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Stronghold Crusader: Walkthroughs » 18 - A Barren Land

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18 - A Barren Land

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Kester Mission 18 - A Barren Land

In this mission the Human Lord is set against five versions of the Snake: Duc Beauregard, Duc Vipertooth, Earl Doubletongue, Earl Poisonberry, and Lord Python. The Human Lord begins with 4000 gold, and the enemies all begin with 2000 gold. This mission turned out to be surprisingly easy, given that there are five opponents to conquer.

I tried several strategies with this mission. The first was mildly successful; I marched on two of the lords right away and conquered them without any trouble. The problem was that I was also trying to build up and maintain an economy to sustain my lord through what I anticipated would be a long gameplay. I had quarries, farms, weapons manufacturers, etc., all of which were subject to the Snakes' slaves, who will plague you throughout this mission. I spent some unnecessary time building towers with archers against the slaves.

Another strategy was to wall off my corner of the map. That kept the slaves out, but I still spent an inordinate amount of time supplying the walls and towers with archers to defend against the enemy. And given the extra time, the enemies had time to build up their armies, and I found myself continually on the defensive. On my last try, I hit upon a very simple strategy, which worked.

A Barren Land begins in January 1381. When the game starts, place the following: granary, two apple farms, 3 woodcutters, marketplace, 2 quarries with ox tethers, the barracks, and armory. Sell the extra stone and buy 30 macemen.

Immediately march upon Lord Python. He will be almost completely defenseless this early in the game. I killed him in October 1381, losing only 2 macemen. Note - there will be a message about lions attacking, but don't let it distract you. There are only two or three, and if you've left behind the spearmen and archers that you were given at the beginning, your keep should be okay!

Next march upon Earl Poisonberry. He'll die quickly also! He was killed in February of 1382, and I only lost another 3 macemen.

At this point, go back to your keep and add another 10 macemen to help you take out the third, Earl Doubletongue. Don't bother having your macemen dig the moat - just have them take down the gatehouse. When he died in September of 1382, I had only lost about 5 macemen.

Continue counter-clockwise around the map, and take out the fourth enemy, Duke Vipertooth. He won't provide much resistance against your forces.

After Duke Vipertooth dies, pull back your macemen out of reach of the last enemy's archers. Sell your accumulated stone, buy another 20 macemen, and set them marching on the last keep. When they get close, set all your remaining macemen on attacking Duc Beauregard (you should have about 50 left at this point). The Duc's keep and forces will be slightly stronger than the others, since he's had more time to prepare. I lost about 25 macemen taking him down.

The game ended in September 1383, not even three full years into gameplay!
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fimbrethil The assassin rush is the way to go. The walk-through recommendation above didn't work for me at all, and even some assassin rush attempts failed when I tried going after the Ducs right to left.

The answer is to perform a hurried assassin rush, but go after Ducs from left to right. Remember to keep adding assassins after each victory until you're broke.
shereef I agree with liberty, solving this mission using assassin rush, or macemen rush seems not only boring, but also useless, about me, there are only 2 reasons I play skirmish, to be skillful enough to play miltiplayer, and to have fun, and where is the fun (or skill) within an assassins' rush!!!

So here is how I solved this, I put a round tower (mounted with balista) near iron reserves, defensive turret near stone reserves, and 2-3 round towers to the south of my farmlands, all manned with Arabic archers, (no crossbow men). European archers also work, but you will need a larger number of them as a slave takes one arrow to die anyway, and arabic archers have not only faster rate of fire, but can also stand one more arrow than their european counterparts and also have a longer range (Using map editor will prove that). Anyway, this way you are completely safe from any slave attacks or even archers, and I don't believe that spear men would pose any trouble, this way, you will have iron, farms, stone, and plenty of guarded space for your buildings, easy and simple, you can then kill them anyway you would like. This is how I (usually) kill snakes.
The number in brackets beside each method is the total cost
First method, 150 assasins = 1dead snake. (9000)

Second method: recommended if you don't want to make a new army for each snake: 10 siege towers and 400 slingers, one siege tower to distract arrows, hang the other on a gatehouse, climb his walls with the slingers, and watch them take everyone down, even the Lord. (7500) Enough for at least 3 snakes

Third method: 200 macemen (4000) (12400) (20600)
Depends on how you calculate it. how much you pay, or the money you lost because you don't sell the weapons + the money you pay, or if you buy the weapons
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