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21 - The Desert Wind

Author File Description
Stratego Mission 21 – The Desert Wind

Start conditions:
Five adversaries: The Rat, Duc de Puce,
The Pig, Duke Truffe,
The Pig, Duke Pigsbury,
The Pig “Boar”

Here we’ve got 2000 pieces of Gold for both player and each adversary.

Right from the beginning, you’re quarrelling with the three adversaries nearby about the northern stone and iron deposits. Therefore, you have to bring these important areas and your “neighbours” under control as much early as possible.

This first task is achievable, because your opponents are starting under the same financial conditions and they are slowly making progress with their developments.

First I would build: 1 granary, 5 stockpile elements, 3 woodcutters, 2 apple orchards, 1 market, 1 barrack and 1 engineer’s guild.

After that, I advise you to buy about 80 stones to erect two square towers connected with walls and manned by two mangonels ordering sustained fire against the Pig’s and the Rat’s nearest positions. It’s effective to send several crossbowmen and Arabian archers onto both towers. Don’t fail to pull down some wall stairs again to block up the access to your towers, if the hostile soldiers should try to enter them.

Your next steps are: 2 hovels, 1 brewery, 1 inn, 1 armoury and 5 fletchers ( two of them producing bows, three crossbows).
Permanently keep an eye on the stone and iron deposits. If there isn’t any danger to use them, you should erect at least two quarries, four ox tethers and three iron mines. Keep on consolidating your settlement by adding more square towers, manned by mangonels to press your “neighbours” hard.

A well-running stone and iron production will allow you to improve your financial situation for a prospering economic development. You have to look after more huts and a stable production of swords and armours by recruiting several offensive units (swordsmen). Assisted by some catapults and fire ballistas you will be able to eliminate all enemies one after another. However, the hardest opponent certainly will be Richard Lionheart, but believe me; he will finally surrender, if you are persistent and patient!

It took me about 15 years till victory.

I wish you “Good Luck”!


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luiguigarac I've played this mission and used this thread help, it's really useful and the game was fun till the last second, when I killed the last opponent (Lionheart) and while he said his last words, I got back to my keep to start selling the extra resources (I always do it for getting more gold in the final statistics) but suddenly the screen turned black and crusader had to close because a problem :( NOOO! (i didn't save the game) but that's not my main worry, if crusaders keeps closing suddenly...(i don't know if it was something I touched, something on my computer or in the game)
unknownk i think it is a good way to beat the level but i used a much easier way to beat it.
palestine hi...unknownk....what is the strategy u used to beat the level?
Rampard42 i followed the walkthrough only up to the build two towers part. if you send your starting archers on the one closer to the rat, then you don't even need to pay attention to him and you can focus more on the two pigs. And one quick tip: when you have enough gold, build a fire ballista and target the opposing quarrys, mines, and keeps.
Birowizard This one was dead easy - after fending off the Pigs' attacks early on, I found it possible to wall off the entire corner of the map where I was, and line it with firethrowers, archers, crossbowmen, you name it. after that, nothing came near. I went overboard on population, with 206 by the end, and had trouble feeding them, even with farms on almost every bit of available land - I'd killed off the Snake/Pig combos and was left with the Lionheart. I crippled his food productions by destroying his farms, and left horse archers on patrol by all his mines, (then destroyed them too).

I had a massively oversized army for the job, which is always fun, and about 3 fire ballistae continually setting fire to his buildings. I did spot a bug in the map I think: even though you destroy Richard's market, and he's out of wood, (remember I'd also blocked him from getting anyone out of the gates to get more), he still managed to replenish his supply with something like 60 pieces! he didn't get it from destroying his own buildings - they were on fire - and he had no woodcutters. hmm... interesting. The Lionheart doth cheat, tho' he proclaimeth he wisheth for a fair fight?! Hypocrisy my Lord!

all right - it wasn't fair I killed him with about 130 archers and 60 pikemen, but I wasn't the one asking for the fair fight!

Cheers again,

[Edited on 05/29/07 @ 11:37 AM]

Illpassonusernam Rofl i beat everyone exept blue pig and lionheart.Then right before I was about to lay siege on the pig he kill the lionheart!lol
peter2008 I remember that some years ago on this map I got the idea of using rush tactis for the first time. I sold almost all 2k gold and bought the equipment for 20 macemen, then wiped out nasty rat. My men would not be lazy after that but destroyed every field, woodcutter's hut, mine, quarry ect. of the pigs. Meanwhile with the 0,5k killing award I bought wood and brought up a nice economy.
Lionheart and the blue pig were both enclosed in their castles. Overrun them in one minute each. What a pleasure this mission.
Downzie28 what i do it quite effective for clearing out the majotity of your enemies. And fast!
All you have to do to is build your granary, 3 houses and a merc. post as quickly as possible. the spend ALL of your gold on buying assassins. send them to one enemy after the other. you'll be surprized at what they can do. you may want to lower the game play speed but i dont bother personally. You will probably run out of assassins but all you have to is protect your castle from any enemies that may be left, build back an army and play the game like it should be done ;)
ter418 i did it way easyer slow to 20 and get stone receorce and wood biuld granary and apple farm and wheat farm get lookout by pigs and by rat fill with archers enclose quick with 2 gates and keep upkeep of archers in towers and get magoels and take out with archer horse/regular no cross bows and a few arabic sowrds to kill all off thats how i won fun map but takes long time
jhimbob I like playing missions without any strategy help, only resort to it if I'm really stuck...Which I haven't done so far :P
This one was pretty good for me, bought some maces to begin with to finish the Rat off, kept mangonels firing on the pig to the north and east, then eventually assassin rushed them fairly easily. Third pig was a bit harder (the far north one) but after 5 catapults knocked down the wall, just rushed him with some macemen. I thought Lionheart would be harder, but he had barely 50 troops so I just knocked down his double gatehouses from afar with my 5-6 catapults and rushed him with macemen and assassins.
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