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17 - Realm of the Camels

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Stratego Mission 17 - Realm of the Camels
Sultan Abdul, Sultan Ahmed, Sultan Mustapha

Space of time: circa 15 years

Opponents have a financial advantage (8000 gold) over you (2000 gold)
Player starts with a completely enclosed keep

Principally slow down game speed (25). You have to start this mission while optimally organizing your defence: Build up 1 granary, 1 market place, 1 barrack (later on 1 mercenary post) and 1 armoury. Buy in the necessary equipment (crossbows and leather arms for 20 crossbowmen.

Eastside and Westside of your two outer gatehouses you should respectively erect one tower of defence in opposite to your gates. Spread your archers and crossbowmen equally to your towers and the interior gatehouses. Set your knights in an aggressive posture near to the southern gatehouse and eventually place a few slingers up on the inner walls. These actions should be sufficient to stop all quickly occuring “troubles” by hostile Arabian swordsmen.

Now, begin to force your production of stone and iron installing two quarries and 4 ox tethers, additionally two or three iron mines. Then cut off (3-4 woodcutters) the trees in those little woods and care about food supply in erecting 2 apple orchards, 2 dairy farms, 1 or 2 wheat farms, 1 hops farm, 5-6 bakeries, 1 or 2 breweries, 2 inns, 2 churches (for popularity!).

Concerning weapons, you ought to produce crossbows and leather arms in any case; also, blacksmiths and armourers for swords and armours would be useful.
As soon as possible, you have to erect several square or round towers on the northeastern and southwestern zone of your “little island”, located on a rounded plateau. Take the central interiors of Ahmed and Abdul’s castles under sustained fire by mangonels, while additional archers will assist you either to defend or to disturb the opponent economic lines of production.

You can also place another tower manned by a ballista on the southeastern plateau’s outer ring aiming at further distant economic targets. Soon, there shouldn’t be any resistance, so that you will be able to take the offensive by selling stones and iron for an optimally filled “cash-box of war”.

On the southern outside ring you should place some fire ballistae to keep in check Sultan Mustapha, who was neglected so far. If you man your two outer gatehouses by crossbowmen, this will help to crush the last signs of resistance. Then the way will be “paved” for your swordsmen or pike men to eliminate the Sultans.

A brief summary, how to use your military units:
1.) Archers and crossbowmen (about 40-50 men) just for defence
2.) Several horse archers to eliminate hostile archers and slingers
3.) 8 – 10 knights to destroy the hostile external stone production and farms
4.) About four mangonels on square towers to weaken the enemies’ development
5.) 10 swordsmen (or more) and pike men for the final attacks against the Sultans

Overall, this 17th Skirmish-mission is good to handle and not too hard.

Good luck

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bobtehbuilder good walkthru it works, i just didnt use the horse archers, i set up like 20 mangonels and 100 crossbows on towers. i took them out quickly.
unknownk i actually found this level quite hard for having to fight sultans. what i did though was quickly build 1 granary, 2 apple orchards, 3 woodcutters huts(far enough away that the sultan cannot kill your woodcutters with his archers), and 1 quarry and 2 tethers. next i quickly fortified the wall around the nearest 2 gate houses making them about 4 walls deep. i then fortified them and closed my gatehouses. next i built 3 armouries and a barraks and quickly bought crossbows and armour and put my archers and crossbowmen on the gatehouses. i built 2 dairy farms so leather armour could be built then i built 3 iron mines, 2 fletchers(1 bows,1 crossbows) 2 tanners, 1 armourer, 1 blacksmith making swords and 1 poleturner(making pikes). i then just let my economy build up a bit, sellin extra stone and iron to get money.(you dont need inns in this level but if you want you can build them to aquire money faster) next i built 3 square towers close enough that i could attack the sultan with mangonels(you'll notice that for the blue sultan you will have to build the tower outside your gatehouse) next i built 4 fire balistae to take care of the archers rushing towards your castle.i then put all my archers from the gatehouses in the towers. after the sultans had only about 36 men or less take an army and attack in waves of about 42 pikemen and 40 swords men, 32 archers and 20 crossbowmen. after the first sultan is taken out take your men to the next.(save the blue sultan for last bacause he is the strongest) then attack the next and kill him. finally when you attack the blue sultan, use your pikemen to tear down the walls. bring all of your troops out of your keep and to attack the blue sultan to ensure you dont lose. this level is farely long. it took me 28 game years to win.......because i was experimenting on different ways to kill him. have fun with this level!
AdariousMist I actually spent more time on this one. I held off their onsloughts the way the walkthrough details. However, I chose to take out their castles with nothing more than catapults. I would simply destroy anything built till they didn't build or harvest anymore.

Granted it took more time... but.. I even used the catapults to cut their keep troops in half or more. Targetting a building or wall past the keep and taking out defense troops in the process (on top of the keep). Note that attacking the keep directly is not nearly as effective for this purpose.

[Edited on 07/18/06 @ 10:18 PM]

duc of castles
(id: Duc of Castles)
i got 20 crossbowmen on my keep then made two fire ballista with shield for each get granary apples and cheese. delete some wall to make it easy to kill the sultan's attacks. get arab swords kill the one north of you. then kill the southwest sultan. then then use lots of catapults and cut the enemy swords in half then destroy the sultan


Duc Castle
Rampard42 this level is sooo easy. i beat it in only about 30 minutes.

1. build granary, marketplace, baracks, merc post, 1 quary with two tethers, and 3 woodcutter huts.
2. when the sultans attack, don't worry about the outer gatehouses, just buy 15 crossbowmen and set them and your starting archers to defend you inner gatehouses.
3. once you get wood, add all the farm buildings from the walkthru, then add iron mines onec you get more wood, 5 should be enough.
4. when you get enough stone, build 3 square towers with magonals, one facing each sultan, and buy about 5 crossbowmen to put on each tower too.
5. begin the prodduction of crossbows and leather armour. also you could build swords and metal aromour for swordsmen, which you will need later.
6. before you start seiging, buy about 30-50 slaves to destroy all woodcutter huts and stone quarrys.
7. now move all swordsmen you have made and also 20 bought horse archers and attack the sultan abdul. set the horse archers on patrol round his castle until all archers and slingers are dead. move in for the kill with your swordsmen.
8. replenish your army with more horse archers and swordsmen and repeat for the other sultans

[Edited on 05/07/07 @ 04:21 PM]

Birowizard Although I've yet to play this level - I'm looking ford to it - I can say that I enjoy the longer game, building both defense & economy, and then the total obliteration of the enemy that comes with having worn them down until they have nothing left. I usually build up towers with braziers mangonels, (or ballistae), and archers/crossbowmen, then amass a large force of horse archers from the mercenary post. These I set to a 3 or 4 point patrol around the chosen enemy in groups of about 20 or so. Within very few minutes they'll have picked off all ranged defense and even a large number of the foot soldiers. I think the horse archers are by far the most versatile of the 'weapons' in the arsenal, and once you get past defending your own turf initially, these maps become great fun, rather than hard challenges. like I said, I'm looking forward to this one!

Update: OK; I've now played this one and it was tougher than I expected - one restart, which was my first! (mumble mumble, mutter!). Very enjoyable, very challenging, (provided you don't use the cheats vouchsafed in other comments) - I used a mixture of the walkthrough tactics, (to ward off the early attacks) and my own favourite ploy with the horse archers.
Although I lost some structural walls to early raids, (which you can't rebuild since the doopid scribe told me it was too far from my castle to build!) I found that a few small bands, (5 -6 in each) of the horse archers, patrolling within the inner permimeter was sufficient to pick off the Sultans' archers and knights, if combined with the crossbowmen and archers from the walkthrough.

I managed to tear down the enemies' economies with mangonels and briazier fed archer fire, and then to build up my own by building as many stone, iron and pitch mines as the map allowed. I also took over the farmlands of the fallen Sultans as the map progressed, allowing me to sell food, goods, weapons you name it. A few well placed trebuchets also helped to keep the Sultans from attacking me since it meant they spent all their resources on reconstructing what I was continually tearing down. Victory was long in coming, (by choice more than by necessity), but in the end, total anhillation was achived with a huge army of knights, horse archers and macemen. (not really keen on using the mace-men - they're such thugs!)

Have fun wuth this map - I did! (Thanks again to Stratego, et al for the tips!)


P.S. What's the deal with those stupid camels sitting in the middle of my famland? did anyone manage to get them to move? (I couldn't target them with any army units, either).

[Edited on 05/22/07 @ 09:21 AM]

zundappks80super you can kill them. Just select your archer(s), and select attack here. then you select the area where the camels are, and they will kill them.

Very easy "level". I managed the very first time, but i lost the outer gate house in the beginning. Then i just recruited about 50 crossbow men, put them on the gate houses, and put killing pits in front of them. then build your economy, and when you have enough archers, crossbowmen, and stone, retake the outer gate houses. very easy to do then.
Lord Stonewall Stratego I know your strategy works well, but do you know a quicker way to beat this mission?
cole 2111 What are Arabian Knights? There are European Knights(Knights are on horses by the way) but no Arabian Knights.European swordmen and Arabian swordsmen are not called knights.
polind663 I just played this level and realized a way to have all enemys attack from one direction. If you erase a small portion of your wall beside an outer gatehouse, the enemy on the other side will not bother destroying the gatehouse on the other side. Instead they will march all the way around and enter through the hole. An easy way to control opponents attacks.
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