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33 - Misty River

Author File Description
Stratego Mission 33 - Misty River
Opponents: Lionheart, Richard I and Lionheart, Richard II

Starting capital for player: 2000 gold
Starting capital for all computer opponents: 8000 gold

Two strong “Lionhearts” will press you hard in this mission. At first, raise your taxes up to “low” taxes and successively erect one granary and one apple orchard on the southern green arable land on the other side of the river. Now add five stockpile elements, three woodcutters, one hut and one market place (north of your keep), two quarries and four ox tethers on the southern stone deposits. Supplement four iron mines on the northern iron deposits (buy 100 wood!), one brewery (buy hops!), one inn near to the stockpile. Move up to “high taxes” as soon as the first draught beer is running and continue with another hut. From now on, you should sell every billet of iron on the market place. Build up your weapon machinery by erecting immediately three fletchers who all should produce crossbows. Finally, place one engineer’s guild and barracks.

Now, it is high time for the first defensive preparations against the two adversaries. Buy stones, but lay aside some cash for besiege equipments and leather arms. Erect one first square tower plus a small gatehouse on the western riverbanks near to the ford across the river and completely block it up by a few wall elements. Place about eight archers on top of your tower and one ballista, too. Build up two additional towers vis-à-vis to the southeastern plateau, where Richard II has fortified his castle. Post all the rest of your archers there and one ballista and one mangonel. Don’t forget to pull down one wall stairs element at any case! Your ballistae have to care about the attacking catapults on both sides; your mangonel should aim at the hostile mangonel located up on the tower of Richard II. Your archers are aiming at all military units and working people there. Absolutely buy leather arms and finance this purchase through the sale of iron plus perhaps some crossbows. Recruit crossbowmen for your keep. Your crossbowmen and swordsmen (aggressive posture) will eliminate the advancing hostile pikemen and knights! Your knights take care of the approaching catapults east of your settlement. Doing that way, you will survive this first attack, but not without any casualties. Important ruined buildings must be replaced or rebuilt – especially the granary.

In the course of time, you should expand your position by adding more square towers, again manned by mangonels and crossbowmen. Your mangonels immediately take aim at the main gate and the towers of Richard II. Besides, erect an additional square or round tower northeast of your keep with a ballista and a few crossbowmen on it. The more towers you will build and the more crossbowmen you will recruit, the better it will be. Finance these projects by selling iron and crossbows. As soon as you will bombard the castle of Richard II with five mangonels you will be on the “road to victory”. Eliminate Richard II with 20 Arabian swordsmen, when he’s just one of the few survivors of the bombardments. Use the same strategy to act against Richard I by erecting trebuchets and a few towers with mangonels on it at the bottom of the northern plateau. I simultaneously ordered about 50 Arabian horse archers to the enemy’s stone production disturbing the hostile quarrymen. After your knights have destroyed the antagonistic economic structures and you have been successful in setting on fire all the adverse workshops inside the castle, you can start the final attack on Richard I.

You will need about 12 or 15 game years for this mission.

Good luck!

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rdryan12000 Forget stone mining in this mission, and concentrate on producing wood and bread for sale.
Site a granary, marketplace, 2 inns, a brewery, and a few hovels just northeast of your keep, on the river where the northern ford is. Site about 10 woodcutter shacks in the far east woodland, and a hops farm and a wheat farm on the grassland located there.
Put up 2 small towers next to your keep, and place your archers in them with braziers.
I also put up an engineers guild also next to the northern river ford, and created 2 engineers, and built 1 fire ballista.
The ballista was rolled out to dispatch a couple of caapults Richard 11 was using to fire on my keep.
The archers in the tower along with the knights should repel enemy attacks up until the Richards' enclose their keeps, at which point, immediately place a nice batch of sleeping ox tethers right in front of their gatehouses.
They won't be able to get out for about 12 years, lots of time for you to build an army.
Once all roaming enemies are dispatched, which won't be much, crank up the production of bread (I had 12 bakeries), build another inn, and turn off taxes and food consumption.
You should be able to maintain 100% popularity, and bread sells for a goodly amount.
I then built 10 fletchers, all set to crossbows, and 5 tanners, and erected 2 cow farms on the grassland to the southwest of the keep, but away from the stone quarry area, as Richard 11 seems to hit that area with mangonels in his towers.
Once I had 30 crossbow men, I trained 20 engineers and build 10 more fire ballistas, and headed them north, accross the northern river ford, into the plain located there.
I trained 6 more engineers and had them build portable shields, and put them at the front of my army.
3 more engineers set up a trebuchet on the western side of the plain, and they took down 2 of the enemies towers.
From there, I casually marched the army right up to Richard 1 wall. I lost about 15 crossbowmen, but the shields did their job well, and once set up, the crossbows and ballistas mowed down everything in Richard 1 castle.
10 hastily equipped macemen later, I marched them in and flattened the 1st enemy Lord.
After that, it was rather easy. Being trapped in his castle so long left Richard 11 without any towers, peasants, or gold, so I added 5 more ballistas and 25 more crossbow men to my strike force and headed up the hill to his castle.
They took a beating until they got set up right, but 40 crossbow men and 12 ballistas easily mowed through all Richards' forces in no time.
Then, my remaining 7 macemen stolled in and Victory!
Gerin I got this to work. It doesn't seem like it should but it did.
Right away I destroyed my stockpile (and lost a little wood) and then built a new stockpile WAY up in the top right corner. There is a nice pasture up there with trees, grass, and lots of tillable soil. I basically built a whole town up there, all except the keep. I built round towers north of the keep, just between the iron deposit and the ford, and four iron mines. I told all my starting peeps, the lord included, to occupy the tower. I had a gatehouse next to it and added a second and third tower asap. I stuffed them all with archers, crossbowmen, and ballistae. They held off the enemy's attacks while my town flourished. What doesn't make sense is that the AI totally ignored my town and focused on where the lord was, which made him send wave after wave of attacks that were repelled by my shooters. Soon enough I had plenty of food and was able to build an army to attack the yellow Lionheart. That wasn't easy because I had to come uphill at him. My first attack did him a lot of damage but failed to annihilate him. But once he was out of the way, the other Lionheart was a piece of cake.
It never occurred to me before: the idea of strategic withdrawal from the keep to a more defensible position and having three places of interest--the keep, the town, and in between was the fort where the towers were.
Skasian Thanks Gerin, for all those players having trouble with this map and don't want to use the lame Ox tether trick, then do what Gerin said above (moving stockpile into top right corner), it works supprisingly well.

The AI doesn't attack your completely undefended base in the corner and tries to attack ur king.

Just build 2 square towers mounted with ballistas right beside the keep and then completely wall off you keep with walls and low walls to save stone. Don't forget to add a gatehouse so your people can get to work, and then add a moat around ur ridiculously small base. Fill up your keep and towers with archers and crossbowmen and if you've completely filled up the towers, you should be fine all game, just remember to rebuild the walls if they get knocked down.

Don't be afraid to build up in the pastures and build as much building as you want around there because THE AI WILL NOT ATTACK THERE! The pastures after you cut down the trees provide land for:

7 Wheat Farms
2 Dairy Farms
3 Hop Farms

Way more then you need for a standard base. Can support a population close to 200!
Ping Envy Thanks so much for the demolition of the stockpile option. I always thought the stockpile was bound to the keep! I tried to make a town in the upper right corner as suggested, but unlike your experiences, pikemen were sent there. My king was kept in a tower just short of the northern fiord.
What I ended up doing was to erect my stockpile and utility buildings to the west of the river, away from northern mangonel fire. I use slaves to dig moats where convenient, sometimes leaving only narrow walkways as an approach. For these walkways, I purchase pitch and alternating spike pits. The catapults that keep approaching from the north cliffs were kept at bay by crowding several watchtowersagainst those very cliffs. For some reason it took a while before the mangonels above actually started firingh on me. After they did, I took engineers up to the cliff base directly north of the keep above the quarry. I built trebuchets to take out the square towers. This is a basic glossing of events. I can't begin to say what order my goods were produced in and so on. I have not yet finished the battle, but my kingdom has stabilized enough that I am rapidly building archers and crossbowmen, and stone reserves. Also, I took Fire ballistas and archers up to the cliff edges(take at least 15-20) to take out catapults and enemy archers. After the trebuchet took out the corner tower, the fires that I stared at the outer buildings rapidly spread to the castle interior. This move reduced this enemy to number three. I also have the entire area around the keep moated almost to the southern quarries, with several towers along the river.
One problem i have had is that the keep needs to be guarded. Enemy archers will place themselves in a position where they just stand and kill peasants as they are appearing. The way I combat this is to click on "create mercenary swordman' icon rapidly until i hear one announce his presence, then i quickly go to the keep and set him to agressive and make him attack the archers. There may be as many as twenty of them, but this one swordsman will disrupt their onslaught long enough for you to create a few more. Then you can easily wipe them out. Archers can then be added to defend the keep. At first I hide a few men north of the castle if there are distant archers within range. When I have ten or so I send them to the top of the keep and keep adding.
Hope this helps someone...... Lord Ping Envy

[Edited on 11/04/05 @ 12:36 PM]

TheFrank I built a wall across the south part of the fields below, but didn't enclose the farmlands. Put wheat farms, a couple of orchards, lots of woodcutter huts (maybe 5 or 6), and a marketplace, and an iron mine or two. Bought enough stone for two square towers, a small gatehouse, and to enclose a small part of my keep. I left part of the keep sticking out (being indestructable). The stockpile I placed in between the keep and the cliffs by the river.

One tower is right up against the cliff, the other is at the south-east portion where it can easily take out catapults from the plateau. I manned them with the bowmen and a ballista each.

By now both Richards should be attacking, even at slowest speed. Try to aim for the engineers, if not destroy the catapults as quickly as you can. Try to survive this onslaught. :p

Afterwards I dug a moat around the castle AND the fields. Enclose the fields if you want to, leave an opening to the north. Then I bought enough stone again for a square tower, and placed it on the south-east side again. And so on and so forth. Make sure there's a handful of crossbowmen and archers on the fields to take out enemy archers that try to go there. I built watch towers here for that purpose, they take care of the job pretty well.

Money came primarily from iron mines first, and bread when there's some production going on (don't get carried away though because production can stop sometimes during a siege). Don't forget inn+ale+taxes. When your castle can successfully defend itself you can place trebuchets up to the north-western quarries, right against the cliffs so they're immune to the mangonels, and start firing at those towers. When they're down you can create stone quarries to speed up your production. Same tactic for the other Richard. I finished him off my usual way, by clearing his castle with about 100 horse archers, and then sending 20ish macemen to smash his brains in.

[Edited on 07/23/06 @ 02:46 PM]

vivek aka mrboo This is the easiet level on Stronghold trial provided you follow certain ideas.

1] Like Gerin mentioned delete your stock pile and place it on North east corner. SOme Lion heart skrimishers might destroy the granery there but they wont destroy the full town there.

2] Make sure you build early ballista ,i.e around4 to protect your town from catapaults of both Lion hearts.

3]Make a small gatewall and place some arabian bows on it and protect that gate wall from catapaults with 4 fire ballista.

4]Make sure you run the game on slow speed at the start specially, since this mission is about slow execution.

5]Yes you can use the ox cart idea, place an ox cart on front of the gatewall of your enemy,use this idea only in the mid game when your opponent are settleddown, your opponent tower catapults will try to destroy it ending up destroying their own area, this is just a small trick and not a major trick.

6]Dont make stones in this mission, make wood and bake breads to win it.
nightm4re Another quite easy way to win is: focus on attacking lionheart on east by building square tower on the top of the hill as close as possible to his castle and purchase about 30-40 bows and mangonel to prevent him doing anything.. then just build as many quarries on southern rocks as possible and do what you will.. do not forget to keep stable about 20-30 archers on tower and that´s all .. finish him anytime you want later.. with this situation just build one or two more towers with balistas and a few crossbowmen to protect your castle from Lionheart from the western part of the map.. quite easy as soon as you stable your food and stone production. good luck
Lady Khandia this stage getting me!!!!!!!!!!
Sir Borst Move the town for sure, but i built what i call an octopus castle nothing but walls and towers radiating like arms from my keep as it's "head". This really pisses off the AI as all the troops will rush your keep under fire the whole way and then the have to hack through the archers to get your lord at the end of one of the arms while the other arms shoot the hell out of them. This also pisses the hell out of them.
matalan1 Follow similar steps than Stratego (thanks for the guide!): put down stockpile, 3 woodcutters, an apple farm on the southwest side of the river, put granary next to farm. Put trade post.Then bought wood and placed iron mines. Also armory and baracks and eng guild. The key point to buy 2-3 fire ballistas to kill armoured units and demolish siege equipments! After that I put a quarry on the south, just next to Lion II. Also put 2 square towers facing Lion II castle,just front of the main slope. One ballista and one mangonel, targetting Lion II gatehouse.
I ordered my knights to the stairs, but I kept stair, and sent crossbow guys when I managed to sell iron. I sent one fire ballista to the towers and managed to stop any catapults from Lion II.
I put a gatehouse to the southern ford, later a square tower. I sent archers and crossbows there. Also sent a fire ballista to take care about catapults from there.
I ordered the third fire ballista just next to the iron mines to kill any troops from the northern ford.
As iron and stone came in, I bought more crossbows and built 3 more square towers next to the first to facing Lion II.
Then put 2 trebuchets next to the quarry, just out of range of Lionheart's mangonel, and knocked down the tower closest to my towers, later his gatehouse as well. I sent fire ballista closer and burnt up his castle. Lionheart's castle ALWAYS burns easily. The rest is up to you...
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