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20 - The Saracen

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Kester Mission 20 - The Saracen

In this mission the Human Lord joins forces with Richard Lionheart against three versions of the Caliph: The Scorpion, The Jackal, and The Camel. You begin with 2000 gold, and the computer lords each start with 8000 gold.

This is not a fast game, as you start with a severe monetary disadvantage. Unlike some other skirmishes, building up a good economy and a happy populace will be important in this mission. Begin with placing apple farms on the available land, even before placing the granary, or the computer lords will take the space. If they do, send your spearmen over to destroy their farms. Next place your granary, two quarries and ox tethers, marketplace, barracks, armory and mercenary post.

Enclose your keep by building walls on the edge of the rivers, to block off the enemy. On the side near The Camel, make the wall about 3 tiles deep. On the side near Richard Lionheart, build a gatehouse.

Add an inn, chapels, iron mines, additional quarries (across the river in Lionheart's land), two fletchers (for crossbows), a blacksmith (to make maces), a tanner, dairy farms, wheat farms, mill and bakeries as resources become available to pay for them.

Once your economy is stable, begin building catapults and direct them towards The Camel. At first this mission can seem quite daunting, because all three of the caliphs immediately begin building castles with a lot of towers. However, once their gold is spent, they don't seem to have very good ways of replenishing it. For example, the only caliph with a quarry is The Scorpion. Once you begin knocking down their towers and walls, it becomes fairly easy to attack. Just be sure to have enough forces built up first, as each of the caliphs concentrates all of their own forces right on their keeps. When I attacked The Camel I had about 80 macemen, 30 Arabian swordsmen, and 20 crossbowmen. I had flung several cows prior to the attack, and that helped to kill off some of his forces. Gameplay began in 0 A.D., and The Camel died in February of year 12.

A note on Richard Lionheart: Just as I was conquering The Camel, Lionheart fell to The Jackal. I had given him every assistance he asked for, while he gave me nothing the few times I requested his help. His main purpose in this mission seems to be to occupy the attentions of The Jackal and The Scorpion until you have time to take out The Camel.

After The Camel is gone, build up your forces again, concentrating on macemen and crossbowmen. Again, let catapults do the preliminary work against The Jackal. Set several to attack from where Lionheart's castle used to be. Also send catalpults to the little island in the center to take out the fire ballista that lies between the two enemy castles. Otherwise, your advancing forces will be destroyed by fire when you finally march on The Jackal. When I attacked The Jackal, I had about 100 macemen, 20 Arabian swordsmen, and 20 crossbowmen. He finally fell in May of year 19.

Use the same strategy to take out the final enemy, The Scorpion. Try to get one of the catapults close enough to take out the quarry, or his castle will be rebuilt as soon as you can knock it down. This time, after knocking down all the towers and killing the milling peasants with diseased cows, I sent in about 20 crossbowmen to pick off the forces huddled on the keep. The Scorpion's army was down to about 40 when I attacked with my 80 or so macemen, and 20 Arabian swordsmen. The Scorpion finally died in January of year 28.

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holding strong Okay, you are facing 3 caliphs and have the lionheart as an ally. the first thing you must do (after creating your granary) is create a gatehouse and moat on the south entrance to your base (dont put any forces on this) to stem off "the camel" 's attacks. He will not be able to get past the moat. Next, you will need to get the economy booming. I suggest churches and immediate taxing. You have very little farm space on this map. Don't use the south side of your little island for farming, as the caliph will shoot your farmers down. If you want to destroy farms within your island, use an assassin so they dont retaliate. Once you have done this, assist the lionheart in any way possible. Start by adding to his castle so none may simply walk past it. You should add archers on richard's southern walls to help defend him and destroy the caliphs. Once you are in position, make a mercenary post and send a force of 50 arabion troops (or more) to help against the caliphs (a catapult could come in handy too). When only "the camel" is left, then change your strategy (remember your gatehouse?) You will need to make more troops so you can flank "the camel", so make another catapult to act from within your base. Obliterate him, and have a little fun with it too. :)
philip5000 When i played richard destroyed 2 enemys and i didnt even need to help

[Edited on 02/06/06 @ 03:51 AM]

AdariousMist I did things a bit different, and it worked though it didn't offer me a very high score in the end...only 2131.

At the game speed of 20, I placed farms, granary, merc post, 1 wood cutter, and merc post. I hired 24 assassins and went after 'The Jackal'. I made sure they went straight for him (not peasants or troops) ... and got him yellow lined. Then I hired and sent 15 more which finished him off. This left me with no gold, but with Richard with some breathing space. As soon as I could, I hired 24 arab archers and 2 fire throwers for the top of my keep.

Next, I got stone production going, and as soon as enough was available, built a square tower on my side of the river, towards 'the jackal' .. and used wall to wall any area between it and the rocks in. This seemed to prevent his attacks with slaves/archer groups on my keep.

Next, as food was getting low, I sold off some stone and bought bread. Using the same resource I bought a engineer guild, 2 catapults and 1 treb. Between the 2, I knocked out the Jackal's towers that were within range of my farms. I rebuilt a few apple farms, a hops farm and a wheat farm...using woodcutters to clear space if necessary. Meanwhile I continued to take out most of the Jackal's towers (destroying his merc guild every time he rebuilt). Finally, when his towers were gone, I hired 30 assassins and nailed him.

This is when I focused more on food/economic production, preparing to attack the Scorpion. I didn't however need to, as Richard did that just shortly after.

[Edited on 07/21/06 @ 02:15 PM]

duc of castles
(id: Duc of Castles)
I started like Stratego with the quarrys and wall but then i started making bows and crossbowmen,swords,armor,barracks,armory,mine, woodcutters, and some farms and granary, wall your farms off or the Caliphs will beat the crap out of your farmers. make 2 towers south of your keep on your island and man it with a ballista and mangonel + shield for each. put some archers and crossbowmen up there. get ale up and sell food at the market. about the time i got my economy good lionheart killed the blue caliph right under him(that caliph had a PATHETIC castle it was wicked squished in there). Then when i got enough troops to defend myself i started training an attacking army.use 30-50 horse archers to kill his archers on the towers then get your crossbowmen and archers in to kill his ARCHERS. then kill him with your swordsmen. or you could wait till lionheart destroys him and then just kill him as he'll only have a few troops left then kill the last caliph any way you like just don't use your lord unless caliph's down to yellow health and his troops are dead.


Birowizard Thanks to Kester for the walkthrough! This one looked like it was going to be difficult, (and at the very first it was a little - having to survive the first waves of attacks), but turned out to be pretty easy. Richard really doesn't assist you, beyond being a distraction for the other Caliphs, (and he did take out the one furthest from him before I could get there).
However, I never needed seige, but relied on good old horse archers, pikemen and crossbowmen to make it through. Actually, that's a fib: I used mangonels on top of the towers nearest to the Caliphs on either side, and they did such a good job i really didn't even need to do anything but walk in and finish each of them off with a few pikemen. (I managed to build three towers on each side). This was also the first skirmish in which I felt compelled to try out fire ballistae, and they proved exceptionally effective, if used in groups of 2 or 3. They put paid to the 2 nearest Caliphs very quickly, since they have no economy, and very little means with which to replace their wood supplies. (Assuming you have patrolling horse archers on agressive - they kill everything!)

not a very trying map at all, but good fun to watch the Caliphs bluster about getting my army away from their lands!

Cheers! Birowizard
Venomrider This was mostly a fun mission...

I started with the usual setup of my base woodcutters,granary etc.After that I placed 2 quarries and made 3 oxen tethers next to them and bought 30 stone and errected a tower and mangonel to fire on the camel while I set 5 slingers to defend lionheart's iron mines for his swords,it was about this time that caliph used fire ballistae to kill my farmers and smash their farms (wheat) and he had almost broken past my 2 layer wall at the ford nearest my farmland (placed at start)but i got 2 assasins to silence those noisy and troublesome ballistas and got caliph to light his own base on fire with his own pitch ditch.Next thin I did was out another mangonel tower over near the scorpion's base which wore him down to nothng just like the camel wh was now dirt poor and had 0 popularity :.)----the only thing I had to do now was get 6 catapults and tear down the jackal's towers and I inished them all with swordsmen.

Easy mission,hope you guys had fun on it,I most certainly did after an annoying level like greek fire.
ibballin 1. Erect granary, marketplace, an apple farm, a woodcutter hut, one iron mine, 1 quarry, and 2 ox tethers.
2. Always supply and reinforce Richard with everything you have.
3. Command him to attack the Caliphs when he can.
The Hungarian If you build a square tower near enough to the camel and place a mangonel on it you can take out the camel's towers nearest you in a jiffy
KingRobert I've finished this mission in 10 game years. first I placed 1apple orchard,1wheat-farm as far as possible from The Camel-1granary-2woodcutters-1quarry-2ox tethers. Quickly I've bought 15bows and 5 crossbow with 5 leather to put the created units in to a round tower at half way between my keep and the river next to The Camel. This gives you enough protection from him. I placed also a small gate next to the stone quarry and sent on top of it 5-6 archers. As wood began to gather I placed one more stone quarry,2ox's,4-5 iron mines,1mill,5bakeries, began to produce units(mainly maceman, assassins and horse archers). I've created 50 archers and sent them on top of 4 round towers which wasn't a real necessary thing to do. Next thing to do was to win this mission by destroying each and every version of caliph. THE END
uttkarsh has submitted his own walkthough for mission 20 in the Miscellaneous files section.

Maybe his way is another good way to win?

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