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Stronghold Crusader: Walkthroughs » 29 - Rivers of Blood

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29 - Rivers of Blood

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Stratego Mission 29 - Rivers of Blood

Adversary 1: Sultan Abdul

Adversary 2:
Rat, Duke de Puce; Rat, the “Marten”; Rat, the “Weasel”; Rat, the “Ferret”

Death match conditions for player and all opponents: 10 000 Gold and a high amount of starting resources and a low number of military units.

In this 29th mission, three parties are struggling here: the Sultan, four Rats plus the Pig and you (the player). The trick: Attack the Sultan at last. He will act against the other opponents and he will distract them, so that you will get all the time that is necessary for your preparations. Above all, the Pig will get lots of problems to repel the Sultan’s attacks. For that reason, he will let you undisturbed. You can tackle this mission without bigger problems by applying the Deathmatch building order. Merely at the beginning, you won’t be able to build up enough apple orchards and dairy farms, but later on, you’ll make it up.

The Deathmatch building order: At first slow down game speed (20 or 25), then erect:
1 granary – 8 stockpile elements – 3 woodcutters – 3 apple orchards – 3 dairy farms – 1 market place – 1 mercenary post – 2 huts – 2 quarries and 4 ox tethers – 1 cathedral – 1 engineer guild – 2 breweries (buy hops!) – 3 inns – 1 church – 2 huts (now 42 inhabitants) – 4 iron mines – 5 fletchers (crossbows!) – 1 armoury – 4 tanners – 2 huts (58 inhabitants) – 1 barrack – 4 blacksmiths – 3 armourers – 3 stables – 3 wells…and so on.

You can always raise your taxes, if you’ve reached a constant high popularity bonus,that is very useful to rearm your forces.
After having built the market place, you should immediately build up one engineer guild and install a line of defence. For that purpose, you ought to buy in about 300 stones and place six square towers north-east of your keep, that are connected on their backside by a wall and stairs. You should staff all towers by mangonels (don’t miss recruiting enough engineers!). Then take the castles of Duke de Puce and the “Ferret” under sustained fire by three mangonels at a time. Another possible target will be the eastern ford across the river, where the attacking units of the “Marten” and the “Weasel” will regularly cross the river.

Of course, you must recruit at least 20 Arabian archers in this first stage ordering them on top of your towers. After that, your two direct neighbours will be busy to repair the damages and you’ll be in a good position to complete your development. In the course of time, you should enclose your growing settlement by walls. Don’t forget to block up the south-eastern ford and try to stabilize your “hedgehog position”.
A small gatehouse north of your keep will guarantee a continual access to the stone resources nearby. Thanks to the stone production, you will have an excellent trade ware that will bring more gold to your cash-box. Buy in armours and swords and muster many swordsmen for the offensives. Continuously recruit crossbowmen and archers for your towers and the offensive, too. Duke de Puce and the “Ferret” will be weakened by your permanent bombardment of mangonels, so that these final attacks should be easy for you to handle. Subsequently to that, you should besiege and eliminate the “Weasel” and the “Marten” southeast of your castle. The siege of the Pig on the northeastern corner should not be a bigger problem anyhow, because he hasn’t got ballistas to defend himself in a more efficient manner. Destroy the Pig’s towers from the distance by your trebuchets, which should be protected through numerous crossbowmen and archers against hostile counter attacks. Finally, destroy the Pig’s outside located farms by assistance of your fire ballistas and Arabian horse archers with intent to starve out the Pig. Of course, you must permanently send off reinforcements to your siege frontline. Besides, your knights are always very useful to destroy ruin the hostile stone production or potential adverse siege equipments.

At last, the Sultan might be your final opponent, if he wasn’t eliminated yet by the other adversaries.

Good luck

Stratego ;-)


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mavengloiven If you've made it this far, then you didn't have too hard a time with this one. I have to admit that I was a bit surprised that the Rat played such a big role in game #29 of 50 - I mean, come on, all he can produce is spearmen and archers? He can run 100 spearman at a group of 10 swordsmen and the swordsmen would wipe them out. Anyway, it was pretty fun having all that cashola to spend, building a nice castle with round towers, and having money to make lots of fire ballista right off the bat - that makes establishing your position pretty dang easy.

Here's how I did it: the two Rats nearest me were easy since I could mangonel them down to nothing pretty quickly while I was building up my defenses against the constant annoying Rat invasions. The Sultan and Piggy were warring each other, keeping each other busy and wasting money on each other, so I didn't worry about them. Once I killed the two closest Rats, I built some big towers next to the Sultan's castle and bombarded him down to nothing, then I sent in about 25 swordsmen to take care of him. Then it was on to the other Rats, which weren't much of a challenge at this point, when my army was at about 500. When Sultan is gone, Piggy will attack, but I found that having about 15 fire ballista and some towers outside of my castle with archers and crossbowmen made pretty quick work of that stupid Piggy. It was fun invading the Pigster, I made about 150 horse archers and I made a couple of feints with about 50 of them to attack his castle, which makes him empty his castle of macemen in defense, and then when I drew out all his stupid piggy macemen, my huge horse archer army decimated them! I did this a couple of times, then took the entire horse archer army inside of his castle walls and just sat them next to his campfire until I could get some swordsmen in to kill him. That was fun, yessiree.

Actually, nothing was much of a challenge in this game, except for the fact that it took a dang long time to get my huge arse army over to where Piggy was, since the map was so big. But, anyway - like I said - this was a very easy game. The number of opponents makes it take awhile to finish, but it shouldn't pose much of a problem to you. Have fun!
Birowizard This one was only tough in the first year or so, while I fought off the Sultan and the Rats' combined attacks. The Pig did nothing to me, concentrating, as Stratego vouchsafed, on the Sultan. However, once I had my usual monstrous wall of square towers up, and had produced so many armed units that the minimap looked like I'd bled on it, I killed everything. (Except the Sultan - the Pid got to him first; I can only assume this was because I was too intent on building up my Hannibal sized army and castle.
I saved the Pig for last, and surrounded him with 5 groups of 25 or so horse archers so that his crossbowmen and farmworkers were picked off with ease, while my foot units, (an overwhelmingly huge army of about 300 pikemen, knights, Arabian swordsmen and macemen arrived to finish him off. In the end I had a change of heart and let the ranks sit outside the castle to get him really woried, then I sent in my own crossbowmen and archers to go up his towers and just shoot him to death while I sold everything in my stockpile and granary.
Not very challenging, but a very satisfying way to get rid of such a huge bully.

cheers! Birowizard
Lord Dredde
(id: lord dredde)
One word-slaughter.Using pikemen and archers and fire ballistae(10+)to defend the lower river crossing.I used 50+ horse archers to diffuse attacks by the pig.The key to success is your economy-it make take awhile but it's worth it.your best starting strategy is to recruit horse archers,with a chapel and church to offset the high taxes you impose.Don't forget to buy ale for your inns though!Simple!!
frankhack Here is the video walkthrough..I finished this mission with in 5 minutes
peter2008 Crazy Crusade video: craziest castle ever seen, crazy rapidity, especially the fall of the Pig (inspite of little confused troops-leading), crazy in the end: visiting the slingers upon the Sultan's wall before smashing the lord. Thanks for sharing this kind of walk-through.

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