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27 - Arabian Knights

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Stratego Mission 27 - Arabian Knights

2 opponents, who aren’t allied: Sultan Abdul and Saladin, the “Wise Man”
The player’s allies: The Snake, Duke Beauregard and the Pig, Duke Truffe

Starting capital for player: 2000 Gold
Starting capital for each opponent: 8000 Gold

At first sight, this constellation “Three versus Two” looks quite easy. Certainly, the starting positions of your keep and of your allies are not optimal, because there aren’t any stone and iron resources nearby. Moreover, trees are scanty here, so that you’ll be dependent on the purchase of these important goods several times. Besides, you have to buy in stones on the market place, but don’t do that too often. You should finance these purchases by selling surplus foodstuffs in this mission, because you can extensively produce such commodities without any bigger problems.

At first, start to build up one granary and two or three apple orchards south-west of your keep and three woodcutters on the northern area inclusively two wheat farms. Later on, you should erect one mill and about eight bakeries, setting on foot a massive production of bread. The over-production of bread and apples you can sell on the market. Set up two square towers northeast of your keep opposite to the Sultan’s castle. Send about 10 Arabian archers on top of your towers and pull down one stairs’ element leading up to them. The Sultan will be busy because of your military activities (sustained fire by your archers against the hostile units). Additionally, recruit five Arabian archers on top of your keep, eliminating Saladin’s troops who will attack from the South. Keep on reinforcing your keep by more archers as soon as your bow (crossbow production) is slowly getting underway.

As I said before, from time to time, you have to buy wood, since wood production will take a very dragging course, because of the lack of trees. Your progress in this mission might turn out to be different, it depends how your both allies would act. It might be possible that the Snake would be successful by ordering a massive slaves’ attack against Saladin’s castle. Your second ally, the Pig, principally will attack the Sultan. For that reason, you ought to coordinate your own military activities arranged with your allies. Altogether, the proceedings concerning your development will be rather dragging and the mustering of stronger task forces (especially crossbowmen) for the offensive will be possible in a relatively late phase of this mission.

If your financial situation is recovering, you should buy in additional stones to erect more towers by adding mangonels (sustained fire!). As soon as the Sultan is finished, you finally should care about Saladin. Give him a hard time by trebuchets and fire ballistas, starting from the plateaus east of Saladin’s castle. You can count on your active allies supporting you at this final attack. You should always be endeavoured to support your allies at their request, then they’ll be “trustworthy partners”…

Good luck


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Viper2003 I started by assembling 15 macemen to quickly attack Sultan Abdul. Once he was out of the picture it made the rest of the mission much easier. After Abdul's demise, I created a wall southwest of my keep from rock to rock and enclosed the keep. I added a tower and loaded the tower and wall with archers and cross-bows. I focused on several farms to generate the economy needed, built two inns and cut off all rations and sold off the food. Once my economy was stable I was able to take out his towers via catapults and with a little assistance from my allies, Saladin was slain.
Ibeliamoyes I found this mission rather easy. I started off with 2 hops farms and as many cheese farms as i could fit on the space to the east. The sultan early attack wazs a little annoying and i had to recruit a few swordsmen and fire throwers to help. Saladin wasnt too mcuh of a problem as his economy went VEEERRY slow. When the would agree, had the snake defend me and the pig attack the sultan. This basically stopped all invasions apart from the sultans few swordmen. Also i had to deleted some of the snakes moat to build a gatehouse as the fool locks himself in. DOnt wall in your keep at all and focus on arhes and crossbows. when you get the wood, start bread production and sell all your cheese. use macemen to kill the sultan. Get lots of tax and buy some engineeers: make a siege tower and some fire ballistae, use crossbows to kill saladins troops, burn his castle,, get the towerup/assasins on gatehouse and use macemen to kill the lord when the fire has stopped (may neeed to move ballistae)
slimtwit The sultan is basically dead in the water. I waited a long time before attacking anyone else and killed the sultan with 20 crossbow men and 19 assassins. The snake locks himself out of his portion of oasis and you have to build stairs(or a gatehouse) to allow him to access it. In the beginning of the mission it helps to tell your allies to defend you, especially the pig what with his crossbowers and all. I wouldn't recommend using any resources on an engineers guild I found no use for catapults or ballistas through the whole mission. I concentrated my efforts on building a battalion of crossbowers (I ended up with 80) and horse archers (100), Then I stormed the remaining castle and took out the mangonels on top of his towers, then set both units to aggressive and targeted the main keep. Secure in the knowledge that the salad man was dead I sent in 20 assassins(who were quickly killed) who opened the gatehouse. I then sent all of my troops in and just let them destroy what they wanted to.
tinney_29 THIS IS AN EASY MISSION TO START AND SURVIVE. It gets hard when you want to finally kill Saladin. I like the 50-50 approach. 1/2 of your troops (about) should be mostly crossbowmen with a few of your starting archers. The rest sould be made upof infantry (I like Pikemen or macemen because you have the right resources to produce at least one of their requirements.

I also find it is easier to quick attack saladin with way more men to get him out of the way. That leaves you only with the EASY to kill enemy of the Sultan.
mavengloiven I started by the usual defense of my castle - which was just a series of small tower with 5 fire archers each and a few fire ballista for each side. Turns out Snake and Pig got bizzay and took out Sultan for me - dead. So, all that was left was Saladin. Turned out to be a long process and quite challenging. As soon as he discovered his iron/stone (of which the allies have none), his economy BOOMED - so it was extra hard to take him out. I started with 100 crossbowmen, 10 fire ballistas and 2 trebuchets... it took a LONG time to bring his economy down in order to invade him with my 50 swordsmen. I took some macemen into his iron/stone area and wiped it out - the first time he killed me with an army of archers, but when his cash stash reached zero, he couldn't replace them, so I just sent about 50 archers, and about 10 ballista over to that area to prevent him from doing any business there. It also helped to put down farms where I destroyed his farms...

Eventually he was as weak as a little kitten. Not a hard level.
tsf1 I know that this sounds weird but for about 10 game years saladin was right next to my keep with about 30 archers so I moved my lord over to the pigs castle and I had him chill there untill the pig gave me enough resouces to get back on my feet. after that I breezed through the mission and finished with over 300 crossbow men in towers.
Lord Wabbit A mission which was difficult in some aspects, but in controlling and slaying the enemy Lords; simple. The economy is the only real problem on this map, with wood quite a way from your keep, and not exactly renewable. I built 2 apple farms, 3 woodcutters and 2 square towers facing Saladin preliminarily (along with basic buildings: Granary, Armory, Barracks, Merc. Post).

I found that Pig was vital to my early defence, as I wasn't really paying attention to the mangonel, ballista and 5 archers on my square towers, which Saladin slew, rather slyly, with swordsmen. As soon as Sultan's attack (of 3 swordsmen) came, I requested Pig's assistance and he thankfully provided.

His 5 Crossbowmen and 6 or so Macemen were what kept me alive (and were the only units defending my castle) for the early part of the game.

Once you have square towers facing Saladin, with at least one mangonel, pound away at him. His economy is pretty slow to build up, but it can be pretty unstoppable once it is. When Saladin ran out of money, however, I found he was not getting a lot of it back, despite having 3 quarries and at least 3 iron mines. Snake's constant archer/spearmen raids probably had something to do with it; although I was concentrating on getting Sultan out of the way.

Once you have plenty of food and wood, delete your apple farms and replace them with wheat and hops. I had 3 hops and 5 wheat farms, and I was overrun with hops and flour, thanks to two mills. Get your Ale coverage to +8, which should only take two inns. Turn off all rations (don't worry, it's character building), and sell all your food as it comes in. You should have plenty of money from this.

Try to build 2 fletchers producing crossbows as you build up your economy, and remember: the more wood you buy, the quicker you can build an established economy.

You shouldn't have too much trouble killing the two opponents. Sultan fell to 12 Arab swordsmen, and Saladin to 20, for me.
Dragol lol man when i played this saladin somewho ran out of wood and gold at the same time, he sold his buildings and there was nothing else he could do so nothing was really fighting back
Darkness_Elf beat it in 5 game years without rushing the sultan. saladin was easy too, i just destroyed his economy and archers with a couple swordsmen then went to his keep with assassins 1260AD at 28
TheTwilightKing This mission was very easy, I think. I started off my economy as supposed (build some farms, some woodcutters) and I placed two square towers facing Saladin, a big gatehouse between those towers and a wall connecting them, also a small gatehouse facing the Sultan, then dug a bunch of moat around it all. I had diary farms, so I could make loads of crossbowmen and later used those on the Sultan, together with some help of the pig (the snake wasn't helpful at all, only helped at digging moat) I killed him with some assassins.
Then I noticed something strange: somehow the Saladin built some quarries and some farms... but then he would destroy them again and he also destroyed his gatehouses, eventually leaving him with very low popularity. That was just TOO easy. I marched my crossbowmen upon him and some assassins came later. Again the pig helped.
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