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23 - Flatland

Author File Description
Stratego Mission 23 - Flatland

5 opponents (Rats):
“Duke de Puce”, “The Marten”, “The Weasel”, The Ferret”, “Duke Camembert”.

Initial capital for player: 2000 gold, low number of start resources, high number of initial units;
Initial capital for each opponent: 4000 gold, low number of start resources, medium number of initial units;

Of course, you will exclusively face characters of the “Rat” in this mission, but when they all together start their concentrated attacks, it might happen a critical situation for you, if you’re careless. Beforehand one thing: You will hardly be able to maintain the green belt for a constant food production. For that reason, you have to buy in different food stuffs right from the beginning of this scenario to achieve a high popularity-bonus of food.
These purchases of food in the beginning you should finance by a massive sale of iron, produced in three iron mines and by a sale of stones supplied by two quarries nearby. As always, it’s advisable to slow down game speed on a low level. Then successively erect the following buildings as fast as possible (for these projects buy in about 250 woods):
5 stockpile elements, 1 market place, 1 granary, 4 woodcutters, 2 huts, 2 quarries, 4 ox tethers, 3 iron mines, 1 armoury, 1 barrack, 4 fletchers (producing crossbows!), 1 brewery (buy hops!) and 1 inn. Additionally create an engineer’s guild to get a variety of siege equipments. When the first beer-barrels are available, you can raise the tax rate.
After that you should place two square towers south-west of your keep, but wait until the first stones will be delivered in your stockpile. Don’t buy any stones on the market! Order your initial archers on top of your towers, because the first common attack of all five Rats will be imminent.
Besides, post your swordsmen and knights behind the towers in an aggressive attitude, eliminating all the Rats’ spearmen. It might be possible that you’ll lose some workshops, but don’t worry, you should have the knack of this first massive hostile attack. After that, more stones will be available to complete your settlement by a strong wall construction. Add two more square towers, manned by crossbowmen (buy leather arms!) With the help of about 50 crossbowmen on your four towers nothing will shock you anymore.
Increase your population and keep on selling stone and iron, being able to buy in food and leather arms. Finally, build up an offensive army composed of crossbowmen, swordsmen, (or macemen). Erect workshops like blacksmiths and armourers. Besiege all Rats by starting your siege southeast of the map near to De Puce’s Castle. I personally ordered a group of 25 crossbowmen protected by three shields in front of De Puce’s gatehouse. They eliminated all hostile archers and spearmen, whilst a dozen swordsmen tore down the gate and entered the small castle to kill the Rat. This simple strategy will work everywhere, no matter where you will start your attack.
Alternatively you can also choose about 80-100 Arabian horse archers instead of crossbowmen for your offensive. Horse archers will fire their arrows while riding around the castles.

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holding strong In this map, you are facing 5 rats with twice as much gold as you. This may seem bad, but its not so hard if you start right. (Do not use farms, as the rats will destroy them, so buy your own food with taxes instead) Immediately after you site your granary, make a cathedral and church for taxes, then leave it. Start a quarry so you can get stone quickly. Build a marketplace. Immediately make a stone gatehouse and lookout towers placed closely together. Add braziers and put the archers in. 5 archers per lookout tower, the rest always on the gatehouse. The rats will attack you in waves, but keep reinforcing your archers and you will be fine. Just remember to hire some fletchers. After you close yourself in with a good sized barrier, make a second row of towers, only this time, make it instead of lookout towers, make it round towers with ballistae on them, and more archers. Once you have these 2 layers of defence up, you need not worry about the periodical attacks from the rats anymore, as the archers can easily handle them. When your defence is done, start massproducing macemen (the rats troops are terrible.) so just take the rats out one by one with groups of macemen (size of 100 mace men suggested when attacking a rat.) Just make the rats squeak before you kill them, okay?
SirRavenFire 3
Just a quick tip, in this mission dont use food at all buy hops and make a brewery instead. Also right in the beggining buy 5 ale and sell all your food.
luiguigarac I used this help and passed the mission. I bought food everytime but selling stone and iron gave me enough gold.
I attacked the rats with crossbowmen and pikemen, and I think the harder rat was the first one "Duc de Puce" (all were full of spearmen in his keeps) so I had to use my crossbowmen very well, but after some tries with the first one I got some "experience" and enough troops to kill them one by one.
Majuzjuh I didn't like this mision because of the problem with the food.

erraunt Interesting mission.

It's a bit of a change from previous because there is time and resources for more of a seige as opposed to holding the opposition at bay until you can knock them out or scrambling up an early knock out.

Only took me one restart to hit the stride of this mission.

My "solution".

It's pretty apparent, pretty quick that importing food is the route to go and stone and iron are the main resources.

My habit is to always begin with granery, market, hovel, two woodcutters and expand the stockpile to 4 tiles.

In this case my next phase was a quarry and an iron mine. Then armory, barracks and a couple of fletchers. As I had the wood left I built two more woodcutters and turned to my castle.

On the south of my area I put in a small gatehouse and moving west a bit I built a round tower, quickly connected these with a high wall and ran it east to the outcrops and ran about 2/3 of my archers into the round tower.

Then I started a run of low wall (not being sure what would happen next in the scenario I elected the long, fast and cheap route) from the round tower to the north.

The combined Rats were drawing near and I rushed running to the northwest corner of my area and dropping back with a low wall. I got off in my alignment and put up a small tower to close the gap, and quickly shifted knights and swordsmen to behind the wall where the largest concentration of Ratlings were beating on the walls.

I didn't have archers along the wall so the Ratlings got through but were quickly mopped up by swordsmen and converged archery. The relatively valuable knights I held back. I keep my troops hot keyed so I had four units: 2/3 of the archers in the SW round tower, 1/3 of the archers in the Keep, the swordsmen, the knights.

Swordsmen run interference between the keep and a breakthrough, the knights behind them as 1 or 2 of the Ratlings will break off occasionally and head for your production buildings. Run them down with the Knights. Use the archers to support whatever seems most important.

After this first assault I added a second quarry and oxen and checked my food stores. I'm rather a fan of bread, so I built a couple bakeries, a mill, and laid in some wheat and a starter supply of flower and some other food to cover me until the break baking got off the ground. I have done the math, but my hunch is that it's cheaper in the long run to buy wheat and process it than to buy the foodstuffs directly.

By now I have some wood, some stone and a bit of iron. Sell the iron, buy wood if necessary, build more iron mines then back to the walls.

I backed up the low walls with high walls a space back, then placed another gate facing West as a "sally port" and another round tower. Had enough stone to repair the low wall.

Checked supplies and built an engineer post and started the cycle of building more archers.

Sold resources for gold and put a balista on the round towers and occupied them, scattered my archers on the outer wall.

Second attack of the Ratlings and I quickly filled between the low and high wall along the West with crenelated wall. (Later when I had time I'd put crenelations on the outside as well. Learned this from the Wolf. I didn't know if the Rat would be clever enough to use ladders, but this 4 ply wall defeats them pretty handily.)

Now I can settle back a bit. 30 archers and two balista take care of most attacks while they are developing. So I can work on developing food and resources. More quarries and iron mines (I like a lot of extra) and then start building breweries, inns, more housing, and weapon shops. I didn't need to tax but I did anyway.

This is the fun part of the scenario because the Ratlings keep coming and if you want to play with seige defense you can. I tested the oil smelter on a later attack.

Sometime after this you can develop your war machine and beseige the Rats. It doesn't take much. As I seemed to be low on wood and without cows I concentrated on swords and pikes and invested in leather and crossbows for about 40 crossbowmen. I built some other troups as well, but most of my Rat extermination was accomplished with 40 crossbows, 50 pikes, and 30 swords and one catapult. Crossbows and catapults on archers and nearest tower, send in the pikes with the swords close behind.

The swordsmen were overkill in every case.

There were other things I did in there but they were sideshows.
Sir Danath I found the strategy recommended pretty effective. You've gotta put a stone tower about center between the two sides of the map, up on your hill. Fill it with archers, and have a go at it. Before long, stone and iron get rolling in, no problem. Just need to remember to keep buying food.
lord martin If you position your towers correctly, you should be fine holding off the rats initial forces. Just make sure to position some of your swordsman by the entrances to your towers so enemy spearman cannot get to your arches.

Overall this is an easy mission. The hardest part is having to listen to the rats annoying comments!
Birowizard I got so annoyed with this level! I had managed to get up several defensive towers, manned with archers and braziers, and was getting my economy going to the point where I had everything I needed, I saved, and then Bang! The game crashed and I lost even the saved data. Harrumph!

Oh well. Starting out again, game speed to minimum, I placed one square tower in the bottom left corner of the hill, (as you look at the map the way Stratego shows it). I sent half the archers up there, and then placed granary, 1 quarry, 2 tethers, and 2 iron mines and a market. I bought in food, and more wood. Setting the food consumption to half rations, but buying in some of everything, keeps you from losing popularity, as long as you have beer! I later placed a church to help with this.

Next came barracks, armoury, mill, bakeries, (2) brewery and inns (2). I bought in hops for the brewery, (cheaper than beer), wheat for the mill and started to sell whatever came into the stockpile whenever it was delivered. I got stone to buy 30 archers initially, and then just sold iron and bread, to allow stone to build up. (
Hint: Add to the quarries and iron mines as wood/space allows; these make the economy much faster flowing, and frees up cash reserves to buy food if needed).
I built towers overlooking each of the fords, but on the top of my hill, and eventually strengthened these to include smaller towers, closer in on the next level down, nearer to the fords. At the mid point I had repelled all attacks, regardless of numbers, and hadn't lost more than maybe 20 archers from all of the combined attacks. Note on this: The attacks are plentiful, and in numbers that appear daunting if you're not used to how badly the Rat(s) play. Each of them seem to marshall large numbers in one or two areas, just before sending them in to attack. As long as you've enough archers up the towers, almost none of the enemies' men make it to your people or workers.
(Hint: keep a few archers/crossbowmen, say 9 - 10 on top of your keep with braziers, just in case).

I produced a mixture of ranged defense, including horse archers, (for later on), crossbows, archers, ballistea & fire ballistae.

Once I had about 40 horse archers, I marched on each of the Rats, counterclockwise, in turn, starting with top left, (assuming you're in the top right of the map). Horse archers remove the ranged defense, the fire ballistae destroy his internal structures and most of his people, then a few pikemen/knights finish him off. Working one Rat at a time, I was able to get to the point where I could set up the horse archers on patrol outside his keep, go back to my keep and sell stuff to get more men to refill as needed, and return at the point when I could set the ballistae, then pikemen on him. This worked beautfully, for all five, even when one of them sent reinfomrcements to help out! (Horse archers took care of them pretty easily - what great guys they are!)

Very methodical, very fun, but not much of a challenge.

Still.. The desert awaits...

regards, Birowizard

[Edited on 05/30/07 @ 09:40 AM]

Lord Stonewall So easy, just buy wheat for food. For troops archers will work just fine. If you're an arab use horse archers.
Lord Wabbit I found this one great fun. After fending off the mass initial attack, it was easy to wall off the castle and start to ruthlessly exploit the rich iron and stone deposits which are key to your success. I found it awkward buying wheat and hops instead of farming them, and I often bought too many but this mattered little.

I extending my castle so I could protect the oasis south of me with lookout towers brimming with Crossbowmen. I annihilated each Rat with 50 Crossbowmen and 70 Macemen in a clockwise sweep. It was quite amusing to see, after every Rat I killed, I had about 250 stone accumulated and by the end I had far too much money than I could think to spend.
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