of the oasis pool with the wall. This left me with ample oasis land for more farms. to the left of the keep I went almost as far out as possible, (stone was fair flowing in by this point), but I didn't enclose the keep, Instead, I find the tip about using a maze-like weave of walls topped with firethrowers, (merc post added after another round of tower building), to be super effective. I defended this entrance with 2 more towers, (braziers and archers, natch!).
I then turned to the north-east part of my keep, (to the right of the oasis pool, if you have R.T.L in top left). I added 1 tower with braziers and 20 archers for defense, since you can't get wall all the way over there. more apple and dairy farms and at least 2 more quarries.

I kept selling stockpile goods throughout, and had built all necessary food and weapons processing buildings by this point. I also found it useful to destroy the woodcutters as they ran out of trees in one area and relocate them to where there were more growing.
The mangonels on the front towers and the archers meant that even though the scribe told me we were under attack four or five times, I took out everything that came my way, (and didn't actually see more than 1 or 2 solitary archers trying their luck. Eventually Richard's defenses were weakened to the point where I added trebuchets in front of my main wall and just kept on hammering him to pieces. This enabled me to build a hugely strong economic base, and build a monstrously oversized army. Having obtained something like 40 horse archers, and a similar number of pikemen, knights and 'cavalry' and every other type of millitary unit.
At the end, I think I had something like $140,000+ in gold, a nearly maxed out army, and over 136 population level. Richard's keep was all he had left, since I'd taken down every brick he'd put up, and had pinched all of his farm land and the iron for myself. Totally overkill, but very satisfying.

[Edited on 05/15/07 @ 08:35 PM]

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