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Stronghold Crusader: Walkthroughs » 28 - A Place of Rest

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28 - A Place of Rest

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Kester Mission 28 - A Place of Rest

Mission 28 pits you against two computer lords, Pig, the Duke of Pigsbury, and Pig, Duc Truffe. You begin with 2000 gold, and your enemies each start with 8000. Gameplay begins in year 0 A.D.

A Place of Rest - scarcely! And yet, this is a fun mission, and the first one in which I was able to make good use of assassins. This is a smaller map, with the keeps all in close proximity. After the first time or two through it, I decided to try for a quick win, and tried selling all my stone and buying macemen. I achieved an easy victory against Pig, Duc Truffe, but wasn't able to progress any further. Going for the early military victory put me at such an economic disadvantage that I was never able to recover from it.

So here, then, is how I beat this mission:

Begin with the usual placement of woodcutters, apple farms, and a dairy farm. One of the Pigs will set up iron mines, but you can easily destroy them and replace them with your own. Place a stone quarry at the bottom of the map, where it's more protected. Start weapon production right away, making crossbows, maces, and leather armor.

For defense of your keep, build a wall in the center of the map, between some of the rocks (as seen in the minimap or in the saved file). Line it with crossbowmen. They will be able to stave off most of the enemies' attacks. Then work on building up your army of macemen and Arabian swordsmen. Also plan to have several catapults and assassins. When your forces are built up to the point where you have about 30 more than Pig, Duc Truffe, set two of the catapults to taking down the gatehouse, and the other two to flinging cows at his people. Then send in the assassins (with cover from the crossbowmen), to make sure your army doesn't have any trouble getting inside. Then attack. In my game Pig, Duc Truffe died in July of year 9.

After the first Pig dies, the second one becomes more aggressive, and leads more attacks. At this point in the game build a gatehouse at the northern entrance to your keep, and close the gaps in the terrain (as seen in the saved file). Place crossbowmen on top. While you are rebuilding your army, place more quarries, as well as wheat farms, a mill and bakeries. The quarries will provide the gold to build up your army. If you haven't already built an Inn and purchased ale, do so now! You'll have a tough time keeping your people happy.

Your army will need to be quite a bit larger than the Pig's before attacking. He uses crossbowmen on his keep, so when any of your troops get close, he will easily destroy them. Build two watch towers in front of the wall you've previously built, closer to his gatehouse, and man it with crossbowmen. They will be able to whittle down his crossbowmen.

When you have about 20 macemen and 50 Arabian swordsmen, you will be ready for the main attack. Use catapults to thin out his forces with dead cows, then send in your assassins to open the gatehouse. The crossbowmen on your towers will provide excellent cover for them. Once the gatehouse is down, direct all of your macemen and swordsmen to attack the pig. (The macemen are backup in case you have to manually tear down the gatehouse). Pig, the Duke of Pigsbury, died in May of year 17 in my game.

Good luck, and have fun!
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slimtwit for defense i erected two square towers attached to my keep, so no walls or stairs.
I put about 15 crossbowers on top of each tower as gold would permit, then placed mangonels on top of each tower targeting the gate house area of the southern most pig. I made 3 assassins at a time and targeted the iron mines to the north and replaced them with my own mines. I placed all of my farms to the north and had no stone quarries. I sold all the iron produced and bought the stone I needed.

Once the mangonels pummeled the front of the southern castle to my satisfaction, I placed 3 stone quarries and built a wall to protect them from any catapults the pigs might succeed in building. I sold everything I produced at that point and created an army of roughly 50 crossbow men 75 horse archers and 25 assassins.
While all of this was going on the game announced that I was the second greatest lord and i looked over the pig's castles. the northern most pig only had 15 macemen to defend himself and his keep. I sent in 15 crossbowers and 10 assassins and finished him off.

then I sent everything (all the troops in the towers too) i had at the remaining pig and killed him with the first wave. There were probably 100 horse archers, 80 crossbow men, and 25 assassins.
darktree I found a very very easy way to win without cheats whatsoever, first you quick make a few hovels and send your starting troops of about 3 pikemen and 2 archers to the yellow pigs base,{ make sure you send your starting troops before he erects a gatehouse} then make a mercenary post and build about 15 assasins and send them over the the yellow pig base as fast as you can, the yellow pigs lord should come out to kill your starting troops at the yellow pigs base by the time the lord gets close enough your assains should be there and be albe to kill the yellow pig lord without defeating his maceman, and from there buy some horse archers and some more assins and send them over to the orange pig and that should kill him and you wil

NOTE : when you send your starting troops over to the yellow pig base make sure you tell them to go right out side the yellow pigs base, NOT in the keep.
TheFrank This is an easy game for a defensive player. For farms, I only built wheat farms and two apple orchards--it's slow going but bread=easy money. A square tower with a mangonel near the center is the key (behind the natural passage made by the rocks), with a couple of high towers nearby. Stuff with as many crossbowmen/archers as you can. Have the mangonel aim near the yellow pig's gatehouse to crush any coming catapults. Your crossbowmen (5, with 10 archers at the beginning) should be enough to defend from attacking enemies as well as significantly decrease the yellow pig's resources (arrow scattering). Your quarry SHOULD be located at the bottom as the first walkthrough said, as near to your keep as possible. As resource allows, build more towers and more crossbowmen/archers...I built a second mangonel aiming for the orange pig's gatehouse. Fire ballistas are also useful--you can aim for the pigs' armories even behind your castle walls. The pigs didn't put up much of a fight...I only sent in less than 30 macemen to finish both of them (the ones I lost only through the wooden spike pits).
Birowizard slight diversion From Kester's recommendation: I went after the northernmost Pig first, since he had the most money to capture. I did this after first having ensured an easy victory by gaining control of the stone quarries and iron mines, and building about 5 -6 square towers with mangonels to pummel both of the enemies to virtually nothing. I'd also managed to build up a respectable army of crossbowmen & archers to man the towers and kill anything that moved that wasn't mine. The close proximity of the Pigs' keeps mean that you can anhillate pretty much anything from the front edge of that stone wall area.


[Edited on 07/25/07 @ 12:15 PM]

The Executioner1 Apple orchards really help. they take little time to get running, cost 5 wood, and are pretty efficient. also, burn the pigs' iron mines and build your own. protect them well! a round tower extending from your keep with a ballista or mangonel will prove to be effective. attack the pig to the north first, since he has more gold, or rally a massive army of swordsmen and kill both in one fell swoop!!
pissoffboi how in the hell are you suppose to take care of that catapult in the very beginning? i make my walls up but then the catapult makes me repairin go off repairing them and then pig rushes so i can no longer repair... its a pain in the ass, how should i kill it?
pissoffboi not enough detail.

how am i suppose to get pass the part when the bottom pig brings out his 2-3 catapults and stays away from my archers?
silentdead this mision is really easy i did it in a total of 6minuts i just build 20 assasins and thats it I rush them in and the pigs are finisht
strong055hold Build some iron mines for more income.
ThreeTowers It maybe a glitch but.. if I try to build anything like orchards, ironmines, quarries the pig send macemen and crossbowdudes to delay or destroy them. and I tried to fill some towers with archer, but the yellow pig kills all of the archers within seconds..
After a while i got some quarries protected with archers and gained some stone. I made some thick walls but again... the yellow pig sends 3 catapults and alot of crossbowmen.
After a while he got trough my walls and his macemen got in my keep. Buying all these archers, brought me in a financial disadvantage so i couldn't buy any lord-defenders.. Conclusion:

Any tips?
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