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Stronghold Crusader: Walkthroughs » 24 - Death in the Dunes

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24 - Death in the Dunes

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Stratego Mission 24 - Death in the Dunes

Here it is, my personal solution for the 24th mission, Death in the Dunes:

Your starting position in the midst of the map without any arable land and four Sultans surrounding your keep isn't really optimal. But the current Deathmatch conditions in this scenario with plenty of gold and food will give you enough compensation for an effective start. You should begin by building up 1 granary, 7 stockpile elements, 4 woodcutters' huts, 1 market place, 1 armoury, 1 barrack and 1 engineer guild. After these preparations you have to enclose your keep including the near stone deposits by using all available stones at the beginning. Don't integrate any gatehouse in this first phase. Next you'll have to sell all your initial iron, pitch and wheat subsequently buying 50 bows and about 200 stones. Then place five square towers on every corner of your castle and arm each of them with mangonels. Recruit 50 archers and send 10 archers on each tower to control the enemies' activities. Now's the time to activate your mangonels by weakening the sensitive enemies' targets, like the keeps, gatehouses or workshops by sustained fire. Meanwhile your archers should kill the hostile peasants disturbing the enemies' economic development. By applying this procedure you will be straight on your way to victory, even in this early phase. Continue to expand your settlement and let your population prosper. Three quarries and 5 ox tethers will help you to proceed faster. Build up more towers and likewise place mangonels on it until the Sultans will suffer from lack of gold. Later you'll have to sell your produced stones to buy food, leather, swords and armours.
Recruit more archers, crossbowmen, and swordsmen concerning the forthcoming final offensives. You should make your opponents angry with your mangonels until the Sultans would have spent all their money for reinforcements. That's the best moment to begin striking with your swordsmen and crossbowmen...and believe me, you'll succeed!

... good luck!

Best regards

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Kester Here is an alternative strategy (my new favorite strategy for skirmishes where I begin with equal or greater gold than my opponents!). I began by placing two woodcutters, two quarries, and two ox tethers, thinking that I would need to generate revenue. With starting gold of 10,000, though, I don't think I actually did! I then placed an inn and a brewery (though the game ended up being so short that again, I don't think it was really necessary). Then I placed the barracks, armory and marketplace.

Next I bought weapons and soon had an army of 45 macemen. They marched on Sultan Abdul and killed him in October of year 0. I lost 13 macemen in that skirmish, so I bought another 15 to add to the remaining 32. That army of 46 marched on the second enemy, Sultan Ahmed and dispatched him in April of year 1.

From there I again bought more macemen, bringing the total to 66 to march upon the 3rd enemy, Sultan Mustapha. He was vanquished in October of year 1. Going for overkill, I built up my army to 86 macemen to go against the final foe, Sultan Hashim. Victory was achieved in January, year 2.

This is a fun, quick skirmish!
Birowizard I'm part way through this map, and am looking forward to finishing it off later.

The walkthrough is very valuable in that it gives you enough initial resources placed that you don't overstretch your own resources, or supplies. Ignore it at your own risk! (cheats notwithstanding).

There are attacks a-plenty here, from Arabian swordsmen, slingers and archers, et al, but if you enclose the keep and have built dilligently, you should be fine. I found that a small enclosure to start with worked best, with (by the time I defeated my first Sultan) about 6 towers in total, all with mangonels, braziers, archers and crossbowmen.

From this position, I plan to add more heavy armour, horse archers, (natch!) and artillery.
should be fairly easy, once my keep is expanded to absorb conquered territory.

like I said - ignore the walkthrough's initial set up at your own risk/peril: It will give you enough of everything to keep yourself fed, defended, and popular until you're ready to go to war!

"We are each measured by the lives we live, not by the cost of the gifts we give.." Anon.
SirRavenFire 3 This mission gave me some troubles at first. . I looked at the minimap and my first impression was, time to use a chicken! Im not the kind to give a full walktrhough, but im sure what I do contribute will help.

This map pits you against 4 allied sultans. And the sultans' atacks arn't excatly earth shaking are they? Thats why I decided this map was perfect for the "Classic" Castle design. I will list the steps to build your castle:

1: Build a gatehouse 2 tiles infront of your keep's campfire.
2: Build Tall walls starting 1 tile back from the front of your gatehouse. Build them two tiles thick. Build them around your keep as tight as you think you can, well still being able to fit the required items for a minimal economy inside (Excluding Food production).
3: Build Sqaure towers at the 4 corners of your keep. Man them with BALLISTA and 10 archers. If your like me though and you like overkill. . Man them with 30 each ^^
4: Build a drawbridge from your gathouse. And surround your castle with a moat!
4/2: Instead of building a moat and drawbridge, You might opt to surround your castle with pitch instead.

Its small, but will surve your purpose perfectly for this map. Also its very easy to defend.

In this map. . ABUSE what resources you have! Specifically the stone to the right of your castle. You can fit 5-7 Stone quarries there, aswell as some oxen and that should support your econimical needs.

Build a few inns, buy hops, build brewers, This will give you +8 Popularity. And you will get -8 Popularity for having no food. Ale is easier to manage though.

If your resources do allow, Buy wheat. you might have to place the bakeries outside your castle but they should be well defended by your manned swaure towers anyway. You will now be getting +8 popularity. Charge -2 taxes. "What. . why not -8. ." BUILD BAD THINGS. Untell you get maximum cruelty. You will be getting much more stone. . And your bakers will be giving 12 bread every run instead of 8.

Now! The most important tip of all . . How too beat the sultans with little or no hastle!! Simply errect 3-4 lookout towers infront of/near there keeps. . Build a low wall and attatch stairs. Put a brazier in each. . and man each with 5 archers. Viola. These will kill all his Slingers and destroy all of his Arabian swords given time. If at any point you see his Arabian swords marching towards your towers, delete the highest stair.

Not only will this destroy his troops, but it will make his gatehouse permently closed, messing up what little economy he managed to build.

Once his troops are dispatched, Send 1 Assasian To take control of his gatehouse, and 5 Euro swordsmen to kill the lord.
jlager1 Not a really hard level at all!
lord canny lord ravenfire is a genius. just letting you know mate.

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