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22 - Red Beak

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Kester Mission 22 - Red Beak

This mission is the Human Lord against Caliph "The Scorpion". Human Lord begins with 2000 gold, and the Caliph starts with 8000 gold. Gameplay begins in 0 A.D.

Red Beak is a fun mission, partly because the look of the map is different. The two keeps are set on opposite sides of a large oasis. Begin by placing the granary, several woodcutters, the marketplace, and two wheat fields. As resources allow, add a mill, two bakeries, the armory, a fletcher (for crossbows), the inn, and barracks. Half a dozen lions will immediately attack, so be prepared with your provided archers and spearmen.

Stone and iron deposits sit temptingly close to your keep, but don't waste your wood placing quarries and mines. To reach them, your workers have to go around the entire oasis, and they won't last long going past the enemy castle. Instead, place a lookout tower on your side of the rocks next to the stone deposits, and set 4-5 crossbowmen in it to pick off the enemy workers.

Set a second lookout tower in the corner between the two keeps (in the corner diagonally across from the stone deposits and your other tower), and arm it with crossbowmen. The Caliph will frequently attack with very small numbers of Arabian swordsmen, and this will prevent them from getting close.

To win in this game you have to come up with a source of gold other than stone and iron. Look to the hunters, woodcutters and bakeries! Game abounds in this mission, and with about 6 hunters you'll soon have enough meat to sell.

When all of that is in place, begin building up your army. I concentrated on macemen and crossbowmen. When I thought I was close to having enough units to attack, I added two catapults and set them to destroying the Caliph's towers and gatehouse. By the time they were reduced to rubble, I had about 20 crossbowmen and 35 macemen. This proved sufficient to conquer the Caliph in May of 9 A.D.
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homergobye these are just some tricks for win on level not a full walkthrough as i admit i used the guy who wrote this missions walkthrough.take advantedge of the little iron to the right of your keep i got 3 iron mines out of it. that little gold helps. use a fire balistai to knock down his farms and woodcuters to prevent him from growing. use macemen and horsearchers as a distraction in the end to take him. also if you have the gold use some trebuchets to do damage to his base.
youknowithurts I tried the above walk through, it was tricky and I kept getting dinked, after a few tries I found a super easy way to do this level:

Start by gettin all your men onto your keep, get some fire for your archers, this will then sort out the attackin lions.

Next get a granry to sort your food out.

Then scroll down to your opponents castle. Wait until his keep is enclosed, note the bottom corner will remain open as it buts up against the edge of the border. Once the rest is filled in place OX tethers against the entrance to his gatehouse. There will be 2 fire ballisters either side so you will have to keep watch and add ox's as and when.

This will then stop any production from him. you dont need to set up any towers or any defences as he has no quarries or food or anything.

Build up your economy, you can get 3 iron mines, 2 wheat farms and a load of wood huts, set up a mil, later 2, and around 6 bakeries up as you go along.

Food and iron and wood should be sold via the market, then you can set up yor armory, barracks and fletcher & iron works to produce cros bows and maces.

You will need to increse your stock pile as your iron ^ wood will be flowing in. You can get 2 wheat farms in, with some wood cut. but will still need to buy soime wheat at the begining just to keep you toped up.

There will be no pressure on you just keep the ox's outside the keep. you can then build up your army. I just had 9 catapult, 9 ballisters, 15 mace and 10 cross bow and moved then in to attack. You will have to buy stone , but he will have no money and you will be towards the 10'000 mark for money. buy some hops early, get 2 brewery and 2 -3 pubs and wack the tax's up.

Add a chapel and catherderal for the populatity thenonce pubs up hit em with the taxes.

Get 2 fire balister and move em in to take their firts ones out, then just sit back, keep an eye on the ox's to replace as and when but then you can build up and hit when ever you want.

Note, as soon as you do start attcking, it will release his fod and quarry men, so fire ballester them, use the catapults to take out his tower and buildings, keeo selling from your stock pile.

You can knock all his buildings out with the catapults, and the men with firebalisters positioned well, then when ever you want send in the mace men, when only his lordid left, i used monks from the catherdral, just to humiliate him. he will then crumble.

Doing it this way it was easier than level 1. no presure just out build, out money and crush him like a baby.

Level finidhed dead quick....Im off now for the next level!!!
Sarge 74 I tried a mixture of all of your tactics. He attacks right off the bat in the beginning so get crossbows quick. I built a tower near the iron to protect it, in the tower there were 25 archers 10 crossbows and a ballista. I also built a tower near his iron and stone to stop his production after that he stopped attacking me with horse archers and large groups of arab swordsmen. I was able to place two wheat fields and be able to support a population of 50. I used the iron and made armor to sell (sells more then raw iron) and used the gold to buy arab swordsmen. I then went on to buy bows and engineers and seiged his castle. I trebed him to death and then bull rushed him. This strategy takes time and patience.

[Edited on 11/13/05 @ 07:41 PM]

emmilian_tgv i've complicated myself a litle, but it worked:
1st,I placed a moat (with a few slave i've created) in the upper corner so I was perfectly isolated from my opponent.
2nd, I placed 2 defense tower from wich my arrabian archers could reach my opponents farms an stone quarrys keeping him (to) away from those resurces.
3rd, with a litle patience and protected this way I've created myself a worthy army(10 catapults and 60 macemen)
4th, after my army was created i've demolish the moat and went to batle.

[Edited on 11/16/05 @ 06:31 AM]

tinney_29 This mission is impossible. I think I am OK at crusader but I have no way to beat this mission. I am good at getting ann economy going well and I can usually start an army up well but with so little gold and resources I can't seem to do both at the same time. What do I do?
gtown tinney_29 defend from the lions first of then build 3-4 woodshoppers, 2 wheat farms and 2 crossbow makers. Make barracks and a mercenary post (buy wood if necessary). Make a house Buy 5-6 slaves to dig moat to protect you. Make a lookout tower behind the moat during the diging of the moat and fill with 5 crossbow men (later add another with archers to take out slaves). Add another lookout tower where the califf's rock production is and fill with 5 crossbowmen. Make a mill and 4-5 bakeries. As the wood continues to flow in or you buy it make crossbow makers until you have 10 of them. That can be your main economy as you should sell all the crossbows unless you lose troops. Make balista's to destroy crops and trebuchets to destroy towers (buy stone). If you need more money use the iron supply. If you have any skills at this game, from you should be able to kill the califf easily.
AdariousMist "place OX tethers against the entrance to his gatehouse. There will be 2 fire ballisters either side so you will have to keep watch and add ox's as and when." -youknowithurts

I have a few things to add to this. first, yes..there are fire ballistas but no you don't have to watch them frequently. What you do is place some close to each ballista, and in front of the gatehouse. Eventually it will start them all on fire and take the ballistas with the tethers. Once done, and the fire dies down, replace in front of gatehouse and don't worry about it.

Second, that strategy has a time limit. After a certain amount of time 'The Scorpion' will drop most of his towers and gatehouse, giving him (and you) open access. However, as this allows any troops he might have out, and gives him resources again, when this happens you have to move on him as quickly as possible.

[Edited on 07/23/06 @ 11:43 AM]

Birowizard I found this one to be easier than I thought it would be. The strategic tower from the walkthrough, overlooking the quarries & mines that the Caliph puts up was very useful in slowing down his economy. I also found that I could get 3 iron mines on the small deposit of iron to the left of my keep, (if viewed with Caliph at top of screen.)
Sales of that, plus the foods that I was harvesting, (including beer), meant that I was able to buy enough stone, mangonels and archers/crossbowmen for several more towers overlooking the oasis land, and defending the one open side of the map. The Caliph employs fire ballistas to good effect if you do not harrass the oasis area, and he is devastating with them! Fire archers, mangonels, and crossbows are essential on top of at least 2 towers placed as close to his keep, near the rocks on your side, as you can get them.
After a while, his attacks diminshed to nothing other than fire slaves, which my archers picked off with ease.
Once defense was stabilized, I concentrated on buying heavier weapons: pikes, armour, swords, horse archers, and knights of both types. These turned out to be unnecassary.
With a few fire ballistae causing havoc in his compound, (having sent the horse archers to remove his ranged defenses first), I finished him off easily with a few pikemen and knights. I've found that once you've created a hole in the enemy's walls, if you leave your men on agressive stance, they'll naturally go in and take care of business by themsleves, if they're within a dozen map squares or so of any enemy units. This is very useful for multpile enemy maps, since you can more or less leave them there to 'play' while you make sure you're defended from the other foes...

Easy pickings in this one!

[Edited on 05/30/07 @ 09:35 AM]

Spidermandud On this level, to destroy quite alot of his troops easily I found that by placing ox tethers not only outside his gate, but randomly placing them inside his castle, he would set those on fire as well igniting many of his buildings and people inside his castle; I didn't even have to make the tethers go to sleep; it was easy pickings from there on out as while he was occupied with the fires raging inside his castle; he couldn't get any food back, so I built a few fire ballista and burnt his farms, then built about 4 catapults and battered down his walls (not too much) During all this I was building up a small army and rampaged his castle after the fires went down.
DaveO There's another strategy: Quickly build up your economy, sell your stone, buy about 55 Bows and produce archers. Then you run with them to the caliph. 55 archers should be enough to kill his archers and ruin his economy until youve got enough macemen to kill the caliph.
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